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Be proactive, not reactive, protect it BEFORE it’s gone!

The Swivel Mount Lock from DuraSafe works on most ball-mounted electronics mounting systems, including RAM Marine Electronics mounts. Once locked, the knob spins freely - preventing a thief from opening the mount and taking the electronics unit.

Simple, compact, and easy-to-install, the DuraSafe Swivel Mount Lock is inexpensive insurance for your property. No longer do you need to rush around inside a gas station, worried your fish finder will be gone before you get back. No need to reconsider docking your boat to grab a bite to eat. And for those who travel to unfamiliar destinations, there is peace of mind in knowing your electronics are secure. DuraSafe’s Swivel Mount Lock is a product boating and fishing enthusiasts have been asking for - for years.

Made in the USA 

SM007 - Fits D-Size (2.25" diameter) and E-Size (3.37") Ball.

-Works on most popular ball mount systems, including RAM Marine Electronic Mounts
-Once locked the knob spins freely to prevent opening of the mount
-Made of marine grade materials
-Patent pending product


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