Dobyns Savvy Casting Rods

The Dobyns Savvy Series Casting Rods deliver high-caliber features and performance at an even lower price-point than the original 1st generation Dobyns Champion Series Rods. Gary Dobyns, owner and one of the West's all-time leading money winners, spent a considerable amount of time refining and upgrading the blank material, as well as, making sure these rods were perfectly balanced.

In order to keep the price point down, Dobyns scaled back on the cosmetics and also made adjustments in other non-performance essential areas. Stainless steel framed Kigan Guides with durable Alconite inserts contribute to the savings, while also delivering the durable performance and strength necessary for serious bass fishing. In fact, Dobyns vows he won't make a rod he wouldn't personally fish with as a testament to the quality of the Savvy Series.

Very sensitive and well-balanced, these rods also feature premium Fuji Reel Seats, and the absence of a foregrip accentuates the sensitivity transferred into the anglers hands, while further reducing weight. Packed with performance and features, and now more affordable, the Dobyns Savvy Series Casting Rods are available in multiple lengths and actions to suit a variety of bass fishing applications and presentations.

All Dobyns Savvy Rods covered by a $60 "no hassles replacement plan."

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Sensitive, lightweight and the most affordable rod series Gary Dobyns offers, the Savvy Series Casting Rods are packed with high-caliber features and performance, including premium Fuji reel seats and durable Kigan guides.
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Customer Reviews

Comments: purchased the 733C, like every Dobyns rod it is light, sensitive and perfectly balanced. one of my favorite things about Dobyns is the attention to detail that is present in every rod. beautiful cork, no exposed threads! Fuji reel seats that are incredibly comfortable. for 160.00 theses rods are AWESOME. only rods i like better are the champion series. thanks to everyone at Dobyns for your dedication to making reasonably priced outstanding equipment!

From: Bob: Fountainville, PA 12/31/15

Comments: i have the 733. for a 7ft 3in medium heavy it is incredibly well balanced. like every Dobyns i own it is sensitive (perfect taper) & well built. cant go wrong with any champion or savvy series rod, absolutely awesome rods

From: Bob: Fountainville, PA 12/9/15

Comments: I must say I'm very impressed with the Dobyns. I definitely plan on revamping my entire arsenal. The sensitivity is so good, I can feel my lure falling over rocks or even hitting branches in the water. Definitely worth every penny.

From: Chris: Fort Worth, TX 6/3/15

Comments: No other rod under $200 comes close to these rods. The Dobyns Savvy rods are absolutely awesome. I have several of these rods and have absolutely no complaints. I have been throwing a chatterbait on a 733 and its perfect. Has a good back bone yet still has the perfect tip for long cast and good hook sets for the chatterbaits! 

From: Nate: Brownsburg, IN 4/6/15

Comments: I own a Dobyns Savvy 733, it's paired with a Daiwa Tatula. This rod is light, sensitive, and still has plenty of backbone to get the job done. This rod has balanced well with any reel I have had on it. Highly Recommend this rod!!

From: Brady: Iowa 12/26/14

Comments: Dobyns Saavy 766 Flippin Stick: This is a great rod and deserves more credit than it is given. I do prefer the champion and extreme lineup from dobyns but for $179 this rod was a steal. It has a ridiculous amount of backbone and doesn't over power your bait. You can still make accurate casts with a bait in the 3/8th oz range without any trouble. I have found myself flipping small fish straight out of the water on the hookset with this rod and I was never worried about it breaking. Also it has a matte finish on the grip not shiny like the picture.

From: Tom: IL 9/24/14

Comments: I have a 734 paired with a Revo Stx Gen3 and love it. Great balance and feel, awesome rod for the money. Will own more.

From: Joe: IA

Comments: That 766 Flip is a awesome flipping rod. It's better than the highest end Powell by a mile. Great for flipping hyrdrilla on Guntersville. thumbs up!

From: Mike: AL

Comments: I have 2 of the Savvy 735's and they are my go to rods for fishing some very heavy cover with small swim baits like a skinny dipper.  The action really lets me get those really long cast in and the back bone helps me pull those big girl out when I have 100 pad stems between me and her.  For the money, the best rod I have ever owned.

