Duckett Ghost Series Casting Rods

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In keeping with Duckett Rods' philosophy of offering high-end rods at an affordable price, Duckett Rods introduces the new Duckett Ghost Series Casting Rods. Featuring new Sensi-Touch blanks made from the highest quality multi-modulus pre-pegs, each blank is also Halo-Sanded to produce a stronger, lighter rod with greater sensitivity. Duckett Rods’ tried-and-true actions and tapers are perfect for a range of bass fishing applications, and each rod is weighted and balanced to perfection like all Duckett Rods.

Premium Micro Guides with proprietary 316 Stainless Steel frames and industrial-grade hard chrome inserts span each blank as well, eliminating the problem of ring loss and increasing sensitivity. A true split-reel seat provides complete access to the blank for better transmission of vibration into your hands, and also forms a comfortable platform in conjunction with the high-impact, cut-resistant EVA split grips. Premium rods at a reasonable price, the Duckett Ghost Series Casting Rods are scary good.

-For rod replacements within 1-year of purchase, customer must show proof of purchase and Duckett Rods will charge $20 shipping fee. Over 1-year, Duckett Rods will not allow replacements unless rod is turning yellow. For all repairs Duckett Rods will charge normal $20 return shipping fee.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Duckett Ghost Casting Rod 6'8" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
9+Tip Ghost Cast A 15" In Stock: 3+ $99.99
Ghost Cast A

Duckett Ghost Casting Rod 6'10" Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
9+Tip Ghost Cast A 15" In Stock: 3+ $99.99
Ghost Cast A

Duckett Ghost Casting Rod 7' Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
9+Tip Ghost Cast A 15" In Stock: 3+ $99.99
Ghost Cast A

Duckett Ghost Casting Rod 7'3" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
9+Tip Ghost Cast B 15-3/4" In Stock: 3+ $99.99
Ghost Cast B

Duckett Ghost Casting Rod 7'3" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
9+Tip Ghost Cast B 15-3/4" In Stock: 3+ $99.99
Ghost Cast B

Duckett Ghost Casting Rod 7'6" Extra Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
10+Tip Ghost Cast C 16-3/4" In Stock: 3+ $109.99
Ghost Cast C

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  • Offering the increased sensitivity and reduced weight of graphite combined with the forgiving, moderate actions you need to fish crankbaits and other reaction baits, the Duckett Ghost Series Cranking Rods do it all for a great price.

  • Now featuring larger guides for anglers who prefer traditional guides over micro guides, the Duckett Ghost XL Series Spinning Rods deliver same level of performance as the original Ghost Series.

  • Designed specifically for cranking and reaction bait applications, Duckett Rods worked closely Elite Series pro, Dean Rojas in the creation of the new Duckett Terex Crankbait Casting Rods.

  • New

    Constructed using premium Sensi-Touch blanks and top-notch multi-modulus pre-pregs, the Duckett Triad Series Casting Rods marry quality and performance all-in-one price-concious package. 

Customer Reviews

Comments: After having a 7 ft MH first off it feels Moore like a medium and after 3 months or so my guides BROKE not unglued broke at the base and now it has been a year or so there is the first guide and the last two left on it not worth the money they are light and sensitive though

From: Silas 1/9/17


Comments: I have a 7'6" XH Fast action. I love this rod it perfect for flipping pads, docks, etc.. I have 2 and going to add a couple more.

From: Kyle: Erie, PA 1/6/17

Comments: I have had 4. 2 broke on right above the reel seat while setting the hook on a Carolina rig (a slow sweep to the side) and 1 setting the hook on a jig. I still caught the fish but it was a 10 incher and I didn't even set the hook hard.

From: Greysont, Alabama 1/6/17

Comments: Naught the 7'6' crankin rod and gotta say that it's a good rod, but the guida are horrible and my rod sagges. Definitely would not recommend this rod if you want quality 

From: Alex: Louisiana  12/6/16

Comments: I fish on the high school fishing team and have worked 2 years buying rods. Now I have 15 ducketts with eyes laying all in the boat, 2 broken tips, 1 snapped in half and there warranty won't cover but 1 of them, that's if I could get in touch with them. I don't think I'm gona buy no more ducketts I worked too hard just to make Mr. Boyd Duckett rich and him not stand behind his rods.

