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Duckett Micro Magic Split Grip Casting Rods - $149.99 to $169.99

Duckett Micro Magic Split Grip Casting Rods

Please note: Duckett Rods does not provide line, lure and taper recommendations.

2007 Bassmaster Classic winner, Boyd Duckett combined forces with legendary rod builder and winner of numerous ICAST "Best of Show" awards, Ken Whiting to create the Duckett Micro Magic Split Grip Casting Rods. The series was designed on the Micro Guide Concept to provide anglers with a lighter overall rod, a significant increase in casting distance and accuracy, as well as, a substantial improvement in balance and sensitivity. Equipped with custom designed American Tackle Micro Guides, these guides were designed especially for the Micro Magic series to be tough enough to withstand the rigors of tournament fishing.

The team at Duckett Rods also painstakingly balanced each rod in the series. Based on their years of experience in the industry, they have found that sensitivity is more a function of balance - rather than vibration. Balancing a rod correctly makes the tip lighter, and therefore allows the rod position to be more easily displaced - translating into increased sensitivity. Also featuring Comfort Grip reel seats and a split-grip handle design, an access port at the base of the butt grip allows you to further fine tune the balance of the rod depending on reel choice, etc. Light weight, durable and extremely sensitive, the Duckett Micro Magic Casting Rods offer the technique specific performance and actions to take your fishing to the next level.

Additional Features:

-Custom Hook Keepers
-High Quality AA Cork Grips
-Backed by Duckett Rods' 20-year Warranty

W2f Review
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Comments: I first came on to these rods by my favorite youtube as well! This rod is a great rod. Sensitive, light, and powerful. If your looking for a true MH rod go with the heavy. Ducketts rods are on the lighter side of average. That being said this rod with the micro guides is the best rod for under 200$. The accuracy and distance you can get out of the micro guides is truly amazing. I have the 7" H for frogging and flipping and it's more then enough to muscle the tanks out of cover. Love this rod and you will to.

From: CJ: OH 9/30/14

Comments: I originally became attracted to these rods because of their incredible looks, seen on my favorite YouTube fisherman's videos haha. But anyway down to my review. The added number of micro guides translates into an incredible amount of sensitivity to the blank due to the added line to rod contact, and they do increase casting distance and accuracy, it's not just a marketing thing. They save a bit of weight too I'm sure. Also, Duckett's micro guides are considerably more stout than other brands I've had. The blank itself is very strong, light and has great backbone and still retain a little bit of softness (by this I don't mean lack of power or hook set capability, just a bit of tip that helps to keep fish on and not just rip the bait of of their mouth). The spinning rods (obviously have larger guides than the baitcasters) but are also considerably more sensitive than most rods, while retaining a little tip, and great backbone. The ONLY issue I've got with one of my Micro Magics is on my 7'10" ExHeavy is the reel seat is a couple degrees off on the alignment with the guides. Not enough to make a difference, just bugs my OCD a little. Anyway these are great rods. I'll be getting more and can't wait until he Micro Magic Pro comes out. If you want a rod that will give you increased sensitivity and control, strength and comfortable fishing all day long get a Duckett.

From: Britt: Edmonds, WA 8/11/14

Comments: I have to admit i was skeptical at first like alot of guys who picked up one to try, but all i can say is... it is different than anything i have use so far. The micro guides keep line management at bay and the overall feel of the rod is great! I have no problems to report so far... all is well! I have mine paired with a G3 Revo winch spooled with 12lb Seaguar Flurocarbon line and i am very well pleased with the combo. The reel is smooth as butter and handles big worms and jigs with ease.

From: Michael: Ripley, TN 6/26/14

Comments: I was very happy when I picked this rod up. I bought the 7'3" MH and it is one of the best rod's Ive ever owned. I've fished pretty much every rod out there and this Duckett is the lightest best balanced (Even better than Dobyns) most sensitive rod on the planet. You can feel everything that is going on under the water. The micro guides are not a joke either, you can cast farther with more control and they even add to the feel or your bait because the line is closer to the rod. Don't be fooled by the haters, this rod is the real deal.

