The Dobyns Champion Rods represent the culmination of the decades of tournament experience (and success) amassed by the West's all-time leading money winner. The Champion Rods are light, yet very balanced for long days on the water. Featuring Kigan SiC guides with stainless steel frames, and ultra sensitive - yet durable - graphite, Dobyns Champion Rods are made for performance, but also made to last.

From correct orientation along the spine (spline) of the blank, to innovative hook keepers, and comfortable, balanced handles with high quality cork, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyns' pursuit of bass rod perfection.

All Dobyns Champion Rods covered by a $70 "no hassles replacement plan."

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    The Dobyns Champion Rods are designed based on decades of tournament experience and success. Specifically engineered for Cranking applications, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyn's pursuit of bass rod perfection.
  • Born for Flipping and Punching, these rods love to pull bass out of heavy grass and cover. Since the Dobyns Flipping Sticks are designed for tournament level fishing, they are made to be light and durable for long days of fishing.
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Customer Reviews

Comments:Nice rod but the guides are cheap and you will be replacing at least one per year. I have 10 year old rod that still have all of the original guides but on these $250 rods the inserts start falling out after 1 year and this so called lifetime warranty is a joke. He will send you a replacement guide and you have to pay someone to replace it yourself or you can pay for shipping both ways and Dobyns will replace the guide. Dont waste your money.

From: Bassmaster: Chesterfield, VA 3/21/15

Comments:If you are looking for a rod to throw large baits, this rod is unmatched in weight, balance, durability, and the perfect combination of tip and strength. There are no other rods that I've seen that compare to this rod for throwing big baits. If you throw an A-Rig, this rod will make your day more comfortable. You won't believe the difference in this rod compared to other high profile brands.

From: Kyle: TN 2/19/15

Comments:806 I was hesitant to believe the hype associated with this rod. After all, I just wanted to be able to throw the 8" Hudd occasionally and I figured I could find something suitable for a lot less. After wasting money on a "good enough" rod from a reputable new company, I thought I had found that I didn't enjoy throwing the Hudd very much and the fish didn't seem too interested either. One nite I impulsively pulled the trigger on a 806. Now I know better and question my other sticks as well. How easy you can cast a big offering was the first surprise But the hook set and keeping it pinned was something I hadn't known about in "off the rack" rods. Until this purchase I was oblivious to what a rod could offer. I believe the hype and know why Dobyns is taking over rod lockers everywhere. I can't wait to see how other Dobyns rods fish but I've got an idea of what to expect.

From: Outcast: San Jose, CA 5/27/14

Comments:well first of all I am a big alabama rig fisher and I have to say I didn't like this rod at all(7'9 mike long 795) especially for the money I use a carrot stix wild black micro 7ft extra heavy and its way lighter way more sensitive and I've landed 5 bass over 7 lbs and 2 over 9lbs and its still in mint condition and is on sale for 88$ the dobyns rod is just way to big and heavy to fish all day I highly suggest going with carrot stix wild black 7ft xhvy or kistler helium 3 or kistler zbone all of these are way better in ever aspect

From:Casey: Toledo Town, LA 4/13/14

Comments:The 806 MLSB is the rod to have if you're serious about throwing big baits. The long handle is amazing in helping launch swimbaits all day without so much fatigue. Well balanced and hardly feels like a "big bait" rod when holding it.

From: Alec: Central TX

Comments: Got me a 795 mike long and it is by far the best rod out there for A-rigs. Its amazing how this rod launches these rigs.

From: Dale: Albertville, AL

Comments:This rod is AMAZING!! I'm throwing baits as light as Mattlures Hardgill all the way up to the 9" CL8 trout/ big Plunkers/ 8" hudds ect. The action is perfect, it's incredibly well balanced, and super light weight esp. for a 8' rod! It magic really shines for pin point casting with 4+ ounce baits. That can be the difference between a monster eating or just staying in their home. When the big fish hit, you'll be amazed how easily they come to the boat with the right reel and line attached. Swimbaits are for real guys. I'm in Seattle. Bass only get bigger the further south/ east you go.

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments:This rod is perfect for alabama rigs, it launches theses rigs a mile and is super light. It also handles multiple fish a lot better than the flipping sticks I was using.This is a must have if you throw a-rigs!

From: Steve: Huntsville, AL

Comments:One of my favourite rods, casts anything from 1/2 oz very well, pairing it up with a zillion or revo inshore depending on what baits im throwing and couldnt be happeier with either of the combos for everything from topwaters to jigs to swimbaits. EXCELLENT!

From: Mark: Gothenburg, Sweden

Comments:I have the 795 and it's an awesome rod. You can pretty much throw all but the heaviest swimbait on this rod. Hudds, Punkers, Inline and Top hooker Rago swimmers, you name it. In my opinion it's the best all around swimbait rod. Forgot to also mention how light and sensitive the rod is. Doubles well as a punching rod too.

From: Bay Area, CA

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