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The Duckett Micro Magic Split-Grip Spinning Rods were designed by Boyd Duckett, 2007 Bassmaster Classic champion, and Ken Whiting, winner of numerous ICAST "Best of Show" awards for rod design. They also elicited the help of several top-tier pro's for extensive on the water testing before the series even reached the marketplace. Built on the Micro Guide Concept, the Micro Magic Rods provide anglers with a lighter overall rod, increased casting distance and accuracy, as well as, improved sensitivity and better load distribution.

Featuring custom American Tackle Micro Guides, these guides were specifically designed for this series to be tough enough to withstand the rigors of tournament fishing. Expertly placed along the rod blank, the micro guides also allow the full potential of the rods' multi-modulus, "guaranteed fresh" graphite blanks to be realized. Balance was an important factor in the design of this series. Aside from greatly reducing angler fatigue, balance is a major factor in a rod's sensitivity. Balancing the rod makes the tip lighter, and therefore allows the rod's position to be more easily displaced - translating into increased sensitivity. An access port at the base of the butt grip also allows you to additionally fine tune the balance of each rod to your exact preference. Lightweight durable sticks built to perform at the highest levels of tournament fishing, the Duckett Micro Magic Spinning Rods deliver the performance and innovation serious anglers demand.

Additional Features:

-Comfort Grip Reel Seats
-Custom Hook Keepers
-High Quality AA Cork Grips
-Backed by Duckett Rods' 20-year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have 2 of these rods, and I've come to the conclusion that the guides just aren't set up right or that the micro guide concept just isn't practical for spinning rods. The casting distance just isn't there with these rods - they cast about 1/2, maybe 2/3, as far as my spinning rods with normal guides. The butts also seem to be way too long on these. I love the tapers, light weight, and sensitivity, but for casting any kind of distance, this just isn't the rod.

From: Shane: Santee, SC 9/13/14

Comments: I love these rods. I purchased both the spinning and casting Duckett rods before the season started. They are my go to rods. The have super feel and super light weight. I wondered how they would hold up since I fish 5 days a week and they passed the test with flying colors. My favorite if the 6'6 med spinning rod. I drop shot and wacky rig a Senko for dock pitching. The rod can do it all. Sure you can cheap out and spend less for a rod but you get what you pay for. Spend the dollars you won't be sorry. 

From: Bruce: Sparta, NJ 8/26/14

Comments: I bought my first Duckett when they first came out and it was the first Micro Guide rod about 3 1/2 years ago a 7'0" Medium spinning rod and i still have it and it is awesome i love it..So that got me liking the rods and since then i have bought 2 more both 7'0" Med Hvys and one of them is good but the newest one is not no where near like the first one..The blank is bowed and crooked and the guides are not uniform and i have been waiting a week for a response from Duckett on a new one and aint heard nothing..I believe Duckett is building cheaper rods than they were at first and they are Made in China...I am done with Duckett Rods i have several St.Croixs and thats what i will buy from now own..My advice is dont buy one and you can believe that because i been using them a while and the new ones are no good..I promise you.

From: Ronald: Dublin, VA 5/11/14

Comments: these rods are great. They are super light and they have the micro guides which add to the sensitivity. This rod is sensitive and you can feel everything. Great for tournament fisherman because they are light and they will not wear you out. This is my second duckett rod I have the 6'6" spinning and the 7' medium spinning they both have plenty of back bone. For everyone that bad mouths these rods maybe you should look into their warranty information and take care of your rods. Not every rod is going to perform flawlessly. If you mass product rods you are going to have defects. If they are willing to back their rods with a 20 year warranty they stand behind their product and care about their customers. Take care of your equipment and you will have no problems.

From: Logan: Hamburg, PA

Comments: Great rod, but be very careful with it!

From: Lance: TX

Comments: I've owned this rod for 18 months now paired with a Revo Premiere Reel and I am amazed at just how good this rod is. I don't believe the negative reviews posted as this is strong lite weight very sensitive and I love the microguides for sensitivity. I don't know if it casts any farther but it is more accurate and with the line that close to the blank it is very sensitive. I would highly recommend this rod over most any other in this price range.

From: Larry: KY

Comments: I bought the DFMM74MHS less a year ago, and two of the guides came loose due to the wrapping falling apart.

From: Mike: PA

Comments: I was not sure these rods were worth the extra money vs. my St Croix spinning rods,  however I throw alot of Lucky Skeete Minis and I am able to snap out incrediable distance and accurate casts with half the effort.  Well worth it and my back and shoulder take half the beating.

From: Bill: Lafayette, IN

Comments: Outstanding rods, Super sensitive, super strong.

From: Steve: Riverton, IL

Comments: worst rod ever always undoing the line on the micro guides at the end of the rod, then after a couple of weeks the tip of the rod snapped off and i couldnt take it back. never buy this rod again giving yall a heads up.

From: Chris: Denison, TX

Comments:  I agree I broke a rod the other day on a cast. It was the first day I've ever used it "on Falcon" and thankfully I didn't do it on a giant

Comments: Alan - check your guides before you badmouth the rod.  The first one I got had a guide inserted cockeyed, leaving the upper arch razor sharp.  I switched it out and used it this weekend.  Casts like a dream, super sensitive.

From: WM: Plainfield, IL

Comments: these rods are awesome very sensitive and cast very well i love them! and especially light!

Comments: I agree, absolute waste of money.  The pole frayed 30 lb power pro and made quick work of 10 lb fireline causing multiple lure losses on the cast.  So considering it has cost me 60 bucks already, and lost me a placing in a bass tournament I am going to go home and throw this thing in the garbage where it belongs...

From: Alan: Joilet, IL

Comments: Ive used multiple models for fishing inshore, the rods have a nice balance of weight to strength to sensitivity ratio. They are more then capable for any freshwater bass applications as I use them for Redfish, Snook, Trout, Flounder, and even Jacks. These rods have never let me down and I look forward to using them in the upcoming tournaments this year.

From: Ryan: Jacksonville, FL

Comments: This rod is a great smallmouth rod. Light and very sensitive.

From: Fred: Kamiah, ID

Comments: Anyone who says Duckett rods are junk don't know what they're talking about. I love these rods. They're very strong. Carot stix don't hold a candle to these things. they are awesome. Best rods I've ever held in my hands. The sensitivity is virtually untouchable!

From: Travis: Franklin Co, TN

Comments: not sensitive at all but has lots of back bone

From: Ty: McCamey, TX

Comments: So far so good, I got this model about three weeks ago before a my boy JW came to town for a fishing trip. Caught a Large Mouth just over 3 and 1/2 pounds and had to horse it in through 15 yards of grass. Pulled the fish and the grass up with no problem. Had the 12 lb spider wire mono on the line that didn't hurt either. This is my new go to rod.

From: The Boy: Beltsville, MD

Comments: The guy below me is totally wrong. These rods are amazing. Try one and you will never want to use anything else, especially for the price, you can not go wrong!

Comments: Junk. Absolute junk. I am sick of these rods breaking. I have broken four different models of Duckett rods. Spinning and casting. If you dont want to be shorthanded during a tourney then dont buy these. I will never own another. Set the hook on a three lb smallmouth with 6lb test and the rod broke in the middle of the blank. Just a carrot stick painted white. Actually probably not as good as a carrot stick.

From: Clint: Batesville, AR

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