From: Chris: TX

Comments: Just received the 704C not too long ago. One tip for all buyers is to buy 1 action higher than you were originally going to choose since their blanks are lighter. So for example, if you were to choose a MH, you should get the H for a true MH feel. Compared the 704C(HEAVY) with my 6'8 MH Cumara and they have the same action. Besides all that, the rod is light, great sensitivity, and balances out perfectly with a Lew's Tournament Pro. Only thing I disliked was the handle. Since I grip the reel with my palm, I have my fingers wrapped around the handle and with the exposed handle on the Cumara, I have a great overall feel. With the Savvy handle, there isn't much room for my fingers so it hurts after a while. Overall, GREAT rod for the price, sleek design, and grab yourself one.

From: Sunny: Queens, NY

Comments: I purchased the 735 and was very  disappointed with the rod. It has 0 sensitivity and no back bone. If these rods were put on clearance for $5.00 I wouldn't purchase another one.

From: Lee: White house,tn,US

Comments: I got the 703 7' MH casting rod and the tip is a bit softer than other MH rods I own.  Threw swim jigs and lost quite a bit of fish.  Rod takes too long to load up for a good hookset.  Great rod for smaller jigs and soft plastics.  It does fine for slash and topwater baits. 

From: Val: La Crosse, WI

Comments: i got this rod a few days ago and finally got to use it today. Went fishing in the river and got multiple 20 inch plus smallies and this rod handled them perfectly. I would definately buy this rod again

From: Dave: milwaukee

Comments: I bought this rod to try out the dobyns brand. I have to be honest, I am not very impressed. Dont get me wrong for 159.00 It is a good sensitive rod. I have the jig,senko,carolina rig series. And It has Zero Backbone. I almost need a friggin trampoline in my boat to set hook. I have it paired with a Lews Super duty. So I rate it Okay. Maybe I should have got it in Heavy instead of med heavy. Idk. My Dixie Customs are Med and med light and I can Yank em in just fine

From: Hagen: Anderson, TN

Comments: love love love. such an amazing rod. it handles anything you want to throw i have the 7'3'' MH extra fast tip. i took out the night i bought and hooked into a record bass. if it wasn't for the sensitivity on this rod i probably wouldn't have caught him

From: Jeremy: Palo Alto, CA

Comments: this rod is great. the senstitivity is beautiful for whatever your throwing and the power to keep anything your fighting

From: Jeremy: bay area CA

Comments: Wow I too paired mine with a Revo, Gen3 Stx. Got the 704 and no complaints. Light, sensitive, and beastly. Personally like Shimano's hook holders better.

From: HmoobYaj: San Diego 

Comments: bought the 734 as my first casting rod. Sensitivity is like no other. It's light,  durable and looks nice. Paired up with a gen 3 revo sx and sunline sniper. Set up is a striper killer. I Recommend this for anyone getting a rod in the 150 dollar range.

From:  Striper team: flezzno

Comments: The 734 Savvy is a great buy if you want a rod that will fish a very wide range of baits. I bought one for open water spinnerbaits, and find myself wanting another for chatterbaits and paddletails. I recently threw a 3/4oz hula grub in 40 feet of water on it when the reaction bite died, caught a lot of fish on it and no complaints about the sensitivity. With good quality flouro or braid & leader, it feels just fine for the price. Great value

From: Chris

Comments: The rod feels and balances quite well but, it has almost zero sensitivity. There's no way I would fish a jig on it but, it may be OK for a moving bait. Bottom line is I wouldn't buy another, it feels like a $100 rod.

From: Dave: NC

Comments: By far, the best rod for the money, better than st. croix , g-loomis, shimano, powell. I've tried them all and i will be getting some more dobyns and selling my other rods.

From: Greg: Hamilton, IA

Comments: I use the 6'6 in saltwater in the Chesapeake bay for stripers and this is an amazing rod, I have 3 of them all will 3rd gen revo Dax's and there are amazingly light. And they have great backbone and sensitivity. I highly recommend these rods to anybody.

From: Bob: Baltimore, MD

Comments: Got the 733c and paired it with an orra sx for tx rigging and square bills by far the best rod that I own! Great product!

From: Austin: Lindale, TX

Comments: I have two in the 7'3" hvy action. It is my favorite rod for pitching with flouro and has the best tip for skipping frogs and enough booty to pull 20 lbs of slime in with a bass. I haven't found anything it isn't good for. I broke one of them and Dobyns stood by their warranty and replaced the rod, the other has withstood the abuse wonderfully.

