Duckett Ghost Series Spinning Rods

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The new Duckett Ghost Series Spinning Rods hold fast to Duckett Rod’s philosophy of offering a high-end rods at an affordable price. Featuring new Sensi-Touch blanks made from the highest quality multi-modulus pre-pegs, each blank is also Halo-Sanded to produce a stronger, lighter rod with greater sensitivity. Duckett Rods’ tried-and-true actions and tapers are perfect dialed in for a range of finesse fishing applications, and each rod is weighted and balanced to perfection like all Duckett Rods.

Premium Micro Guides with proprietary 316 Stainless Steel frames and industrial-grade hard chrome inserts span each blank as well, eliminating the problem of ring loss and increasing sensitivity. A true split-reel seat provides complete access to the blank for better transmission of vibration into your hands, and in conjunction with the high-impact, cut-resistant EVA split grips forms a comfortable handle system you can fish all day. Lightweight, advanced and tournament-ready, the Duckett Ghost Series Spinning Rods deliver other-worldly performance.

For rod replacements within 1-year of purchase, customer must show proof of purchase and Duckett Rods will charge $20 shipping fee. Over 1-year, Duckett Rods will not allow replacements unless rod is turning yellow. For all repairs Duckett Rods will charge normal $20 return shipping fee.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Duckett Ghost Spinning Rod 6'9" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
8+Tip Ghost Spin A 15-3/4" In Stock: 3+ $99.99
Ghost Spin A

Duckett Ghost Spinning Rod 7' Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
9+Tip Ghost Spin A 15-3/4" In Stock: 3+ $99.99
Ghost Spin A

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought the 7' Medium for the girlfriend as a Senko rod & for her light hook sets it has done well. Hasn't snapped or cracked anywhere so far & managed to haul a 3lb smallie out of the water and swing land her without issues. Very light weight but still a good amount of back bone for a solid hook set.

From: Hunter: Missoula, MT 6/19/16

Comments: This was the first & last, Duckett rod I'll be buying. First hook set & I heard a crack. Sure enough, above the bottom guide was a large crack. Not impressed at all.


Comments: I have owned two ghosts and two micromagic they are decent rods but not great price is ok, quality is low to moderate at best, atleast with my experience so far, also the customer service is completely useless, BOTH ghosts I have (well put away now) the tips have snapped off at the 2nd eyelet, duckett will not honor any type of warranty on this as they have told me, I used these for crappie fishing! While I had them. Yes crappie broke the tips off both of these, glad I never got around to trying to anything bigger. For the price range get falcon or TFO both are far superior and customer service is drastically better should you need it. I'll never own a duckett again or suggest it to anyone.

From: Dave: Denton, TX 11/18/15

Comments: Had this rod for a year now bought it for squarebills and deep divers & some lighter cranks. SUPER sensitive the part where the reel seat is exposed is AWESOME can feel everything. Love this rod!! also is super durable and dont have to worry about it breaking!!

From: Noah: Appleton, WI 7/21/15

Comments: Had this Spinning rod for a year now. Very impressed. Very light weight and sensitive. Used it for Drop Shot and Shakey Head. Can feel every nibble and bites. Got a Lews Tournament spinning matched up. Cheap light weight combo that would fit in every anglers budget. Would not hesitate to get another. Quality of this rod is outstanding. Duckett is on the map again!

From: ProDriven: MN 1/27/15

Comments: Bought this rod to pair up with my Lews spinning reel for light weighted jerkbaits. Couldn't ask for a more perfect action. I've caught tons of fish on this rod and it's durability is unmatched. Use 10 pound flourocarbon with it and works great with the KVD jerkbait. Great, high quality rod for a low price.

From: Parker: Vandalia, MO 6/21/14

Comments: Rod is super sensitive, really lightweight, and enough back bone for almost any bass application. Only negative is the stainless steel guides make noise during cast due to line slapping the guides....wanted to buy 3 to 4 more but don't like the line noise against guides.

From: Todd: Archdale, NC 4/26/14

Comments: Awesome rod, i got the 7' medium and it is a great all around rod, for drop shot, shakey head, senkos, poppers etc. Great quality for the money as well.

From: Eddie: NY 3/9/14

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