DuraSafe Universal Receiver Lock - $7.49

The Durasafe Universal Receiver Lock includes two bent shaft pins and one lock head. The pin sizes are 1/2" dia to fit Class II receivers and 5/8" dia. to fit Class III and IV receivers. The bent shaft design is the safest on the market because it guarantees proper fit. No possibility of improper installation of a 1/2" pin in a Class III or IV receiver – it simply won't fit.

Made in the USA  

* Includes 1/2" dia. pin for Class II receivers and 5/8" dia. pin for Class III and IV receivers
* Lock head fits both pins
* Two bent shaft pins ensure proper installation and use
* Three-stage debris protection: internal o-ring, key shutter & rubber cap
* Chrome-plated steel

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DuraSafe Universal Receiver Lock

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DuraSafe Universal Receiver Lock $7.49

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