With all of the emphasis that is currently being placed on big swimbaits and big crankbaits, it’s important not to overlook the effectiveness of smaller, more finesse-oriented offerings, like the Duo Realis Flatside 54SR Crankbait. The Duo Realis Flatside 54SR Crankbait features a unique, flat-sided body that’s fitted with a wide, stunted bill. This one-two combination of body and bill shape creates an active rolling action that puts off an immense amount of flash, and a strong waking effect as well. Built with a fixed weight system, the bite-sized Duo Realis Flatside 54SR Crankbait maintains its buoyancy to produce a great fast-action response at any retrieve speed. The lightweight design and thin body of the Duo Realis Flatside 54SR Crankbait also helps minimize resistance, and makes it possible for the 54SR to be fished on spinning gear if desired. Built with incredible attention to detail, the Duo Realis Flatside 54SR Crankbait will make fish think twice before heading into shallow waters. 

Duo Realis Length Weight Class Depth Hook
Flatside 54SR 2-1/4" 1/4oz Floating 0-2ft #8

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Before you buy you have to consider this is a very light, very shallow bait. It swims very close of surface and acts almost like a top water. Don't expect very long casts.

From: Quino: Sevilla, Spain 11/2/14

Comments: This bait has a really nice, vibrating, tight, wobble. It feels good. I will say, I love flat sided baits- I fish them almost exclusively here in Western Ohio and Pennsylvania. BUT - the EVOLVE flat slider 75 is a bangin' bait for $6 bucks vs. this one for $13. I will keep fishing this because TW.COM doesn't sell the evolve flat slider in wakasagi color, but as soon as TW carries the evolve version in wakasagi I probably will switch over. I own the Flat slider 75 in live gill color and it looks awesome. Oh well.. .flat side wars!

From: Mike: OH

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