From: Mason: Alabama 12/11/16

Comments: Don't waste your time on this rod. I'm so glad I kept the receipt because these line Guides fray 20 flouro like it's their job. I thought it was cause I was fishing around wood and rock or maybe it was the line. Then I put on new 20 pound mono and fished a grass pond and the same thing happened. It's a great rod blank though just crappy line guides

From: Robbie: Austin,Tx 11/27/16

Comments: Worst rod I've ever used I purchased 2 7,3 medium heavy rods in August they both broke on hooklets! 

From: John: Lakeland, FL 11/12/16

Comments: I see so many negative reviews on this, I bought this as my first bass rod a few years back a 7ft MH after talking to a local tackle shop and let me tell you I've put this thing through hell. I mean absolute hell i was pretty rough on it the first summer and I've probably caught over a 150 fish with it over time and it's handled everything with absolutely no problem. I absolutely love it. I also have a 7ft 6 h micro magic pro I use for frogs/jigs and flipping and it's been awesome. So maybe I got lucky but I don't think so. Anyways give Duckett a chance and tight lines!

From: Ryan: Washington and Tennessee 11/11/16
Comments: I had purchased a 7 ft med heavy Ghost about a year ago. The first problem I had was two of the guides were coming unglued from the rod itself. I kept close attention to them but still used the rod to catch plenty of lmb bass. I was fishing today in my pond and hooked a three pound bass. While I was fighting it, the rod snapped about two feet down from the tip and I couldn't be more upset. As a long time and experienced angler, nothing like this has ever happened to me. I own many brands of rods but I will NOT be buying more of the Duckett series.

From: Justin: VA 8/31/16

Comments: The Duckett Micro Magic Pro & White Ice are very much worth the money. I wish I could say the same thing about the Ghost but I can not. While the Rod Blank is great the line guides & the reel seat are beyond cheap & are pretty much junk. I have had to replace countless line guides because they either begin to cut my fishing line up or they break off the rod, I have had three ghost rods that the VERY cheap Reel seat locking nut striped out on. I would not recommend buying the Ghost until they change the reel seat & line guides to something better but I would tell any one that the other Duckett rods (Micro Magic) (Terex) (White Ice) are very much worth the money.

From: Kevin: LA 8/23/16

Comments: Good blanks but the guides are horrible I have had it less than a year & I  have had 3 guides beak or fall off.

From: Davis: NC 8/22/16

Comments: I bought the 6'8" med heavy mostly for Texas-rigs & jigs & I'm 100% pleased with this rod, I have found nothing wrong with this rod since I've got it I've had it for about 4 or 5 months and a steady at least once a weekend sometimes twice a weekend fishing & its holding up no problem. No guide or breaking problems as mentioned in some other reviews. If you take care of it it'll take care of your fishing needs definitely will be buying more. I use 30lb braid not a single cut on the guides.

From: Bryan: NC 8/13/16

Comments: I bought 2 of the ghost series & the guides are terrible, if you use braid on them it will cut through the guides and make little slits. Also if I buy a white rod it should stay white which these do not, they turn a off white yellow looking color. But if you want a really good rod with good guides & no fading try the duckett micro magic or white ice, they are great rods & I have not had any problems with them.

From: AL: 8/1/16

Comments: I bought the 6'6 med crankin' rod & I love it. Even though it's the cranking edition it gives you extra feel when fishing weightless texas rigs. Definitely recommend this rod.

From: Peyton: Mechanicville, VA 7/1/16

Comments: First of all this rod is super sensitive and light weight but I used the 7 foot med hvy for a spinnerbait & on the hook set which wasn't hard at all the rod snapped about 2 feet down from the tip Ducketts warranty department is very resonable but it's basically impossible to get a hold of them the phones are always busy anyway descent rods although I would not recommend it due to its lack of durability

From: Riley: Georgetown, SC 7/9/16

Comments: Boat this rod a month ago literally my favorite rod so until tonight it snapped in half on hook set never been so upset I've heard tales of rods breaking buy this is my first Id like to replace another what type of warrant is out there

From: Dennis: KY 6/7/16

Comments: Well, very impressed with the Duckett ghost & will hopefully be replacing all of my rods with these. The third from the bottom guide broke off but it was my full fault of trying to get a lure from out of a tree branch & got the line and guide broken. Getting it repaired soon but must say for $100 dollars, you can't get many better rods than this. Five stars from me!

