The Dobyns Champion Rods represent the culmination of the decades of tournament experience (and success) amassed by the West's all-time leading money winner. The Champion Rods are light, yet very balanced for long days on the water. Featuring Kigan SiC guides with stainless steel frames, and ultra sensitive--yet durable--graphite, Dobyns Champion Rods are made for performance, but also made to last.

From correct orientation along the spine (spline) of the blank, to innovative hook keepers, and comfortable, balanced handles with high quality cork, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyns' pursuit of bass rod perfection.

All Dobyns Champion Rods covered by a $70 "no hassles replacement plan."

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    The Dobyns Champion Rods are designed based on decades of tournament experience and success. Specifically engineered for Cranking applications, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyn's pursuit of bass rod perfection.
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I purchased the 705 for rippin. They were spot on with their recommendation! I love the rod and it works absolutely perfect for ripping. I own 12 dobyns rods and i have had a couple issues but with their excellent customer service they got me up and running again before my next tournament. I do not have anything bad to say about Garys company. They are a top notch rod company. I look forward to doing business with them in the future. If you have never owned one of his rods i highly suggest trying one out, i think you will love them.

From: Mike: Lakeview, OR 12/24/14

Comments: If you are in the market for a glass rod then I promise you, you can rest assured that you have found the "ONE"! This Rod has all the benefits in my opinion of a graphite rod in regards to sensitivity and backbone, but where it blows graphite rods out of the water is the perfect cushioning  and parabolic action that is needed for cranking. If you are still shaky after this review then go get you're IQ checked because I'm here to tell you that once you get this rod in you're hand and feel how light and tuff and sensitive this thing is it is gonna blow you're mind. Whatever the formula is that Dobyn's has used to create this rod is nothing short of spectacular/genius! Just keep in mind that just because you purchase a rod like this does not mean you won't ever lose a fish again on a crankbait, but I promise you will land them more often than not. Do yourself a favor and purchase one now!

From: Bo: Warner Robins, GA 10/20/14

Comments: 765 cb glass is by far the best deep diving cranking rod there is. Much lighter, more accurate casts, and more sensitive. theres nothing that compares

From: Chris: Benton, KY

Comments: Without a doubt, the 704CB Glass is the best rod I've ever used.  Very strong butt with super sensitive tip that also has the "glass feel" to it.  You're not going to get fatigued when using hard action cranks and yet you can use them like a rocket and feel everything in their motion.  EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED

From: Tosjiya: Elk Grove Village, IL

Comments: The 705CBMF is the best Spook rod I've thrown. It has just the right blend of tip and butt to make walking a bait easy and its keeps the fish buttoned while not lacking for power. If I was fishing tight to cover exclusively, I'd go with something more powerful. But for an all around Spook rod that will work in both open water and close cover situations...this one is hard to beat.

Comments: The 765 Glass Crank rod is the best crank rod I have ever fished. Enough tip but has the backbone to get them out of whatever cover your fishing. DO NOT HESITATE TO GET THIS ROD! I fish everything from a Norman DLN up to a DD22 and a SK 6xd. GET IT!

From: Sam: Riverside, CA

Comments: Just a follow up to a review I gave over a year ago. I now own both the 704 and 705 and these are the best jerk bait rods I can image. The 704 is so soft and subtle that it keeps me from overpowering the bait without changing my retrieve. The 704 has also enabled me to land cold winter/ early spring fish that are barely hooked and would have come off with a more aggressive rod. In regards to the 705, it has become my go to rod when the fish are more active and the action of the bait can crisp and fast. I continue to use it for jerk baits but I also enjoy the stronger taper when fishing square bills, traps, and walk the dog top waters. The 705 is an excellent rod that fits a variety of baits. Thanks TW for carrying these.

From: Aaron: Arkadelphia, AR

Comments: Firstly: awesome TW packaging got my rod safe and sound to South Africa. The foam sleeve for the rod tip is a great idea. Secondly: The 705CB Glass fast taper rod is amazingly light for a glass rod, perfectly balanced and awesome with everything from squarebills to spooks. Two Dobyns in the locker and many more to order!

From: Grant:Somerset West, South Africa

Comments: I shopped for a good jerkbait rod for months before purchasing the 704CB glass. I was concerned about a fiberglass rod being heavy and responding like a wet noodle on the cast. I'm pleased to say the 704 has surpassed my expectations over a three day testing period. I've mainly thrown pointer 78's , 1/4 oz. scroungers, and medium cranks on this rod. It loads very well on sweeping hook sets and has helped me land numerous spots and large mouth. This rod has a soft tip but ample backbone for 6lb. + largemouth. I own Powell, Shimano, and Loomis. This rod is crafted better and feels better. I will be purchasing more Dobyns.

From: Aaron: Arkadelphia, USA

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