The Dobyns Champion Extreme Rods represent the culmination of the decades of tournament experience (and success) amassed by the West's all-time leading money winner. The Champion Extreme Rods are very light and balanced. Featuring Zirchonium insert guides with titanium frames, and ultra sensitive high-modulus graphite, Dobyns Champion Rods are made for ultimate performance. These generation two (G2) Champion Extreme rods also feature custom hue-shifting painted Fuji reel seats with matching reel seat hoods, gnurled winding checks, and a kevlar sleeve wrap that will appeal to the discerning bass pro, and the tackle enthusiast alike.

From correct orientation along the spine (spline) of the blank, to innovative hook keepers, and comfortable, balanced handles with high quality cork, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyns' pursuit of bass rod perfection.

All Dobyns Champion Extreme Rods covered by a $80 "no hassles replacement plan."

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    The Dobyns Champion Rods are designed based on decades of tournament experience and success. Specifically engineered for Cranking applications, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyn's pursuit of bass rod perfection.
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Customer Reviews

Comments: This rod is great for many things.... give it a try. Very well balanced, lightweight and fun to fish with. I have pitched bushes and lay downs with no problems. Great.....

From: Jordan: NC

Comments: Brian's right about it not being a heavy cover jig rod.  It sucks for fishing in heavy cover, say flippin'; etc.  I use the Champ 805 FLIP/PUNCH for that.  But for structure fishing, draggin' a jig, plastics; this rod is AWESOME! I love it with 12 to 15 pound line, 3/8 oz to 1/2 oz jigs; can't beat it IMO.

From: Ace: Cali

Comments: One thing that puts Dobyn's a cut above many mass produced rods is that the guides line up along the spine, giving a rocklike feel while fishing and with fish on.  Like all Mike Long models, these rods have long handles, and feel light and balanced.  Like all Champion Extremes, materials are excellent, and it's good looking.  I agree with reviewers below who say this rod excels at many applications.  However, to my hands, its power is too light and its action too fast to be considered a substantial heavy-cover jig rod.  I don't regret my purchase, but I'm still looking for that elusive great jig stick. 

From: Brian: Los Gatos, CA

Comments: Chao, you either stepped on your rod or damaged it yourself in some other way

Comments: Had one the rod for about two month. Broke it will swim jigging. Broke the top 6 inches from trying to pop the jig on a piece of grass. I love this rod, it is light, sensitive,and well balanced. But my question is why did it break so easily. 'Pop,pop, and crack...' Not supposed to happen.

From: Chao: Sacramento, CA

Comments: What these guys are saying is very true!  I own one of these rods and unfortunately, one is not enough.  I find myself using it for so many different things.  YES it's a great jig rod, but it's also a very good rod for most soft plastic techniques.  I also use it for small swimbaits, buzzbaits, big spoons, surface baits; and quite a few other things as well.  It really is a versatile rod if you don't mind the length.  It doesn't feel like a 7'8" rod at all.  It's one of the best rods I've ever fished.

From: ACH: Cali

Comments: My favorite rod in the Dobyns lineup.  This rod is very versatile, and I use it for fishing jigs, hollow body swimbaits, C-rigs, TX rigs, and flutter spoons.  Nice tip action and plenty of backbone.  It is very light and well balanced.  You'd never believe that you've got a 7' 8" rod in your hands.

From: Jason: Lake Fork, TX

Comments:This rod is amazing. It is perfect for jigs, c-rigs, and t-rigs. Very well balanced and extremely sensitive.

From:Chad: Pineville, LA

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