From: Johnnie: USA 6/21/14

Comments: I was so exited getting this rod! It is light but has plenty of backbone. It's not as sensitive as you might think. Pretty much the same as any $100 rod out there. The micro guides actually make me cast with less distance! The micro guides are all hype don't fall for it! Just stick to normal guides

From: Jim: Dallas, TX 6/14/14

Comments: I picked up the Duckett 7'6" Heavy Rod, planned on using it for heavier jigs and C-rigs. I used to be a Loomis guy, tried Megabass Orochi XX rods and wasn't impressed with the sensitivity for the price of the rod. I decided to go cheaper by the reviews and tried the Duckett. I know it is half the price of the Orochi, but there was literally NO bottom feel on the rod. I had a friend try it and he said the same thing. I moved on to Dobyns and don't regret it one bit. Dobyns Champion and Champ Extreme are FAR superior rods.

From: Slade: KS 5/18/14

Comments: Great rods, super light and strong blanks. I own a 7'6" crankin, 7' MH, and a 7'6" H, had them for 6 months. Only problem out of them is my 7MH has broken the cork butt in half and 7'H is starting to crack a little but I super glued it since I dont have receipt (otherwise they have great 20yr warranty) and they have been holding up since. My favorite rods ever owned either way.

From: Clint: Sandford, NC 5/6/14

Comments: This is the best rod on the market! Durable, extremely light and sensitive, sleek look, comfy, and fairly priced. Give this rod a chance you won't be disappointed! Denali Kovert is right behind!

From: Jacob: USA 4/30/14

Comments: Absolutely the best craw out there. Perfect balance of action size durability and looks. It's subtle yet tremendous action is quite natural and enticing too a bass(or whatever wants it). However the Zman Turbo Crawz is better as a trailer and as good as this craw in my very recent experience, and the Zman CrawdadZ is awesome too! But the chigger craw will remain my go to until I flip/punch the Zman baits.

From: Jacob: USA 4/3/14

Comments: These rods are the best I have the 7' med heavy and I use it for jigs and worms love it buying another one soon but a 7'3" heavy can't wait get one there great rods!!!!

From: Mike: Annapolis, MD 3/9/14

Comments: I decided to buy one of these because I wanted to give the micro guides a try. After casting in the pond behind the house a bit, I can really tell the difference with the micro guides. They help a lot with accuracy and smoothness on the cast. I can also cast much further. Paired up with a Lew's BB1 Speed Spool you will have a combo that casts a mile. I have not got to fish with it yet but I'm sure she'll do fine. Seems well constructed. My only minor complaint is that these rods are very "soft". I got a 7' medium/heavy for a jig rod and after casting a few jigs I think you need a heavy action for jigs because the medium/heavy feels more like medium. Some people may like that, but this will make a great Texas-rig rod. All in all I am very happy with this rod and can't wait to see how she performs.

From: Trey: Baton Rouge, LA

Comments: These rods are amazing, plain and simple, I have a 7' medium and just got a 7'6 heavy. Ive got a 36 inch bull red on the 7' medium, you can catch almost any fish on these rods, the only complaint is the eyes. They're a little flimsy, but thats the only problem I have.

From: Thomas: Groves, Texas

Comments: 7' medium rod and only problem so far was I ripped an oversized knot through the first two guides and broke the inserts out.  duckett sent me double the amount i needed for replacement for no charge including two free tips.  I've caught bass up to 4lbs and fought a nice 8-10lb gar and so far so good.  as for all the negative reviews I have to wonder if it's just haters?

Comments: I can not thank this rod enough. I hooked an about 4FT alligator and i was able to bring it to the shore and unhook it. I have the 7 ft med-hvy and it is a good all around rod. i have it paired with a shimano calais. It is the best rod FOR THE MONEY. But be careful, you will have guides pop out.

From: Trevon: Clewiston, Florida

Comments: Excellent! Was looking for a not really good casting Med.Hvy. to use as a general purpose worm rod. Very comfortable and casts great. The micro guides are a plus. Very lightweight and very very close to a Crucial if you have fished one of those. I know that some rod manufacturers label high and low on the rod ratings. This one is right on for a Med Hvy. Not too much wag and lots of power.

From: C: Gretna, La. U.S.

Comments: Great rod far more than i expected for the money.Just get one you won`t be disapointed

From: Rich: Ohio

Comments: best rod ever for topwater frog's i have a 7'heavy very accurate  can cast a mile. love the micro guides very small

From: Matthew: Port Rowan ON Canada

Comments: great rod, very sensitive and ill be buying more. Define fly recommend this

From: Charlie: VA

Comments: I have the 7 foot MH model. It's a great all-purpose rod, light and sensitive, yet durable.

