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The only padlock that will work with your vehicle key - the Durasafe Codeable Padlock is extremely easy to program to match any key you choose.  Its automotive grade, weather-resistant shutter and solid zinc core earns it the ASTM’s highest corrosion resistant rating, and combine that with its rugged, protective jacket, 6-plate tumbler sidebar (that makes it nearly impossible to pick or bump), and its large cylinder size - the Durasafe Codeable Padlock is definitely one of the best built and most convenient padlocks on the market. 

No more trying to remember different lock combinations, which key is for what lock, or worrying about keyed-alike sets, Durasafe’s BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) Series means you can program the locks for you boat, toolbox, receiver, shed door, locker, camper, bicycle, etc. - to all match your one vehicle key.

Made in the USA  

Available in several models - To match the correct DuraSafe Codeable Padlock with your vehicle - Click Here.

Standard 9/32” Nickel-Plated Hardened Steel Shackle

2” x 1-1/8” Inside Shackle Clearance

Proudly made in the USA

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Comments: Body of lock seems heavy duty ...except shackle is kind of light and narrow diameter.  Looks easy to cut. Simple match to key process.

From: Don: NY

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