From: N: LA 5/31/16

Comments: Great blank, super sensitive I have the 7' 3" Heavy paired with a tatula best jig personally. Horrible guides once they get even the slightest bend. they're gonna snap off with a different set of guides this rod would be worth the money. As is though in my opinion you can find better in this price range now days. Great customer service though I must say.

From: Tyson: OH 5/30/16

Comments: I will not give Duckett anymore of my money. I have bought 4 terex an ghost series for me & my son & everyone has either broken or the eyes pop off. i have many other rods from other mfg & these by far have been the worse.

From: Eric: USA 5/19/16

Comments: I have had this rod not even a year & one of my guides has already fallen off. after further inspection i see that another guide is about to fall off the rod. I really like this rod it has a good blank for the price. When i got this rod i would have recommend it but now i would not.

From: Nathan: GA 5/10/16

Comments: I don't care what anyone says, these rods are awesome! Bought the ghost series 7'3 MH paired to a lews speed spool with 30lb braid, snagged a huge snapping turtle, reeled it in from 20 yards & the rod was still in perfect working condition! Super light rods, definitely buying more in the future.

From: Mike: NC 5/7/16

Comments: Great rod caught 25 largemouth with it first time out. I got the 6'10" medium paired with a lews lfs and it is one of my lightest combos. It cast very well with light weight lures. I mostly throw 1/8 oz texas rig worms sensitivity is great.


Comments:  got a 7 foot MH for Christmas and since switched my entire arsenal to Ducketts. They are super sensitive and strong. I have never broken one and I can feel EVERYTHING! Definitely a must try.

From: Will: Auburn, AL 4/7/16

Comments: Had the rod for about a year, fished great, felt good in the hands, super sensitive. But the son of a gun snapped in half on a fish, not even a big large mouth maybe a pound. Made me want to spit fire. Other than that great rod

From: Mason: USA 3/15/16

Comments: My go to rod. I use it for just about every scenario. No problem boat flippin' 4#'ers. Spinnerbaits, t-rigged plastics, shallow/med. crankbaits, whatever. No problem. Comfortable, quality stuff. Price is right on. I WILL buy another when I need it.

From: John: FL 3/9/16

Comments: Purchased two of these in Decemeber. Both held up great up until now. The eyes easily bent out of form and I had two fall off at the lake today. I expect more from this company and I have noticed that they are lacking precision and quality.

From: Aidan: Annapolis, MD 9/12/15

Comments: had a 7' Med heavy rod that worked awesome. Threw a frog with it a while with braid. Set the hook on a fish that only had the tails of the frog and the frog came strait back & hit the rod dead on & next fish snapped the rod in two. I know it's my fault but didn't seem like the frog hit it that hard. Was thoroughly impressed before this. great customer service, sent in 8 inches of the rod & now have a new one

From: AJ: Alhambra, IL 8/12/15

Comments: I got this rod a few months back. I took it to the lake and on the first day I'd ever used it, it snapped 10 inches from the reel seat as a was slightly pulling to see if I could get my lure unhung without taking the boat over there. I was very disappointed as its my second ducket rod and I love my micro magic so much. I sent it back to be replaced and they said to wait 2 to 3 weeks for it to come back and it has been 3 months now without it coming back. I'm wondering if I should even fool with it any more. I'm very disappointed with duckett but will still purchase more micro magics.

From: Jacob: Onieda, TN 8/3/15

Comments:  I just got this rod today and my initial thoughts are this thing is super light! but very sturdy. Has a great back bone, and is incredibly sensitive. I got the 6'8'' med-hvy for a top water set up and im looking forward to heading out. Ill review again after a few times out. But great first impression!

From: Kyle: WA 6/22/15

Comments: I had gotten the 7' medhevy and it has held up great until today. I have reeled in 7-8 pounders on this rod. Today while I was at my pond fishing, I set the hook on what I thought has a monster but ended up being a turtle. As I pulled it up to the dock the tip of my rod snapped. These rods need to be more sturdy

From: Luke: Atlanta, GA 6/7/15

Comments: Bought my 7'3" heavy less than a year ago only seen 15lb florocarbon has groves in the tip and all guides besides the one closest to the reel seat are worn sharp it cuts the line at the tip on hard hook sets but they are going to warranty it so we wil see what happens! Other than that it's my favorite rod

From: Derek: Fallon, MO 4/20/15

Comments: I picked up my 6'8 MH Duckett Ghost a couple weeks back & I am impressed. One of the best $100 rods on the market & it is so sensitive. It has almost no weight too which is also pretty nice. This rod is a BEAST!