From: Adam: Nassau County, NY

Comments: Very durable rod!  I've use my 6'6 MH for everything from jigs, senkos, squarebills to even spinners, never any problems.  Hooked some hard fighting smalles and watched in horror as the rod doubled over but no problem.  It's been 2 years of heavy fishing and no problems whatsoever.

From: Jimmy: Chicago, IL

Comments: great rod just bought a 7'6 after fishing 7'3 med hvy for 2 years. honestly its a great rod even after 2 years never had a issue

From: big v: san diego, ca

Comments: Im a person who usually cant settle on one type of rod, Just too many options to try, but Duckett rods are outperforming my expectations even after 2 years of abuse....still, what kept me coming back was the excellent customer service.  Two thumbs up Duckett, Ive told everyone I know and will continue to put positive reviews out, keep it up

From: J: GA

Comments: In response to the post below me. I have both the micro magic rod and a powell endurance. To compare the two I would say light and day. The Duckett is a good rod but when you pick up something like the endurance you will not go back. Not to say that the Duckett is not a bad rod but I the endurance kills it.

From: Cole: Ohio

Comments: I work for a major fishing retail chain and have held and used about every rod out there, and for under 200 you just can't find a better rod. Great balance, weight, castability, sensitivity, and surprising strength. 

From: BA

Comments: I would like to hear a review of these rods by some one who also owns a Powell Endurance rod. I find it hard to believe that these rods could be better, or even compete with the quality and craftsmanship of an Endurance rod. Good lookin rods though.

From: Mr. Beauregard

Comments: All I can say is hands down best rod on the market. Extremely balanced, extremely light, extremely sensitive, and they make my 7' carrot stix eat dirt. I have the 6' 9" rod and I fish anything on this model. I can chunk a 3/8 oz. chatterbait almost 50 yards on 20 lb. power pro braid. Excellent rod for senkos, other types of worms, bladed baits, and a few shallow running crankbaits. I will definitely be adding a few more Ducketts to my arsenal whenever i get the money!

From: Tristan: Winder, GA

Comments: I bought the 7'0" MH last spring;all i can say is this rod is incredible. Very light and balanced with a curado 201E7 and with the micro guides it casts a mile. Enough tip to throw light, weightless plastics, but when you set the hook it has enough backbone to horse a fish out of the thick stuff. Im in love with the looks and oversll performance of this rod. Thanks Duckett!

From: James: MN

Comments: Excellent rod with superb customer service

Comments: I own 5 of these rods and love them all. In fact i just got back from Lake Okeechobee and my 7'10 extra heavy rod paired with my curado 300 and 80lb sunline fx2 got the job done fishing that thick stuff. Although that double digit beast never showed. I did manage to lay the smack down on a few 7's.

From: Jason: Boynton Beach, FL

Comments: Awesome rods, extremely sensitive, seriously light. Love them.

From: Jackson: Knoxville, TN

Comments: No idea what John is talking about, Duckett makes some of the best rods on the market. The Micro Magics are awesome and really light and sensitive. I have no trouble with the guides letting the line down on the blank on any of my Ducketts, so dont know what this guy is talking about. Keep up the good work Duckett fishing.

Comments: I now own 6 of these rods. All I can say is I love them.  The actions are all on the money and I have had no quality issues what so ever. I have landed 3 40" plus musikes on them along with countless bass and they just keep ticking.

From: Bill: WI

Comments: I have [three] 7'3" med-hvy love the action but can't keep the first two guides from slipping out of the windings.

From: Donald: Ringgold, GA

Comments: 7'0,6'6,7'1 are the best but the guides could be better for there money!!

From: Patrick: USA

Comments: all i can say is im goin completly to duckett

From: Louis: LA

Comments: Never had any problems with these rods and I fish hard. I have set the hook on some good bass and the guides have never broke off, the tip has never snapped and the ceramic has never cracked. The same common sense used to buy 7 rods at a time on a whim is the same person having problems with them... if your going to abuse your rods, get an ugly stick.

From: MJS: The Lake: USA

Comments: Ol Boyd's at it again with junk!!!  These rods will let you down - the guides will either break off at the slightest bump or the ceramic will break loose and come out of the guides.  I made the mistake of buying 7 at one time and all have either broken or had eyes break. Buy a quality American made rod and force Boyd to get out of the rod business......JUNK!!!!!!!!