From: Matt: IL

Comments: Wow! This is an amazing rod for its price! I got the 704C and it's very well balanced.

From: Jason: San Jose, CA

Comments: Great rod! Purchased the 703 and it is an amazing all around rod! Great job Dobyns!

From: Aubrey, TX

Comments: This is sweet i got it today for chirstmas and I got the 6'6 med hvy for jigs and trigs in close quaters. Hoping to pair it up with a revo sx

From: Ryan: IL

Comments: The 735c is my "go to" jig rod. You won't find a better rod for the price!

From: Jr: VA

Comments: Bought the 734 not too long ago, and I have to say this is an impressive rod at an impressive price.  The rods are rated fast, but If there existed a rating between mod-fast and fast, this rod would have it.  The balance on this 7'3" rod makes you feel like you're holding a 6'6" rod as well, which, in my opinion, is one of the most important features of the rod.  It also looks pretty darn good as well.  Dobyns is now my new favorite rod company.  Try one out. You won't be disappointed.      

From: AAC: Northwest Arkansas

Comments: I purchased the 704 well mostly for spinnerbaits but I chose it because its more an all around rod being I dont throw spinners that often but anyway Im a Falcon rod guy love my Falcons but this Savvy is a sweet rod always hear about Dobyns and finally decided to buy one these are really nice rods get you one you will love it.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: WOW Great Rod! I just bought the 735 paired with Daiwa 50th anniversary reel and i have to admit. it feels very comfy on the hands. it also feels balanced. I used it for flipping and jigging and i tell you want. for the price you pay i would have to rate this rod a 9 out of 10 for quality and performance.  Anyone who wants to try a new setup for less amount of money. I would highly recommend Gary Dobyns SAVVY!!

From: Ryoji: Green Bay, WI

Comments: My thing is rods. I have a good assortment and enjoy purchasing them from TW as my local stores only carry a few brands. My wife loves electronic gadgets, I love rods. I purchased the 6'6 and used it for jerk baits and baby rage craws on a light texas rig. Started out rippin minnows and this rod felt very crisp and extremely balanced. Moved to the rage craw and started hooking up with some decent smallies. Very sensitive blank. I never spend over 150 bucks on a rod and this one is WELL worth the 150. My new favorite rod in my rack. I would compare it to my Kistler Mag. and my Powell Max. I think this rod is a touch better balanced, and a bit more sensitive. It looks pretty sharp with my BPS Pro Qualifier on it. Don't hesitate to get this one, you will not be dissapointed.

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: Instead of buying a DX744, I opted to get the SS734 for plastic fishing when a moving retrieve is needed. I will get the DX744 next. This rod is outstanding, very well balanced and surprisingly just about as sensitive as my Champion 735. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. I would also suggest getting this rod over a St. Croix Avid, the old Crucial, and Powell Max's. They are all tip-heavy and will feel cumbersome when fishing. The Savvy is every bit as sensitive and arguably more sensitive than the rods I listed, and floats in your hand.

Comments: This rod is ultra sensitive and very well balanced and there customer service is the best i have dealt with.

From: J.D.: VA

Comments: All I can say is WOW!!! i purchased my first Dobyns rod from TW and got a chance to use it last weekend.. It was better than i expected.. I am impressed. i have used just about every rod out and  this one blew them away. Better than any Loomis i have used and this was only the savvy series.. cant wait to try the champion extreme series..

From: Bryce: Mt. Sterling, KY

Comments: I am just going to start off by saying that I was extremely impressed with the cosmetics and performance of my SS735c. It was exactly what I was looking for in a frog rod.  Also my rod came with a reel seat that had the blank exposed and a split grip handle. excellent rod! 

From: Max: HB, CA

Comments: Excellent price point and Quality! Fished the SS735C all day long without any fatigue. Sensitive and stylish. I can't wait to try more

From: Alej: Lake Isabella

Comments: these are great rods especially for the price the only negative thing i have to say about these rods is the blank is not exposed on the reel seat i like to have blank contact when palming my reel

From: Candlewood, CT

Comments: I have 2 705Cs paired up with Revo Premiers I can't say enough about these combos.  Very lightweight, sensitive and one of the most balanced rods i have ever felt.  I highly recommend these and will be purchasing more in the future.

From: John: Benton, AR

Comments:Nice rod, I have it paired up with a 2010 revo sx and it looks awesome.

From:Hmong: California

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