Duo Realis Shad 62DR Crankbait - $13.99

The Duo Realis Shad 62DR dives down to depths of 5-8ft with an excellent “pause and dive” action to explore waters that are outside of the range of its little brother, the Duo Realis Shad 59MR. Highly effective around pressured fish and in colder conditions, the Duo Realis Shad 62DR is engineered with a unique magnetic moving weight system, which smoothly transfers back-and-forth to bring about a stabile and appetizing presentation. Plus, the magnetic weight transfer system also increases casting distances and helps it dive down quickly, so more time is spent in the strike zone.

Deadly at all retrieve speeds, the Duo Realis Shad 62DR features lifelike 3D eyes, intricate scaling patterns, and a durable, elongated lip. Offered in a number of highly detailed patterns, the Duo Realis Shad 62DR tempts bass hanging out in deeper waters with a snack-sized presentation that is too good to pass up. 

Duo Realis  Length Weight Hook Depth
Shad 62DR 2.5" 1/4oz  #8 5-8ft

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Duo Realis Shad 62DR Crankbait

11 Available Colors

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Comments: This little crank is out of control.  I was looking for a bait that would work well in the gin clear waters here in Washington state.  I had one out today for a few hours and it was getting the business done.  I got two different colors but never took the first one off to try the other.  I cast and trawled the lure and it worked both ways for me.  I got this as a shad rap substitute and like it a lot better.  The details are great and has great color.  The lure is not cheap but i am happy i spent the money.

From: John: Bremerton, WA 3/21/14

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