From: KDR: West TN

Comments: This is a sweet rod! I got the 7'3 Med Heavy and have no complaints! Get one!!!

From: Jett: TX

Comments: Awesome rods. I have owned most rods on the market Loomis, Castaway, Carot Stix, St. Croix, Wright & Mcgill, Kistler, Fenwick, Shimano  and none compare to the Ducketts. I now own 7 and would like a few more. They are the lightest, most sensitive rods ive ever owned. I throw a shakey head alot and instead of a spining rod like most people I use the 6 6 med-heavy duckett with a Abu Garcia Revo MGX and I feel every bite and have more backbone for the hookset than a spinning rod. One of the best things about them though is the warranty, its the best on the market. Unfortunatly I break alot of rods and I have broke 2 Ducketts, but send the rod and $20 to the company and you will have a new rod in 3 days or less. If your looking for more sensitivity and am like me and break rods from time to time, you gotta getcha a Duckett.

From: Will: AL

Comments: WOW! Just took out my new 7' medium action micro magic casting rod combined with the shimano Calais, and oh did it perform well. I have spooled for the first time with sunline sniper fc 12lb using a 1/4 weedless green pumpkin gitzit for river smallies in southeast Missouri. Day one, with my wife as co captain of my boat, we landed 40 smallmouth that ranged from 1to 3lbs. The sensitivity o the rod was amazing letting me actually feel the difference between rocks and bites in the SWIFT current. Out of 40 fish no throat hooksets and all were released unharmed. Oh yeah and did I mention fighting them against the current was no problem. I will def be an owner of these rod for years to come!

From: Adam: Poplar Bluff, MO

Comments: I own them all, Dobyns, GLOOMIS, Carrot stix, Abus, Powell, Why do I always want to clip off what ever bait is working on the rod Im throwing and tie it on one of my Ducketts! I love these things! The only problem I had with one and it wasnt the rods fault was the tip insert falling out after hitting it on a rock! i called Duckett to ask what size tip i needed and they ask for my address and sent me 2 tips in the mail, I asked how much I owed them and they said Nothin! Great customer service

From: Matt: St. George, Utah

Comments: My buddy bought the 7'10" duckett flipping stick a couple months ago. I picked it up and used it for about an hour and realized i had to have one. Bought the identical rod for flipping and now own 3 others 7' MH , 7'6" M , and a 6'6" MH all of them are great rods. Light, dependable and strong. Im not the most gentle person on rods either.  My whole rod locker will be nothing but snow white soon!

From: Fullwood: Lakeland, FL

Comments: Awesome just awesome. Bought the 7'6" MH to replace my ill fated Verdict. This rod has just performed awesome. Spooled it up with 50lb 832 and went to skippin boat docks.  I will be buying more of these for sure.

From: Bill: WI

Comments: what can i say about this rods...light..sensative..and cant beat the price..but i am a die hard loomis fan but still fish with this rod every game day...and for MAKE A BETTER ROD...i can see it would be hard to fish with a rod they would be tip heavy without a reel LOL!

Comments: guides sucks they break even with the lightest bump! i will never be buying another i got 3 of them and guides broke on one and on another i snapped setting the hook like a champ! im def sticking with Dobyns the make awesome rods! also these rods feel alittle tip heavy without a reel on and then you put a reel on and it doesnt feel right!

From: make a better rod

Comments: The best rod I have ever used so light and sensative. It pairs well with a lews tournament mg.

From: John: Columbia, TN

Comments: This is a awesome rod the sensitivity is amazing best rod ive ever bought for the money

From: Brad: Millport, AL

Comments: best rod you can buy, when i first picked it up i first realized how light it was! it ballanced perfectly with my curado 200e7. best rod in my arsanel

From: Micah: FL

Comments: Fished my first tourament with my 7ft MH with 17lb fluorocarbon this thing is amazing i was fishing a texas rig with a sweet beaver fliping grass pulled out 3 pound fish no problem i will be getting more

From: Joseph: AL

Comments: i have 3 duckett rods and they are by far the best rods i have ever used i fish atleast 4 days a week i cant tell u how good these rods are very sensitive and light an if u are a shakey head fisherman do yourself a favor and get a duckett spinning rod u want regret it ! 