From: Matt: PA 4/1/15

Comments: These rods are the real deal. I bought two to try and a week after I got them I ordered all my rep had. I paired mine up with a Lew's reel and throw Dirty swim jigs on one with braid, and throw top water on the other. Can't wait for the other 3 to get here and will replace my other rods next month. Amazing sensitivity and look/feel awesome. Try them out or don't that way I can order more.

From: Jeff: VA 3/23/15

Comments:  I bought the 6'8" MH and I've been really impressed with it. It's light, and I mean crazy light, sensitive, and well built. I feel like my Mojo Bass rods are a little more sensitive but I use this for mostly for spinnerbaits, topwaters, and buzzbaits, so that's not really an issue. Paired up with a Lew's LFS, and you've got a setup you can throw all day without a hint of fatigue.

From: James: Dallas, TX 3/22/15

Comments: I have the 6'10 medium and I've caught 30+ fish on it. Outstanding jerkbait, buzzbait, spinnerbaits etc. rod. I highly recommend this product due to this lightweight, sensitivity and backbone.

From: Nick: USA 2/22/15

Comments: I got this rod in the 6.8 MH for spinnerbaits and it it's by far the best rod I've ever owned It is the best all around rod , square bills ,jigs worms , chatter baits its a great rod man it's sensitivity has no equal I recommend it for a one rod one reel fisherman!

From: ERB: Bakersfield, CA 2/13/15

Comments: This rod is flat out amazing I've had this rod for about 6 months now and it holds up well. I will be honest, the micro guides does not improve casting distance but they are right about the sensitivity. You get more sensitivity because the line is so close to the guides. What I also really like is how strong it is, I dead lifted a 5 lb dumbbell and it handled it fine.

From: Casey: CA 12/31/14

Comments: The rod is nice, light, and sensitive and performs its task well. The thing I do not like is the rod eyes. I mainly use mine for cranking, since that's what it was made for, and my line has eaten about 4 grooves into the tip, and that's without braid. This rod has only seen fluorocarbon paired with lipless cranks and light swim baits for speckled trout. I would not buy again or suggest to buy, those grooves eat at your string causing line failures, and any rod that works against deserves to be thrown in the trash, which is where this one is heading.

From: Jeremy: Carencro, LA 12/29/14

Comments: Great rods I have 7,6 xheavy, and its very reliable rod. The only complain is the guides are not align with the handle about 8 or 9 degrees and make the rod a little unstable.

From: Edwin: Puerto Rico 12/19/14

Comments: I bought this rod with an2 year warranty . I've put this rod near rocks to retrieve a lure and it has never shown hasn't broken. This rod is unbelievable sensitive, extremely strong,. I can throw many lures. This is a excellent jerkbait rod and I can feel that blades of a spinnerbait go through the water. This will not be my last Duckett rod. I beg everyone to buy one, it won't be your last.

From: Samuel: IA 12/4/14

Comments: This rod is a beast. It WILL out-perform any other 100 dollar rod on the market. It is way better than a lot of 200 dollar rods out there, including the Denali Rosewood, the Ghost is lighter than the Rosewood and just a better rod than the Rosewood. It is extremely light and unbelievably strong. This rod is not tip heavy AT ALL, you can definitely fish all day and not be worn out. Duckett has a good thing going, keep it up Duckett!

From: Joe: CA 11/27/14

Comments: Great rod have caught plenty of fish over 4lbs on it including a 7 pounder and its holding up good. the 7'3 heavy rod is great for texas riggin with medium to big worms and for casting larger jigs. the sensitivity is surprising with these rods. The Heavy feels like a mh and the mh feels like a ml. 

From: Austin: Sylacauga, AL 9/16/14

Comments: I have bought 3 of these rods from tackle warehouse so far, a 7'3" m/d heavy, a 7'3" heavy and now the 7'6" X heavy. No complaints about the quality or performance of the rods. The heavy is just right for a jig, and the 7'6" has turned into my permanent frog rod. Throw some power pro and a new lews LFS on any of the Ghost series rods and you won't disappointed.

