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Boyd Duckett, the 2007 Bassmaster Classic champion, combined forces with legendary rod builder and winner of numerous ICAST "Best of Show" awards, Ken Whiting to create the Duckett Micro Magic Split Grip Cranking Rods. Perfect for a variety of cranking applications, the series was designed on the Micro Guide Concept to provide anglers with a lighter overall rod, a significant increase in casting distance and accuracy, as well as, a substantial improvement in balance and sensitivity. Equipped with custom designed American Tackle Micro Guides, these guides were specifically designed for the Micro Magic series to be tough enough to withstand the rigors of tournament fishing.

Duckett Rods painstakingly balanced each rod in the series, because they have found that sensitivity is more a function of balance rather than vibration. Balancing a rod correctly makes the tip lighter, and therefore allows the rod position to be more easily displaced - translating into increased sensitivity. Also featuring Comfort Grip reel seats and a split-grip handle design, an access port at the base of the butt grip allows you to further fine tune the balance of the rod depending on reel choice, etc. Light weight and durable, the Duckett Micro Magic Cranking Rods offer proven actions specifically suited to crankbait applications combined with the performance and innovation to take your fishing to the next level.

Additional Features:

-Custom Hook Keepers
-High Quality AA Cork Grips
-Backed by Duckett Rods' 20-year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: had mine for three years now and I've always really liked it. It's sensitive and light and casts well. As far as problems, I haven't had any. It seems to hold lightly hooked fish in cold water as well. I would based on my experience, recommend this product. 7' med rod and a tip of the hat to TW for great service, I'm out!

From: Spit Wad: USA 5/17/14

Comments: I switch from an Ugly stick to all Bass Pro Shop Carbon lites... after about 6-8 months they just started snapping... Well so the search started for a better made rod.. Talked with Sean at duckett and after about 30 or so minutes i was sold.. I first got a 7' MH casting rod... been useing it for about 8 months and WoW.. I was really worried about A It snapping and B if it was going to have enough back bone and C if it was going to be light.. It had more backbone than any rod i have ever had and it hasnt snapped and best of all It, to me feels lighter then the BPS Carbonlite rods.. I have now gone and gotten a 6,6' Med for my top water and i am soo impressed with these rods. I have just ordered another one for my spinning rod set up and i couldnt be happier.. Thanks to everyone at T/W and Sean and Boyd for finally making a rod i can afford and that is worth the price

From: OldManDan: SWFL

Comments: Duckett Crankin model rods are by far my favorite rods to use when throwing crankbaits. I own the 7' medium and the 7'6" medium heavy. I have own these rods for a little over 2 years now and have fished the hell out of them. The medium has even been used for trolling a few times with some scary snags that doubled over the rod more than anyone would ever dream. These rods are still running strong with no issues with guide inserts coming out or tips splitting even the butt handles are still intact. My St. Croix Legends ,Powell endurance are no match for the ducketts when it comes to crankin!!! I also have a heavy model duckett that could swing a bag of concrete in the boat without issue.

Comments:  Loved the rod at first, Very light, but only one problem. It broke about 3 weeks after i bought it. Sent it back to Duckett fishing and the new one they sent me broke about 2 months later. Very disappointed, and will probably not buy another thing from Duckett fishing

From: Trevor: Bogalusa, Louisiana, United States

Comments: If you want to buy a Duckett rod then you should step up to the white ice. While the Micro magic is light, it also has some problems, the eye guides keep breaking and the tip will peel and split. It is an ok rod but for the price you could buy a Powell Max or a Dobyn's Savvy, with either of those you can feel a bass looking at your bait.

From: Bobby: Toledo Bend, TX

Comments: I have a full review that ranges from the date I bought it on 10/11 to today 2/13. It can be found here: These rods are terrific if you can buy them on sale. They do have the cork butts that break. The rod is very light and responsive, but doesn't handle larger cranks.

From: Zach: Madison, AL

Comments: This rod is amazing. very light, cast a mile, and I havent had any problems in a year and a half with my 3 rods. Still look brand new and I use them 3 times a week! Even in the winter. They feel like they would break in half if you set the hook but trust me, they dont! IVe caught several 6+ pounders on these rods! Buy it, you wont regret it!