From: Roy: GA

Comments: Rod Broke while I was casting a 6 inch swimbait.  I had only caught one fish on the rod.  not very good if you ask me

From: Jamie: Colchester, VT

Comments: LOVE THEM... just got mine in and hit 9 bass in a tournament the other day a 24 lb bag... all wacky worming on the 7' MH. super dourable... i lifted up a 7 lber with the rod without breakin it... love it!!!!

Comments: I bought this from a local tackle store in Florida.  I put some suffix 832 braid 30 lb on it.  With an 1/8 oz weight and some small swim baits I cast with out no problems at all.  It has nice, long, precise casts.  I got the rod paired with a quantum pt tour edition.   

From: Darrell: Lake Placid, FL

Comments: great rods really sensitive cast a mile. if you want a med action get heavy Action. very fast tip. great rods for cranking etc

From: Crankologist: TX

Comments: these are such good rods! i have it pared with a chronarch and it is super light balanced super good for the price and you can cast a mile with it! you need to get one.

From: David: Cali

Comments: Great RODS!!!! I have several of them. Wasnt trying too, but hung into a 34 lb striper the other day w/ my 7'0 medium heavy & the rod held up just fine. Best rod for the $$$$.

From: Chris: NLR, AR

Comments: @JT (first comment) you're sooooo wrong these are great rods yes, better than carrot stix yes, but they have almost identical blanks, nice try.

From: Kollin: IN

Comments: this rod is awsome...i got the 7'10" rod for flippin and pitchin and this thing is ridiculously light and strong...you would be crazy not to get one

From: Jacob: Lakeland, FL

Comments: If you want a med. action get a med. heavy if you want a mad. heavy get a heavy ,but over all great rods !!!

From: John: Sommerville, AL

Comments: Just got this rod in and it is awsome!! very well put together. casts great with a revo sxt and sx. light weight balanced and durable. and the micro guides are awesome also!

Comments: Just got this rod and wow. What an awesome rod. The features are sweet and it balances out perfectly with a curado. The color is awesome also. Highly recomended!!!!!

Comments: I've used almost every rod out there and you don't realize how unbalanced all the rods out there until you use this. When you can flip all day and not get tired it's not because the rod is light it's because it's balanced perfectly, this rod happens to be both. Best rod for the money. Make the switch to white!

Comments: Absolutely flawless. One of the best rods I have ever owned, and I have thrown every rod out there from Loomis to Powell to Dobyns. Without a doubt the Duckett beats them all. I have a 6'6 med paired with a quantum smoke which I use for small presentations and dropshots, it is one of the lightest combos out there. Also I have a 7 med hvy for spinner/ buzz paired with shimano curado 200, another great combo, casts a country mile. And I also have a 7 extra hvy for Lake murray pitchin with a fat jig paired with a castaic. If you want the best rod on the market, go with a duckett, never had a problem with any of these rods. I dont plan on switching to any other rod anytime soon.

From: Connor: Elgin, SC

Comments: the guy below me is wrong these are made in china but besides that they are great rods lightweiht and sensitive

Comments: I have 3 of them;2 6'9mh's and 7'6h.These rods are awesome! Very light and sensitive, excellently priced, and most of all, made in the USA. Will be getting more.

From: Joe: St. Augustine, FL

Comments: This is my first Duckett and I went with the 7' MH action and put a Citica on it. This rod is worth every penny. These rods are super, super sensitive, very lightweight, and casts a mile. Best rod I own. And these rods have got to be the best looking rods too in my opinion. Haven't had one problem with it, and I doubt I ever will.

From: Dillon: Hallsville, TX

Comments: Steve, i order mine from TW and i got red around the bait holder so they are not all the same at each store. I aint mad at it though. I got the 7'10' flipping stick. This rod performs excellent. Coming from PA you wouldnt think you would need a rod like this but many lakes are filled with mats. This thing can pull em out just like any of the other more expensive rods. Paired with a daiwa aggrest and you cant beat it. Best bang for your buck

From: Chris: Douglassville, PA

Comments: I went through every rod in the store, picking each up and feeling the action and all of that good stuff. I had no budget so i was considering top of the line $400 rods. but i kept coming back to the duckett. super light and very well balanced and come to find out extremely sensitive. I went with the 7' MH and threw a curado 200 on it. OMG! it can cast more than a few miles and will feel every piece of structure on the way back. buy it!

From: Jason: San Jose, CA

Comments: simply put...these rods are awsome!none better for the price!

