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Delivering the same performance features as the original Duckett Micro Magic Series, the new Duckett Macro Magic Casting Rods now offer full-size guides for anglers who prefer standard guides on their rods. Still incredibly lightweight, sensitive and powerful, the team at Duckett Rods also painstakingly balanced each rod in the series. Based on their years of experience in the industry, they have found that sensitivity is more a function of balance - rather than vibration. Balancing a rod correctly makes the tip lighter, and therefore allows the rod position to be more easily displaced - translating into increased sensitivity. Also featuring Comfort Grip reel seats and a split-grip handle design, an access port at the base of the butt grip allows you to further fine tune the balance of the rod depending on reel choice, etc. Now equipped with full-size guides, the Duckett Macro Magic Casting Rods deliver the winning technique specific performance anglers across the Country have grown to love about the original Micro Magic series.

Additional Features:

-Custom Hook Keepers
-High Quality AA Cork Grips
-Backed by Duckett Rods' 20-year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The bottom review should be removed because it is from someone, I would bet a kid, who does not know anything about fishing rods. No corners were cut, do you know the difference between a micro guide and a regular guide? I would guess not. You can get 11 micro guides on a 7'3 but you are not going to put that many regular guides on a rod and have it be balanced and work. Please learn what you're talking about before posting. Thanks.

From: Johnnie: Fort Worth, TX 1/11/15

Comments: previous version had 11 guides on a 7'3" rod, which actually did nothing to keep the line off the blank because of ridiculous placement, now there are 8 micros on a 6'6 rod? and nine on a 7'6"!?  Duckett left carrot stix cause they were cutting corners? Why even bring out something new if you're not going to do it right!  NOTHING magic here, except for the disappearing guides! same mediocre rod, different look.

From: John: St. Louis, MO

Comments: Pros: Very light and extremely sensitive. Cons: Breakable with moderate force - made in China.

From: Edward: Fort Worth, TX

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