Don Iovino Instructional Videos

Don Iovino Instructional Videos

Doodling for Bass

Learn the Doodling Secrets from the master, Don Iovino, as he fishes a very tough bass lake - Lake Mead, near Las Vegas in the winter. This is a one-of-a-kind video because Doodling is explained and shown in its entirety - with an emphasis on the various ways of Doodling and the hardware to use. See underwater aquarium shots with live crawdads and nightcrawlers so that you can learn how Don’s Doodle baits are fished, and so that bass think they are the real thing in deep, clear water.

Finesse Fishing for Bass

Don Iovino provides anglers with a look at the techniques responsible for his success. Featuring "unstaged fish catching scenes" on California's Lake Castaic, outside of Los Angeles, as well as, convincing "home video" footage shot at a fishing seminar where bass are shown refusing to let go of Don’s finesse baits, Iovino lets the viewer in on how to catch bass under adverse factors such as heavy angling pressure, storm fronts and changing weather conditions. Don uses electronics, light line and tackle with small baits, as he takes the viewer through rigging and use of finesse baits. This video a must for the serious and novice angler.

Sonar and How to Use It

A comprehensive, on-the-water video that takes the mystery out of fishing electronics. No matter what brand of sonar you own, this video will help you catch more fish. From liquid crystal units to paper graphs, sonar expert Don Siefert gives you a step-by-step program in the most effective use of your fishing electronics. Special guest, pro bass angler, Don Iovino, also offers his unique insights - from basic to advanced techniques - in making your electronics produce more fish.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I recently have read some of the reviews on my book & videos' on my videos they still teach my style of fishing. I never seen a bass look up & care about what you look like or what your in, its the bait & location presentation & time on the water that counts. My book teaches sonar interpretation & some of the different ways to finesse fish. It seems the sonar gets all the bad reviews but sonar interpretation never changes even though it was done a long time ago. The education you get it timeless & I did it with the best sonar technician of that time... period. I have added two cheat sheets that have all the settings for all HDS units & LCX units. These help interpret what you see & teaches you how to set your unit for maximum performance on my doodling video. It's still the best deep water video ever made & hundreds of fisherman have learned so much from it. Just made a few changes, I went to brass'n glass & owner hooks & a lot more colors of worms too (which can be bought from tackle warehouse). Now I hope this enlightens some of my critics on these videos' & book God Bless!

From: Don Iovino: Burbank, CA 8/12/15

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