From: Steve: VA

Comments: awesome rod, but get it from tacklewarehouse, bass pros ducketts are different they have red around the bait holder and were bent really bad

Comments:  Ordered the 7' Hvy mainly for Frogs and can't be any happier. This is my first Duckett and am amazed with the lightness and overall feel of the rod. Has a great tip which has been great for frogs but has a solid backbone as well. Looking forward to more use, but am really excited thus far.

From: Jake: Hammond, LA

Comments: got a 7ft med/hvy i love the rod to death, sensitve, super light, looks great, very balanced, almost perfect rod but my tip cracked after a couple months... i was ripping a lipless crank and just noticed it felt funny at one point so i had to break it off and re-glue it. no big deal

From: Shane: Thibodaux, LA

Comments: Great rods, I own 6 of them and I abuse them way more than I ever should and I haven't had a problem yet.

From: Pete: Enfield, CT

Comments: Ken Whiting developed the carrot stix and moved on with Boyd to create these rods.  I only have one Duckett, but as far as sensitivity I believe they are better than the carrots and about the same in weight.  Some of the rods feel more tip heavy in balance than the carrots which are just light all over and take the characteristics of the reel weight.  I can't compare their long term durability yet, but I will not shake the 7'11" on hung lures as it tapers to a very thin tip; if they do take the ridiculous punishment I've put all my carrots through I will switch over my rod stable to these with the exception of some contact Cumaras and some Powells.

From: Miles: OKC, OK

Comments: great rod i got mine sunday and have only been able to fish with it once. the time i got to use it i caught a 3 + on the pit havoc pit boss. i got the 7ft heavy action and it is amazingly light. a great buy.

Comments: great rod. definitely worth the money. paired it up with a quantum smoke and i love it. one of the lightest things i have ever put in my hands.

Comments: greatest rods for their price, cant beat the light blank and micro guides - love the rods, i hav a few and my friends hav 10 ducketts their worth every penny and u wont regret buying one

From: Joel: Accident, Maryland

Comments: I love these rods. I have the 7'6 heavy rod and I also have a 7ft spinning rod. The sensitivity of these rods is unreal. They are light weight and sensitive but have enough back bone to haul fish out of the thickest junk you can find. I love them. I feel more soft bites with the 7'6 flipping rod then I ever have before. You will not be disappointed if you buy these rods.

From: Ben: Three Rivers, MI

Comments: Great Rod!  Picked up the 7.6 heavy flipp'n.  Great sensitivity.  Caught a bunch of fish flippn on Guntersville last week.

From: Jon: Coatesville, PA

Comments: Inner micro eyes break off bad buy.

Comments:  Excellent rod; light, sensitive and well balanced.  I have the 7'6 Heavy action for pitching & C-Rig. I am more than satisfied with this rod.  Have been a Falcon Cara man for the past 10 years. Ducket Micro Magic is reasonably priced for this qulaity of rod and comes with an excellent warranty. You will not be disapointed in this rod.

From: Joe: Illinois, USA

Comments: This rod is junk. Broke on my first fish (which was only 14" long)! Horrible product.

From: RedBuck: Shreveport, LA

Comments: Absolute best rod. It is so light, and super sensative. Ive already caught a few fish off of it, and love it. I wish i had a ton of these, they are so awesome! Try one you wont be disappointed.

Comments: It's the lightest rod on the market. Casts 80 yards easily with a 1/2+ oz bait with a reel that would cast 40 with regular guides.

Comments: i have a 7ft xh andmy first trip this year with this rod i pulled a 9lb toad out of a thick top. Hands down best rod on the market.

Comments: unbelievable. thats the best word to describe this rod my med heavy is perfect for almost anything i love it so much it makes your cast go farther than ever before. And not to mention how lightwieght they are.  i cannot wait for my second one if you love to fish get one!

Comments: This rod is freakin awesome! this is THE lightest rod i have ever picked up, SUPER SENSITIVE, longer casts, and paired up with a Revo Premier like me and you will have one of the lightest combos on the water. TIGHT LINES with a Micro Magic!

From: Matthew: Miami, FL

Comments: Sensitive rods i own 6 of them. Very light weight.  You can fish with these rods all day without any fatigue on your arms.  The only problem i had is the micro guides came lose on 2 of them.  Don't know if the glue is the problem or the way the guides are mounted on the rods.

