Duckett White Ice Casting Rods

$199.99 - $209.99

Please note: Duckett Rods does not provide line, lure and taper ratings.

The Duckett White Ice Casting Rods were designed by a host of bass fishing’s top pro’s, including the likes of Terry Scroggins, Timmy Horton and Kelly Jordan - just to name a few. Each pro was heavily involved with dialing in every facet of each of their signature rods - from the power, tip, action and length, down to the number and placement of the guides. Featuring lightweight, ultra sensitive high-grade, high modulus graphite blanks, each rod delivers the traditional Duckett Rods’ light, balanced, and powerful feel. Custom reel seats also provide direct access to the rod blank, and newly designed American Tackle Micro Guides feature thicker frames for added durability. Tested and proven at the highest levels of professional bass fishing, the Duckett White Ice Casting Rods deliver technique-specific performance you just can’t find with other rods.

-For rod replacements within 1-year of purchase, customer must show proof of purchase or Duckett Rods will charge a $50 replacement fee. For warranty claims over 1-year from purchase, Duckett Rods will charge $50 replacement fee with or without proof or purchase. For all repairs Duckett Rods will charge normal $20 return shipping fee.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Duckett White Ice Scroggins Casting Rod 6'10" Med Hvy

DFWI610MH-C. Terry Scroggins Pro Series Model - Go-to rod that he uses for multiple applications.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
9+Tip White Ice Cast A 15-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $199.99
White Ice Cast A

Duckett White Ice Jordon Casting Rod 7'1" Med Hvy

DFWI71MH-C. Kelly Jordon Pro Series Model - Kelly’s all-purpose rod.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
10+Tip White Ice Cast B 16" In Stock: 3+ $199.99
White Ice Cast B

Duckett White Ice Velvick Casting Rod 7'1" Heavy

DFWI71H-C. Byron Velvick Pro Series Model - Byron’s go-to rod.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
10+Tip White Ice Cast B 16" Out $199.99
White Ice Cast B

Duckett White Ice Ponds Casting Rod 7'3" Heavy

DFWI73H-C. Pete Ponds Pro Series Model - Pete designed for flipping, throwing a jig, and will also throw a frog on it as well.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
10+Tip White Ice Cast C 16-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $199.99
White Ice Cast C

Duckett White Ice J-Will Casting Rod 7'7" Heavy

DFWI77H-C. Jason Williamson Pro Series Model - One of J-Will's many strengths is throwing a jig, and he has two Elite Series wins to prove it. He designed this rod with plenty of tip and true heavy power.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
11+Tip White Ice Cast D 17-1/2" In Stock: 2 $209.99
White Ice Cast D

Duckett White Ice Scroggins Casting Rod 7'8" XX-Heavy

DFWI78XXH-C. Terry Scroggins Pro Series Model - The big show is considered one of the best big weight, matt fishermen in the world. He has designed this flipping stick to hold up to the stress of flipping heavy cover, while still having some tip and sensitivity without sacrificing power.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
11+Tip White Ice Cast D 17-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $209.99
White Ice Cast D

Duckett White Ice Jordon Casting Rod 7'9" Extra Hvy

DFWI79XH-C. Kelly Jordon Pro Series Model - Kelly designed this rod for flippin' and pitchin' those big Texas bass.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
11+Tip White Ice Cast D 17-1/2" In Stock: 1 $209.99
White Ice Cast D

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I now have 4 of the Kelly Jordon White Ice Rods! Extremely sensitive and very light weight. When I only owned 1 I found myself using it over my other 11-rods of different name brands. So I have now purchased a total of 4 All Kelly Jordon rods. I have one that will not hold the reel tight and found this out during a battle with a Green Fish! So 1 of the 4 will be going back to get fixed. The only sad part about this is that it came this way and will cost me for S/H due to a defective product right out of the gate. I understand that these types of things do and will happen. We will now see how good their costumer service is! Love these Casting Rods!

From: Tim W: Charlestown, IN 12/23/16

Comments: I've got a couple of Duckett rods, including the 7'3' Timmy Horton White Ice. This thing is super sweet. I've always been partial to the way that Duckett rods look, an this one is no exception - super sexy, clean. Really, really light & balanced in your hand. Very comfortable to fish all day. The micro guides on this rod have been great for me. Casting distance, accuracy, and sensitivety are all exceptional in my book. I mostly use this rod throwin jigs, an it is perfect. Honestly I won't hesitate to tie just about any thing on it: heavy or light, bottom baits, sub- surface, top water, what ever. It just performs. With out a question, my favorite rod.At 200$, it obviously not a cheap rod, but you get what you pay for. My only complaint is a creaking noise that comes from my real seat, especially on hook sets. Other than that, this thing is exactly what I hoped that it would be. Awesome.

