Duncan Just Keepers Mesh Cull Bag

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The Duncan Just Keepers Mesh Cull Bag is made of heavy mesh and is extremely durable. The Duncan Mesh Cull Bag can be used to weigh your fish one at a time while reducing stressors of handling, or tag the fish filled bag and place it in the livewell. A "Trap Door" at the bottom of the bag allows you to insert each fish head first through the top of the bag, weigh them, then release them through the bottom of the bag without having to turn them around and risk injury.

Dimensions: 10" x 23"

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These bags are well constructed, easy to clean, and can easily accommodate a 7 Lbs bass. The bottom flap is a great idea for a catch weigh and release system. I am in small bass club that practices catch and release. We use the bags to reduce shock to the fish. Once in the bag the fish tend to calm down quite a bit and we can quickly weigh and immediately release them. This also prevents harm to the fish because there is no direct contact between scale hook and the fish's jaw or gill.

From: Tony: Manitowc, WI 3/26/14

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