From: Zack: LaGrange, Ga 9/5/14

Comments: I purchased one of these at the Dick's Sporting goods booth at the Classic this year. I've been wanting to try a Duckett out for a long time just never could come up with the extra 50-100 bucks for the white ice or micro magic. I paired my 6'8 Ghost with a Bantam Curado and use it for my spinner baits. That's my workhorse!! I use that lure for about 65% of the day and it has held up wonderfully. I hope that in a few weeks I can get another for my buzzbait and one more for my worm. Highly recommend the Ghost series. Well designed rod.

From: Brad: Columbus, MS 8/8/14

Comments: great rod. I was looking for the old carrot stix that Duckett used to be with, but after some searching I bought the 7'6 XH. It is amazing light and with the micro guides paired with my chronarch ci4+ it casts far! Caught a few 3lber lmb, walleyes and northerners and it's great!

From: Moua: Saint Paul, MN 7/5/14

Comments: I bought a few of these over the winter, and liked them. I didnt want to leave a review till I put them to the test. I have caught a lot of largemouth on them with no problems,and I just fished a BFL on St.Clair,where I caught numerous smallies, including big bass for the tournament, a 6 lb toad! I have ten glx's, and five 13 fishing envy rodz. I like these Ducketts as much if not more than my other rods. no complaints here

From: Josh: Plymouth, IN 6/29/14

Comments: Great rods I just added two more to my collection! They blow the Wright McGill garbage out of the water for the same price! I love the 7 ft med cranking Ghost the best excellent tip to allow me to throw small cranks even the KVD'S 1.0! Very lightweight and sensitive! Only con I wish the grips were a tad thinner! None of mine have any misaligned eyes or reels seats etc! Infact of them I have handled in any store are flawless!

From: Daniel: Loudon, TN 6/24/14

Comments: Duckett ghost casting rods are the best rods I've ever used. I caught an 8 pounder on my 6'10" medium. The rod held up great, never had a problem with it.

From: Carson: Colleyville, TX 6/23/14

Comments: I got a 7' MH and 7'3 H casting and have loved them until yesterday. I snapped the rod clean right in the middle on a hook set yesterday. I threw a 1/2 oz football head under a dock in 10 foot of water with mono on and I was 20 yds away and the thing snapped. Still got the fish in though lol not sure how I feel about them now, I fish 180 days a year and they went from one of my favorites to one I cannot trust.

From: Kyle: OH 6/18/14

Comments: Just picked up a 7'6 extra heavy today! Feels more like a heavy than extra heavy but tested casting in my backyard (paired with Chronarch)threw a 5/8 ounce Spro frog and it cast a mile.Just gotta test it out this weekend to really see how well it holds up. Idk about you guys but I would RECOMMEND looking at the rods before you buy it. Some guides are off and looks like it got little cracks on the glue holding the guides. But overall great buy for the money.

From: Pro: MN 6/4/14

Comments: I just picked up my duckett 6'8 MH and paired it with a pfluger supreme xt. Rod came off very light and in great shape. So I put it to the test and caught tiger muskies out of bluewater state park and I must say it preforms excellent.  It had no problem holding up to a 39 inch 19 pound tiger. Excellent product

From: Joshua: Grants, NM 5/23/14

Comments: I have 4 micro split and 4 Ghost and have had no problems with any of them. These are by far the best all around rods that you can buy for the money. I will have all Ducketts on my reels by the end of the year.

From: Jarrod: Kountze, TX 5/20/14

Comments: I have recently purchased on of these rods. Right off the bat I was impressed. Everything on the rod was perfect, however I have caught 100 or so fish on it and my rod is starting to get a slight bend downward and the guides are getting rough. It makes my braid fray like crazy and often break. Hope duckett will fix this problem.

From: Matt: MI 5/17/14

Comments: Great rods for the money. I used to hoave the Skeet Reese rods and these Duckett rods blow them out of the water for the same price. Super light and very sensitive. Some do have defects like off center guides and stuff, just take your time picking one out in the store and you'll be good to go. 7' Medium spinning handled several over 3 1/2 very well this weekend.  