From: Tanner: Santa Rosa, CA 11/16/16

Comments: I now have over a dozen white ice rods. They have replaced many rods in my line up. I was out last weekend and I damaged a micro guide on one of my rods and wanted to replace it myself. I put a call into Duckett simply to ask for the exact model of guide they use, so I could purchase and replace it myself. They sent me a pack of micro guides for free. Really pleased with their customer service.

From: Brian: Chicago, IL 10/2/15

Comments: I have switched to buying Duckett White Ice as they are light weight, sensitive, love the microguides & they have yet to fail on me. Price point is much better as well. I would also recommend the Micro Magic series as those are a great rod for a lower price point. Nice job Duckett.

From: Teri: Nashville, TN 7/9/15

Comments: I purchased the Kelly Jordan model, had mixed feelings about the rod & ultimately I returned it after a short time. The rod had great sensitivity, casting, and backbone, but craftsmanship I felt was poor, especially at the $200 pricepoint. The rod had white paint over spray on the micro guides, as well as clear coat globbed on them. The foam handle and reel seat just felt cheap and generic. For the same price, the St Croix Avid offers superior craftsmanship & arguably equal performance. Perhaps I may give Duckett another try down the road, but so far, I have not been impressed with the quality.

From: Jeff: OH 4/20/15

Comments: I was using Dobyn's DX Rods until my friend went fishing with me and brought his White Ice rods'. WoW, I was surprised, for $150 less than my Dobyn's he had a better rod. It was lighter and far more sensitive and was well balanced too. The White Ice blew me away. I sold all of my Dobyn's and I'm now buying all White Ice

From: Johnnie: USA 6/21/14

Comments: I have several of these rods and was very pleased with the sensitivity and lighness of them. However I have broken 2 rods in the last few months a 7'3" MH Timmy Horton and a 7'1" Kelly Jordon in the same place about 6 inches in from of reel and a friend of mine just broke a 7'3" HVY Pete ponds. All on the hook set. The warranty is great only cost me 15.00 shipping but i fish a lot and have different setups for diff. lures and losing a rod in a tournament sucks.

From: Todd: Gordo, AL 5/13/14

Comments: i got the timmy horton all purpose rod and it is amazing. very sensitive, very light, and has lots of backbone.and it looks great. i will be buying more in the future. keep it up duckett

From: Jacob: Swainsboro, GA 3/20/14

Comments: I got the Kelly Jordan all purpose rod and love it! Very light/sensitive versatile with me using it for worming and swim baits. I traded up for this rod and paying the difference was well worth it. Only problem is, is that i have other brand name rods but find myself fishing this rod most of the time. 

From: Tim: Charlestown, IN

Comments: Got the 7'3 heavy 4 months ago and I love it! I bought it for flippin but its also a great worm rod for when your having trouble feeling bites. You can feel everything, like bumps in the sand everything!

From: HarryIV: FL

Comments: Just got the Timmy Horton 7'3" MH. Doesn't seem any different than the 7' MH Micro Magic my buddy has other than the foam grips and the paint. Save your money and just get the Micro Magic. Either way both are great sensitive rods.

From: Frank: Philly PA

Comments: To put it simply it's just a fantastic rod. Light, sensitive, strong,and the innovative micro guides are great..Got the Pete Ponds 7'3" Heavy model to flip and pitch with, IM very pleased..

From: George: TR, NJ, USA

Comments: I've had the 6' 10'' MH for about a week now and love it. Very light and super sensitive.

From: Eric: TN

Comments: A friend recommended I try these rods, I bought a white ice 7'3 heavy and it did not disappoint. Super light sensitive flipping rod, and great castability. You will like this rod. I'm incredibly dissappointed to see that they were not made in USA.

From: CJ: Boise, ID. USA

Comments: I own 8 of these white ice rods. They are awesome!

