The Dobyns Champion Rods represent the culmination of the decades of tournament experience (and success) amassed by the West's all-time leading money winner. The Champion Rods are light, yet very balanced for long days on the water. Featuring Kigan SiC guides with stainless steel frames, and ultra sensitive--yet durable--graphite, Dobyns Champion Rods are made for performance, but also made to last.

From correct orientation along the spine (spline) of the blank, to innovative hook keepers, and comfortable, balanced handles with high quality cork, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyns' pursuit of bass rod perfection.

All Dobyns Champion Rods covered by a $70 "no hassles replacement plan."

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    The Dobyns Champion Rods are designed based on decades of tournament experience and success. Specifically engineered for Cranking applications, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyn's pursuit of bass rod perfection.
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Customer Reviews

Comments: 756FLIP-NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING! Killer blank for almost anything with a single hook & baits with stronger trebles! I can punch up to 1oz with this rod in a pinch, throw frogs, CA swim jigs, all around great stick!

From: Ryan: Gilroy, CA 4/6/15

Comments: The 765 is one of the best all around flipping sticks made. Mine spends 90% of the time with a 1/2 oz on it, but this rod can fish 3/4 plus. A soft tip and great backbone.

From: Chris: Lakewood, CA 3/14/15

Comments: I got the 805 for flipping in heavy cover I must say this is hands down the best rod for the job.  Backbone to spare combined with great sensitivity.  I paired mine with a REVO Premier unbeatable combo.

From: Shaun: Chesapeake, Va

Comments: Beware of guide inserts: I used the 765 flipping rod last year and while it was one of the best blanks I have ever used (I have used most of the major brands in the $250-$450 range) for 3/8-5/8 oz jigs and plastics, the second guide from the butt shattered on two different occasions despite being replaced by Dobyns. After sending it back to get replaced, I received it back with a with the insert covered in epoxy and it promptly shattered again the next week while winching a 3#'er out of a tree with 20# floro. I replaced the insert with one from a busted crucial and it worked great. Ended up selling the rod as I can't risk using a repeat offender in a tourney. Reading reviews for Dobyns at Cabellas and a similar mishap was mentioned on a crank stick. Hopefully this helps.

From: Tim: WI

Comments: Recently bought the Champion 765 early summer 2012 and it is the best. Flipping with the Revo SX on 20 lbs fluoro, I can feel every brush and veggie as my jig falls into the mats. IMO it is a very well balanced rod with great sensitivity, highly recommend. Also, Tackle Warehouse is the best.

From: J@y: CA

Comments: Absolutely unreal. I have the 8' model, and it is by far the best flipping stick i have ever used. I have used everything from Loomis, to Powell, and this is by far the best. It has the perfect tip on it for punching.


From: Ralf: South Florida

Comments: agree with others this is the most sensitive light weigh perfect balanced flipping stick with some serious backbone i have ever held in my hand great job gary in creating the best flip stick ever

From: Flinstone: Kissimmee, FL  

Comments: I agree with Ed.  I love to flip and punch heavy cover and I too have used many different flippin' rods over the years from different companies.  I own a Dobyns 766FLIP and a 805FLIP/PUNCH; two of the best flippin' rods I've ever owned.  The 805FLIP/PUNCH is my favorite.  I've caught bass over 10 pounds on it and it handled them no problem.  I fish all sorts of cover with it; heavy and sparse.

From: ACH: California, USA

Comments:I have owned many flip sticks over the years but this one is by far the best!

From:Ed: Mahwah, NJ

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