From: Chris: Lake Lanier, GA 4/15/14

Comments: i just got the 7 ft med heavy. its a nice rod and the guides dont seem too bad. the reel seat is off center by a few degrees and thats gonna bug me i guarantee it. ill probably get used to it but its a slight mistake that shouldnt come from a company like duckett

From: J: USA 4/10/14

Comments: This is a great rod for the money. the 7'3" medium heavy has a great backbone. I hoisted a 6 lb out of so think branches. I used to be an Abu guy. I think I have found my new favorite rod company. Will be getting more!

From: Dakota: SD 4/8/14

Comments: Got my Duckett Ghost today and the quality on it isn't that great. One of my guide is slightly off and my handle has a marking on it which bothers me a lot. Quality sucks for a $100 rod.

From: Nick: WI 4/7/14

Comments: Pure Duckett. I have been looking for another rod that I can throw 3/8 and 1/4 oz. traps with, and still feel what the rod is doing. This rod is it. Sensitive, strong, light. Everything I was looking for, and then some. Wish it was 7 foot instead of 6/10, but I can live with that. Overall a great rod at an even better price.  

From: Hank: IL 4/7/14

Comments: I picked up two 7'3 one is a MH and the other is H. They are very light and sensitive. I have lew's laser mg reels on both rods. In my opinion, the MH is just right, it's not to heavy but not to light either, same for the H. I have braid on the H rod and with the stainless steel eyes it does make a little noise. Also, on the H rod the eyes are off almost a quarter inch to the left, but has not effected the performance. So far I haven't had any problems out of it. Overall it seems to be a well built rod.

From: J.C.: MI 3/31/14

Comments: The tapered EVA handle is not comfortable to hold onto and feels like the rod is slipping out of your hand when you cast. There isn't enough material for your pinky and ring finger to hold onto. I was surprised to see all Duckett rods appear to be built like this. I'm used to full cork so hopefully I will get used to it once broken in. Rod looks great and sensitive but fish weren't biting first day out so can't tell how it handles a fish. The 7' MH seemed a little softer than I expected but should be fine.

From: Rob: Champaign, IL 3/23/14

Comments: Purchased this rod a few days ago and I'm glad I did. It has enough backbone to fight the fish and tip flex to keep them on. The micro guides are a plus. I can feel the lights of bites. I paired the 6'8mhvy with a Lews Tournament Pro, 10lbs senshi fluro, and added a 1/16 tungsten bullet. Killer finesse worm combo.

From: Mike: Norman Park, GA 3/9/14

Comments: Just got my 6'10" ghost yesterday and took it on the water today didn't catch anything on it but the rod is so light balanced and castl like a dream. The action feels perfect for jerk baits.

From: Jessie: Independence, LA 3/7/14

Comments: I've purchased 9 of these and have no problems with them.the quality is great and the price is great. I'm not worried about these rods any problems Duckett will take care of it.they are great people and a great product.

From: S. King: Fyffe, AL 3/7/14

Comments: Got a 7'6 Xheavy and thought it was alittle to soft until I boat flipped A 6 pounder! Nice guides very good quality wish they would have come out earlier.

From: Dane: FL

Comments: I bought the 7'3" md hvy for a jig rod, and the rod seems pretty solid for a hundred bucks. The tip is just a little too soft for me to use as a jig rod, but I think it will be a mighty fine spook/trap rod! The fit and finish is good on mine. I didn't have any quality issues or goof ups, and I actually like the eva grips on it.

From: Blake: Chatsworth, GA

Comments: love the duckett ghost, i picked up the 7'6 extra heavy for flipping and its great, really light and sensitive and yet still has the back-bone too pull fish from cover.  

From: Tyler: Windermere, FL

Comments: Ordered 10 of these and all of them where warped and guides didn't line up straight, one of the rods was even broke, unless I got a bad batch duckett has gone backwards the white ice and micro magic

From: Too Much: SC

Comments: This rod is just what I was waiting for. A budget minded cranking rod. I wanted to purchase some of the cranking  micro magic rods but I waited on these. Man the are as close to the original action of the Micro Magic series. I will be buying more. Thanks for a great rod with great action.

From: Erick: Chattanooga, TN

Comments: Amazing rods I picked 2 up at the boat show 2 weeks ago and they are amazing with chronarch 200e reels. 

From: Matt: Alabama

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