From: Nathan: Salt Lake City, UT

Comments: I am VERY impressed with the Duckett White Ice Rod's. They are light, VERY balanced (Important) and Strong. I have fished with Powell, Quantum Smoke, Dobyn's and many other Rod's and I really like the build of the White Ice rods the best. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not putting the other Rods down, they are good rod's but IMO after fishing the White Ice for months it is just a better rod. I have the 7'1" MH, 7'3" HVY, 7'3" MH and the 7'6" MH. I enjoy the 7'3" HVY the most but they are all great Rod's. Try one, I bet you will agree with me. A 20 year warranty just goes to show the build quality of the Duckett White Ice Rod's, do you really think you would get a warranty like that if the Rod was not built bullet proof?

From: Kevin: LA

Comments: I just got the Kelly Jordan all purpose rod and its the lightest most sensitive rod I have ever used! You will never go wrong with Duckett rods.

From: Mike: IA

Comments: got the 7'8 xxh. Rod is a beast.

Comments: Thanks for the feedback, Mike.

From: Big D: IL

Comments: Hey i was just wondering if this rod is really worth the extra forty or fifty dollars, or are the micro magic just the same?

From: Mike

Comments: Big D i only have the 7' 6" kelly jordan rod for spoons. I also use it for flipping and big football head jigs. It has a somewhat soft tip to help with fighting fish on the spoon. But its only about 6" down then its all backbone. So i would say the one i have is perfect for what they rate it at.

Comments: Love this rod got it pared up with my diawa zillion 100shsa

From: Patrick

Comments: Can anyone provide andy feedback on the action of these rods? I have used some of the Micro Guide series and found that the tips were a little "soft"; meaning, if I was using a Medium Heavy for a jig, I was wishing it was a Heavy action.  For this price, I don't want to make a mistake and get a "weaker" rod than I need.

From: Big D: IL

Comments: this doesent look like the rods that was on show at the classic. different handles

Comments: just got the 7,11 HVY and i love it. I threw a 1 oz jig on it last night and pulled a couple smaller fish. Very sensitive and light for such a big stout rod. I came from loomis and so i had high expectations, they were met.

From: Derick: Brigham City, UT

Comments: I bought the 7,7 heavy and the 7,6 med-hvy. I fished with them for about 3 hours tonight and they are surprisingly sensitive. I come from having loomis so my expectations were high, my expectations were met. It handled fish very well to as far as having control coming out of the hydrila.  Great rods but the most important thing to me is that they last so i will post another review here in a couple weeks.

From: Derick: Brigham City

Comments: The best rod company out there raised the bar again with the White Ice. Ive got 7 micro magics, 2 laser lure micro magics, and now the white ice and they just keep getting better and better. Light, balanced, powerful, comfortable, sensitive, and not to mention a sharp looking rod. Ive got a Revo Premier on the 6' 10" med heavy and it dont weigh anything. Great job Duckett Fishing may have to try a macro magic soon. 

From: Will: AL

Comments: @ Russ, my bad, I meant the Chronarch, shimano is messing me up by basically painting the old curado white and calling it a chronarch! The rod is great, Love the way it loads up, lightest rod ever and have never broken one, this one or the old ones! I havent had any probs with the inserts falling out either!

From: Matt: St George, UT

Comments: Wow the white ice rods are the bomb!! I love the feel of the new rod. This is the best thing since sliced bread. I was a little concerned i might not like the foam grip as well, but it is fantastic. Great job Boyd Duckett!!

From: Clint: Batesville, AR


From: Charles: NC

Comments: Matt - I'm not sure how a green reel and white & black rod resemble an oreo cookie, but I'm feeling ya! Maybe a St. Pattys day oreo cookie? So besides the sexiness, can ya tell us more about the performance?

From: Russ

Comments: If you want to catch big bass 1/2 the battle is having a good looking, matching set up, pair this up with a shimano curado and you have the sexiest setup on any lake! makes me want to eat a oreo, hollar!

From: Matt: St. George, UT

Comments: Bought it, love it... Simple as that. A great light weight rod that has the backbone to pull the big roads out of hiding. I have it paired with quantun smoke 150pt. Awesome combo feels like an extension of my arm. You won't mind an all day fishing trip when your rod n reel are as light as a feather.

Comments: GLUE EYELETS IN! The eyelets fall out especially the tip on the old ones and i am sure it will be the same with these. Thought i would warn you so you wouldn't lose a eyelet and hate ducketts. Duckett for president!

From: bass master of the future: CA

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