From: Leonard: Hephzibah, GA

Comments: not stiff enough. the 7"10 xheavy is not an extra heavy action. If looking for a good flip stick to horse fish out of cover go with doybns they are lighter more sensitive and have more backbone.

From: Flinstone: Kissimme, FL 

Comments: I started out with the 7'3"MH just to give these rods a whirl. Now I own 8 of these Duckett Rods. As a tournament fishermen I need a sensitive, strong, and light rods on my deck and these Mirco Magic's posses each one of these characteristics. You can't ask for a better warranty with a rod. Go ahead and try one of these rods you will not be disappointed.

From: Tanner: Grapevine, TX

Comments: By far the best rod i have ever used.  light, sensitive and they look just as good as they feel.  wouldn't use anything else..

From: Cory: Central, PA

Comments: Quality rod in my opinion. I purchased two, site un-seen from TW. I've only been able to use them a couple of trip, but they are as advertised. Both rods are lighter, and I seem to cast a little further than my previous rods. I will be buying more Duckett rods from TW in the future.

 From: Monty: Texas, USA

Comments: These rods are the best rods i"ve ever held, i'm in the process of changing over to all duckett rods. go ahead and take the risk and buy one you wont be sorry! I have fished with just about every rod on the market and nothing out there feels better to me than a duckett rod thanks!

From: Jason

Comments: I have 3 of these rods . A 7' medium crank bait rod , a 7'6" crank bait rod and a 7'11" ext heavy flipping rod . All of these rods preform excellent ! The crank bait rods give me the casting distance to get my lures into the strike zone for a longer period of time which results for more fish . The flipping rod teamed up with 65# braid has the back bone to snatch the big ones out of the thickest cover . For the price you cant beat the quality of these rods . They are tools of the serious bass fisherman !

From: Bill: Leesburg, GA

***Note: If you have questions about this product or need assistance with an order please email your questions to info@tacklewarehouse.com

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MM Cast A
DFMM66M-C. Suggested Use: Regular size topwater, jerkbaits, 1/4-3/8oz spinnerbaits.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 6'6" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
10+Tip MM Cast A
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13-1/2" $149.99 3+
MM Cast A
DFMM66MH-C. Suggested Use: 1/2oz spinnerbaits, square bill crankbaits in timber.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 6'9" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
10+Tip MM Cast B
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14-1/2" $149.99 3+
MM Cast B
DFMM69MH-C. Suggested Use: 1/4-3/8oz jig, 1/2-5/8oz spinnerbait, buzzbait.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 7' Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
11+Tip MM Cast C
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14-3/4" $159.99 3+
MM Cast C

DFMM70MC. Suggested Use: 1/2oz traps, square bills, lighter spinnerbaits & light worms.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 7' Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
11+Tip MM Cast C
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14-3/4" $159.99 3+
MM Cast C
DFMM70MH-C. Suggested Use: 1/2oz jig, small swimbaits, open water spinnerbaits, buzzbaits & heavier worms.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 7' Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
11+Tip MM Cast C
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14-3/4" $159.99 3+
MM Cast C
DFMM70H-C. Suggested Use: Frogs, toads, pitching - good with braided line.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 7' Extra Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
11+Tip MM Cast C
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14-3/4" $159.99 3+
MM Cast C
DFMM70XH-C. Suggested Use: Heavy cover pitching.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 7'3" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
11+Tip MM Cast G
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15-1/2" $169.99 3+
MM Cast G

DFMM73MHC. Suggested Use: 1/2-3/4oz open water jigs, Carolina-rigs, spinnerbaits, mid-sized spinnerbaits.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 7'6" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
12+Tip MM Cast D
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16" $169.99 3+
MM Cast D


Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 7'6" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
12+Tip MM Cast D
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16" $169.99 3+
MM Cast D
DFMM76H-C. Suggested Use: Football head jigs, 1-oz spinnerbaits, Carolina-rigs.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 7'6" Extra Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
12+Tip MM Cast E
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16-1/2" $169.99 3+
MM Cast E
DFMM76XH-C. Suggested Use: Flipping and pitching & large swimbaits.

Duckett Micro Split Grip Cast Rod 7'10" Extra Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
12+Tip MM Cast E
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16-1/2" $169.99 3+
MM Cast E
DFMM710XH-C. Suggested Use: Flipping and pitching - good with braided line.

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