Don Iovino Hand Poured Jig Trailers 25pk

Designed by the pioneer of finesse fishing, himself, the Don Iovino Hand Poured Jig Trailers deliver a compact profile perfect for your smaller finesse-type jigs. Since Iovino put his name on these trailers, you know they will draw some attention from big bass. Made from super-soft, hand-poured plastic and loaded with salt, the Iovino Jig Trailers generate additional action for your favorite jigs, and the combination of the trailers' soft texture and salt taste will make bass hold on longer - for better hooksets. Available in a variety of proven colors, the Don Iovino Hand Poured Jig Trailers deliver tournament proven performance.

Length Quantity
2" 25
2.5" 25

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Green Pumpkin and Oxblood....large size. They are the best trailer for any jigs and spinner baits! I've been using them for awhile as spinner bait trailer and they do work....VERY WELL! The water is cooling down and fish have been moving to deeper water. I've been throwing jigs with Green Pumpkin trailer. The jig looks AWESOME! The claws stand up like a real s fighting position!

From: Tony: Glendale, CA

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