From: Chad: KY

Comments: If you really want to know about the quality of the guides on these rods, go to a local Cabelas and look in the bargain bin. I was there last week and there where three of these rods, still in the plastic, with broken guides. I got the 7'6" rod and the tip started to peel and split about 4 inches down. So I had to replace the tip and cut the rod down to 7'2". I lost another guide in the middle of the blank about a month later. Thing is, with the rod cut down, and a missing guide, I still love using this rod for cranking. The grips and real seat are awesome. Its very light. And balances perfectly. I can not feel the action of the bait as well as I can with my glass rods so I tend to avoid using it when fishing deeper baits.

Comments: I have the 7'11" crank rod. Super lightweight, but the back bone was much softer than I prefer. You can cast a crank bait a mile.

From: Ryan: Houston, TX

Comments: Best crankbait rod on the market period. Because of this rod all of my thirteen rods are now Duckett! If you want superior feel, and little to no hand fatigue try you one of these bad boys! Plus they are awesome to deal with.

From: Clint: Pleasant Plains, AR

Comments: I would buy the Duckett Micro Split Grip Cranking Rod 7'11", if I knew what the line rating was, or max lure weight....or the taper!! I need more information! What If I decided to throw a 1 1/2 topwater plug, and it was only rated to 3/4? What if I put 10 pound FC line on, and snapped off my $25 JDM crankpait? More info please!!!

From: Mike

Comments: i just love my ducketts smallest guides i can find and for a graphite crankbait rod its perfect check them out you wont regret it

From: Tyler: USA

Comments: i tried one out just for kicks and was impressed. the 711 does not feel like a long rod at all, very nice for deep diving crankbaits and it has a very very nice bend. i also am not sponsored by duckett, and i have no ALTERIOR MOTIFS (not alternate motives, matt)

From: Colton: TX

Comments: The guy "Clint" below is either using his knee or has an overly active imagination. Look, I'm hard on gear and these rods have taken everything I have thrown at them. I just purchased a second one and will be replacing the other rods in my quiver with Duckett's. I'm not sponsored, no alternative motives here. These are simple great rods for a great price. My only complaint is that when I first started using the rods, I was swinging for the fences on every twig, rock or nip I felt. These rods are so much more sensitive than my older rods that I had to learn to relax and wait for the bite.

From: Matt: Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Comments: I got the little 6'6" ML model. What a ridiculously light rod. I love the micro guides. I was skeptical at first but they actually do improve casting performance. The tip seems a little stiff to be a "cranking" rod, but im actually happy that it isnt super floppy. It can double as a finesse rod too. Very nice for the money. I just wish it diddnt have the cartoony logo and text, it cheapens the look. 

From: Daniel: SC

Comments: I couldn't believe how light this rod it.I have a 7' medium cranking.I teamed it up with a Shimano Curado 200 e5 and its a unreal combination.I was really surprised how good i could feel the bait.So far i like everything about this rod and do plan on buying more.I guess time will tell on the durability but as for now it has my vote!!!!

From: Jimi: West Virginia

Comments: Great crank rod for the $$$. Fished over 100 days with mine  (have 4 of them) with no problems.

From: Charlie: Texas, USA

Comments:  I got one on the labor day sale they had going on. Warning this rod is addictive! Way better than I expected, You really have got to try one of these. I paired it with a shimano citica 201e and it looks and feels great. The guides on these things are unreal.

From: Juan: Annandale, VA

Comments: Just recieved my 7' 11" cranking rod and WOW!!! i cant believe how light this thing is and the craftmanship is great, i can truly say this rod has taken my deep cranking to a new level, if you are considering getting one " just do it" makes throwing deep cranks  actually fun.

From: Jason: Louisiana, USA

Comments: The best rod I have ever used in my life!  I was introduced to Duckett rods as soon as they were released. I now own 5 of these amazing sticks.  These things are insanely light and unbelievably sensitive. Its like another world! I was fishing Carrot Stix before and now they don't even compare.  You would be an idiot not to at least try one. I can't say enough about them. Remember the elite series at Clarks Hill?  Jason Williamson used these to win the event along with Scroggins who finished in the top 5 using Ducketts. Just get one. You'll be glad you did

From: JT: Tennessee, USA

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