Straight from Japan, the Duo Realis 48SR Crankbait is one of the newest high-end crankbaits to hit the market. Its extremely wide and flat, yet short lip creates a highly responsive "wobble & rolling" action at various retrieve speeds. Very user friendly, the 48SR hunts and traces through the shallows bouncing off of obstructions and generating killer deflections. It is also loaded with a high quality moving weight system equipped with a magnet that stabilizes its flight position, resulting in improved casting distance. Available in a variety of colors, the Duo Realis 48SR Crankbait is a high quality lure made with only premium components to ensure you catch more fish.

Duo Realis Length Weight Class Depth
48SR 1.9" 1/4oz Floating 1.5ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The hooks that come standard are very, very sharp! This finish is beautiful & it casts a decent distance even on spinning gear with 10lb Sunline Super Natural. The bass in the western 'burbs of Chicago really like the "All Bait," "Chart Gill Halo," & the "Hypnotic" color patterns. Easily worth the extra $$.

From: Scrubs: Bloomingdale, IL 9/18/16

Comments: love this bait! Its a little pricey but I caught the biggest bass of my life off of this bait so its easily worth the price. I will be ordering more of these in the future. GREAT BAIT!

From: Logan: KS 5/27/16

Comments: The mann's baby 1- has competition for the little crankbait throne. Hooks and hardware are a little lighter than the mann's, but the finishes on these baits are superior as usual.

From: Dustin: Sugar Land, TX

Comments: Very cool CB. Don't be intimidated by it's small size; it WILL catch you fish. The internal weight transfer system is very innovative and allows you to effectively cast this lure a respectable distance. Use as a wakebait or a shallow runner.

From: KBullington24: CA

Comments: this little guy has all but replaced my collection of Manns -1's. It dives to the same depth and provides a more erratic action. I really love the smaller profle when fishing skinny water

From: Rob: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Comments: need a bait when the wind is dead calm and the spinnerbait bite dies, this little crank comes right over shallow grass with ease. Great tight little wobble and can be ripped free of grass triggering great reaction bites. I have a few and will be ordering more for the upcoming spring season.

From: Jason: Tonka Bay, MN

Comments: Just got mine, only had it out once. This thing is TINY. It's pretty difficult to cast and has really cheap, little hooks. It will not go deeper than 14 inches which is what I hoped for, but it has a tighter wobble then anticipated. -Basically if u want something tiny that goes just below the surface it's great, but I probably wont buy another.

Comments: Deadly shallow crank! They have a real tight wobble and the unique bill shape allows the bait to deflect off of more cover and reduce hang ups. I definitely recommend this bait to anyone who likes to fish a shallow crank.

From: Cameron: Clemson, SC

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