Duo Realis Vibration Lipless Crankbait

One of the thinnest lipless crankbaits ever created, the Duo Realis Vibration Lipless Crankbait delivers a super tight shimmy and compact profile. Ideal for attracting highly pressured bass or those times when bass are keying in on smaller baitfish, the Vibration is the second generation model of the legendary Slaver VIB. Its higher density body allowed Duo to keep it compact while maintaining its total body weight for improved responsiveness and castability. It doesn’t lose its balance at high retrieve speeds, and triggers aggressive reaction strikes when ripped out of the grass. Available in a range of proven colors, the Duo Realis Vibration Lipless Crankbait also features a loud rattle for added fish attraction.

Duo Realis Length Weight Class
Vibration 62 2.4" 0.39oz Sinking
Vibration 68 2.7" 0.52oz Sinking

Click Here to check out video of Elite Series pro and Duo Realis pro-staffer, Kevin Hawk, introducing the Duo Realis Vibration 68.

Click Here to check out some additional video of the Duo Realis Vibration 68.

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11 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I can credit the vib 68 for some great catches this year. One day in particular I was ripping the bait trough some sparse hydrilla and caught several good bass including one 6 pound kicker. The baits thin profile cuts through grass really well and casts into the wind like nothing else out there. I also think the different vibration and sound emitted from the bait gives you an edge against guys throwing other brands of lipless baits in the same area. Great baits!

From: Walt: LA 4/28/14

Comments:  I would recommend changing out the hooks. Seemed to straighten out more than I would like

From: Anthony: S.F. Bay Area

Comments: I had a blast off this bait on my Okeechobee trip(Jan.'13). Me and my buddy found a school and it was catching all the way, eating out the whole school! Its outstanding casting dictance and stability on the swim just blew my mind, no comparison.

From: Takatoshi: Tokyo, Japan

Comments: Just got a 3.5lb with this! Casts great and has a fast sink rate. Will be ordering some more.

From: Anthony: S.F. Bay Area

Comments: BEST lipless CB on the market. It has a much thinner chassis than other lipless CB's on the market today which allows it to cast much farther than most others in it's class. The distance will make this lure the most effective "search bait" in your tackle box. I also like the smaller 63 size as it offers a smaller profile withOUT sacrificing distance or castability.

From: KBullington24: CA

Comments: I've been fishing DUO Vib on Guntersville all week and it straight up catches em!  It's a thin profile bait that comes through the grass well and casts like a bullet! You can't go wrong with the Red Tiger color in stained water.

From: Kevin: Guntersville, AL

Comments: A nice blend of blade bait (like the binski) and typical lipless crankbait (like a red eye). It casts like a rocket and has a more refined action and subtler sound than your typical rattle trap on the retrieve. I've done well hopping it like a jig on the bottom. 

From: Derek: Hatboro, PA

Comments: I Used this lure in early July in Ohio and was shocked at results, it out-fished comparable rattle traps catching largemouth up to 7lbs with many 5lbs plus, as well as a couple smallmouth bass.  This lure is a must have!

From: Jonathon: Ft. Myers, FL

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