Duckett 320 Casting Reels

The Duckett 320 Casting Reel delivers performance to match the quality and reputation that have made Duckett Rods a favorite among Elite Series anglers and local tournament competitors alike. Packed with premium features, the lightweight one-piece machined frame and carbon composite side covers offer a sturdy foundation for the reel’s inner workings, and a seven bearing system ensures consistently fluid casts and retrieves.

The CDS: Consistent Drag System complete with Teflon drag washers for extended light, stays smooth and consistent throughout its range, and a dual magnetic and centrifugal cast control system delivers complete cast control for a variety of lures and conditions. Available in both black and white models, the Duckett 320 Casting Reels have what it takes to cut it at the highest levels of competitive bass fishing.

-One piece die cast machined frame
-Heat treated Durallumin (A7075) handle
-Teflon drag washers for extended life
-Carbon composite side covers
-Zero anti-reverse
-7 bearing system
-14lb max drag
-CDS - Consistent Drag System
-Magnet & centrifugal cast control
-Aircraft grade machined duralumin spool
-Highest quality industrial grade bearings
-Proprietary cut resistant personalized forming paddles
-Wider spool for enhanced castability and thumb control


6 Model Options

Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
320RB-5.3:1 Right 5.3:1 7.4 6BB + 1RB 12/150 In Stock: 1 $189.99
320RW-5.3:1 Right 5.3:1 7.4 6BB + 1RB 12/150 In Stock: 2 $189.99
320RB-6.3:1 Right 6.3:1 7.4 6BB + 1RB 12/150 In Stock: 3+ $189.99
320RW-6.3:1 Right 6.3:1 7.4 6BB + 1RB 12/150 In Stock: 2 $189.99
320RB-7.1:1 Right 7.1:1 7.4 6BB + 1RB 12/150 In Stock: 2 $189.99
320RW-7.1:1 Right 7.1:1 7.4 6BB + 1RB 12/150 In Stock: 2 $189.99

Special Offer with Purchase

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Reel feels great and casts a mile. Used it with braid and works wonderfully. Drag is consistent & very smooth. I have not gotten a backlash yet & the cast controls are amazing. Would highly recommend. Easily beats out my shimano casitas & 13 Fishing Inception, as well as my friend's abu reels, lew's reels & quantum reels.

From: CJ: 7/13/16

Comments: Reel feels good in your hand. Has a quality feel to the metal and pretty smooth for the number of bearings. Nothing stands out on it though. Also, big downside for me was the thumb bar. When engaged it sits lower than most other reels, a lot like some of the quantum reels. That makes thumbing the spool a little more difficult for me and screws up my grip on casts, making me less accurate with this reel than any of my others. Had I known it had the low thumb bar I wouldn't have gotten it. Other than that it's a pretty nice piece.

From: Jason: Irmo, SC 1/30/15

Comments: i currently own the duckett 320 white version and it has its on and offs. i have had it sense the second day it came out. Out of the box it is an awful reel... after feeling the reel out of the box you will want to break it and send it back it feels so bad! before i start my spheel, if you are looking to use this reel with braid, don't get it. It is AWFUL with braid, it gets backlash no matter how you adjust it or cast it! after my second month of having this reel, i realized i just had to wear it in. Now that it is worn in and i have it adjusted, its perfect with 15 lb seaguar senshi mono. it casts like a charm and I'm extremely excited i didn't send it back. It just requires a little bit of patience until it becomes an amazing reel! I highly suggest this reel if you are looking for a reel you don't have to use right out of the box and to use mono with.

From: Wilson: Georgetown, SC 10/26/14

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