Duncan Just Keepers Zippered Weigh Bags

The worst thing that can happen before a weigh in is your weigh bag slipping out of your hands and your winning limit dumping back in the lake. Duncan Bags have come up with one of the most innovative additions to a tournament weigh bag ever, a zipper. The Duncan Zippered Weigh Bag not only saves your limit from taking an early vacation, but also protects the fish by limiting their ability to jump out of the bag and end up on the ground. Do yourself a favor and pick up a Duncan Just Keepers Zippered Weigh Bag.

Dimensions: 24" x 24"

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Purchased this bag in April this year and was initially very pleased. However, 4 months later it has 3 holes in the bottom (both corners and in the center). I am very easy on all of my equipment and this bag has never seen concrete or rocks. One of the holes came within the first month and at that time it had only been used 3 times. I will be contacting the company or attempting to return it. (also the holes are not from under the seem like it had split or been dragged. The holes are above the seem like it was just poorly made)

From: TY: Marinette, WI 9/14/16

Comments: I bought this bag over a year ago & it worked great until 2 months ago. The bottom corners sealant wore off or something cause water spews from both corners now. I could hold the bag by the corners to stop the leakage but now a fish fin penetrated the bag in the middle & there's a small hole in the middle of the bag. This was the first bag I spent 30 dollars on & will be my last.

From: Todd: USA 5/31/16

Comments: I purchased this bag because of the zipper feature. It seemed to be constructed well & looked durable. The first time I used it, it tore on one of the side seems.

From: Rich: CT 5/7/16

Comments: Best bag I have ever owned. Heavy duty, double lined and big. Love the HD zipper to keep fish in bag. I like the black no see um color. When I weigh in one fish I don't have to be ashamed until they call out the weight.

From: Ronnie: Lake Fork, Texas

Comments:  Hey, this is a great bag for transporting fish.  Very durable and sturdy, watertight seams.  Very pleased with this product.  Folds up and stores easily and comes with an elastic band to keep it compact when stored.  Just remember that the zipper is not watertight, so if you set the bag down and it falls over, all the water will drain out.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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