Duckett Ghost Series Cranking Rods

$99.99 - $109.99

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Designed specifically for crankbait and reaction bait applications, the Duckett Ghost Series Cranking Rods feature new Sensi-Touch multi-modulus blanks, which offer the increased sensitivity and reduced weight of graphite combined with the forgiving, moderate actions you need to fish moving baits with tiny trebles. Perfectly balanced and weighted like all Duckett Rods, each blank is also Halo-Sanded to maximize the lightweight sensitivity and strength attributes of each rod.

Premium Micro Guides eliminate the issue of ring loss thanks to their proprietary 316 Stainless Steel frames and industrial-grade hard chrome inserts, while also increasing casting distance and accuracy. A true split-reel seat provides a comfortable cranking base for your reel, while increasing vibration transfer into your hands, and high-impact, cut-resistant EVA split grips only add to the comfort and weight savings. High-end rods at an affordable price, the Duckett Ghost Series Cranking Rods have what it takes to put more cranking fish in the boat.

-For rod replacements within 1-year of purchase, customer must show proof of purchase and Duckett Rods will charge $20 shipping fee. Over 1-year, Duckett Rods will not allow replacements unless rod is turning yellow. For all repairs Duckett Rods will charge normal $20 return shipping fee.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Duckett Ghost Cranking Rod 7' Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
9+Tip Ghost Crank A 15" In Stock: 3+ $99.99
Ghost Crank A

Duckett Ghost Cranking Rod 7'6" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
10+Tip Ghost Crank B 15-3/4" In Stock: 3+ $109.99
Ghost Crank B

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    Offering high-end features and performance at an affordable price, the new Duckett Ghost Casting Rods are scary good - with new lightweight Sensi-Touch blanks and premium micro guides.

  • Offering the increased sensitivity and reduced weight of graphite combined with the forgiving, moderate actions you need to fish crankbaits and other reaction baits, the Duckett Ghost Series Cranking Rods do it all for a great price.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought a 7' med crankin and it produces. I also throw light jigs & spinnerbaits on it and it works well. not as much backbone as I'd like but still a great rod.

From: Karl: WV 6/20/15

Comments: I purchased two of these rods to replace my cranking rods. I very particular about my rods and used custom rods for years. Someone convinced me to give these a shot. I bought two, one for square bills and another for medium-deep cranks. They are super light and very sensitive. They also cast very well. I've been more than pleased and would recommend them to anyone. Great rods for the price!

From: Cody: Meridian, MS 6/13/15

Comments: I recently purchased a 7' medium cranking. Unfortunately, for me the rod snapped just below the first eye upon hook set of the first fish I hooked into. Needless to say I was surprised but due to shipping costs it became cost ineffective to return the rod from Australia. So I'm not a big fan of Duckett rods 

From: Grieg: Bentley Park, Queensland Australia

Comments: I purchased this rod today, in a 7'0 medium cranking model, I went to my local pond and was throwing a fairly large squarebill. I was immediately amazed of how light this rod is! It is extremely sensitive and I love it! Beast cranking rod

From: Branson: Jackson, AL 8/29/14

Comments: I decided to pick up the 7'3" Ghost for Carolina Riggin and Flippin. This rod is awesome! It's versatile, light-weight, everything you need in a rod! Thanks Duckett and Tackle Warehouse!

From: Garett: Olive Branch, MS 8/4/14

Comments: I'm the type that has to have the best that I can afford, but being strapped on cash I had my son pick me up the 7'6" MH Ghost to tide me over until I could afford a more expensive rod. No sir, this ones a keeper. So impressed, I'm going to purchase a couple more.

From: Randy: Toledo, OH 5/20/14

Comments: I would have to say that this is one of the best rods I've owned. Everything is spot on. I bought the 7 medium cranking and I tell you you can throw anything from square bills - 5xd to big wakebaits for night time giants

From: Tyler: VA 5/17/14

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