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E21's Carrot Stix LTX represents the latest in cutting edge technology using a newly developed proprietary method of integrating Nano level Cellulose Bio-Fibers into the blank. Another first for the Carrot Stix LTX is that the new STRESS FREE design program. STRESS FREE allows for the creation of a blank that is evenly stressed when loaded thereby reducing its potential for failure as well as affording a blank that is also able to utilize its full mechanical potential because of the even distribution of loads. The new Carrot Stix LTX's Rod feature our "Velvet Touch" split grips and the easy access weight port for personalized balancing to your own individual specs.

• Ultra Light Weight High Modulus Graphite and Bio-fiber Blank
• Lite Weight Double Swaged Pac Bay Guides with S.S. Frames and Hard Chrome inserts
• Ultra Lite Graphite Filled "Maximum Exposure" Split Reel Seats on both Casting and Spinning Model
• New Thermalon "Velvet Touch" Split Grips on both Casting and Spinning models
• All New Non-Obtrusive TiCH hook keeper
• Rubberized Cork Butt with removable nylon butt cap for easy access to Blank Weight Port

Backed by an Original Owner Lifetime Warranty. Click here for more information.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Well i got into the carrot stix craze when they first came out. i had a collection of about 11 stix different lengths both casting and spinning...... after breaking 4 of em it was time to go! Theses rods absolutely suck! broke my flippin carrot stix 3 times and my frog rod once they just cant hold up to the monsters lurking in the grass at Guntersville.... and not to mention the "lifetime warranty" is a crock as well, you ever shipped a 7'6" rod to Canada? ya from Alabama its about 53$ and many local tackle shops will not take them back...needless to say i sold all eleven of my rods on e-bay for 750$ and bought Powell rods, my smartest decision yet. Word of the wise stay away even at the good prices there down to now

From: Evan: Guntersville, AL

Comments: i own 1 of these rods in 6'9 med heavy. i bought it for jig fishing and it turns out its a great rod for burning lipless cranks and blade baits. i still use it for jigs if reaction baits aren't the ticket. great rod.

From: Jonathon: Tennessee, USA

Comments:I got the 6'6 and pared it with a Revo, this combo it's so light!!! I am switching to e21 Carrot Stixs, the rods are awesome!!!

From:Jase: Florida, USA

Comments:I own 5 carrot stix and I have broke one they are a little weaker than the falcons I use to use and yes I have broke one of the rods. It snapped midway between handle and the first guide. Went to the store I bought it at and they gave me a new one. Has not broke since that was a year ago. These are the most sensitive rods I have ever used. You got to look at it this way they all gonna break eventually, but at least they gave me a new one.

From:Don: Virginia, USA

Comments:Great, lightweight rod, I purchased the 7' XH model and the thing has some serious backbone. It had no problem flipping a 5lb Largie in and landing pike, plus you still maintain a fairly sensitive tip which is a big thing when fishing a reaction bait. The guides are often questioned but as of yet I have no wear on them with heavy braided line usage.

From:Zach: Port Huron, MI

Comments:Greatest rods ever....period.

From:Adam: Georgetown, LA

Comments:I have two of the casting 7'3"MH one 7'6"H and one 7'XH and they are an absolute joy to fish with, if a bass so much as breaths on your bait you will know it! So far no prblems with breaks or cracks, I havent had any! But I take care of my tackle! Great rod for $150 bassbucks!

From:Michael: Ripley, TN

Comments:I own (3) Carrot Stix rod and have never experienced anything like it! So sensitive it is incredible!!! The blank is right in your hand with the reel so there is no cork handle in contact with your hand to dampen the the strike. I have (5) Loomis rods and (2) Kistler Helium rod ($425) and they can't hold a light to the Carrot Stix. I plan on converting all of my rods to Carrot Stixs in the next year. A MUST HAVE IN ANY BOAT IF YOUR ARE SERIOUS ABOUT FEELING THE STRIKES

From:Mike: Pineville, LA

Comments:I have the 7'3 MH this is an awesome rod.I Highly Recommend this rod. No trouble with it at all. Its strong & very sensitive.

From:Doug: USA

Comments:I just bought a 7'9" Extra Heavy for flipping grass mats. This rod is less than a month old and I set the hook and the rod snaps between the trigger guard and the screw down part for the reel. I mean right where your hand goes it snapped like a freakin tooth pick. I was shocked. E21 is gonna hear about this.

From:Tyler: Valdosta, GA

Comments: I own 7' MH carrot paired up with a Daiwa Zillion, I love this rod. I'm a tournamet bass fisherman, before I used Powell rods, this Carrot is very stong, I pulled a 6lb bass with out a problem.

From:Gary: Pacoima, CA

Comments:After 1yr of use my 6'6 casting carrot snapped in half as I was making a cast. It snapped about 8in above the reel seat. I was throwing a 1/4oz Att grassmaster jig and trailer. The rod blew up like a firecracker. Heard all the news of breakage and didn't think it could happen. Very disappointed, I'll see how the warranty goes.

From:Ty: MN, USA

Comments:My Carrot Stix LTX casting rod has a problem with the paint finish. The orange paint is chipping off in several places on my rod in less than 2 years of use. Otherwise, I like the rod. Unfortunately, I won't be buying any more Carrot Stix as Boyd Duckett is no longer endorsing Carrot Stix over quality controls issues in the manufacturing of the rods.

From:Wayne: Toronto, ON Canada

Comments:Have four of these rods and they work great. Have a 6-9, 7-3, and 2 7-6, no problems with them. Would recommend them to all who like to bass fish.

From:Bob: Texarkana, AR

Comments:I have 3 of these rods and they are the best rods i own. My brother broke his 6'6" on a big fish but other than that i have no problems. there sensitive and very light. Great deal

From:Jacob: CA, USA

Comments:I own a Carrot Stick, I like how you can feel the fish hit, it is very sensitive. I have broke 1 and I am on my second e21, but its an overall good rod. I use it for mainly jigs and spinners baits.

From:Stephen: Cartersville, GA

Comments:I own 5 Carrot LTX and love the feel and sensitivity. I have broke one on a two pound bass but that was after I smacked it on the trolling motor while casting it. I think they are very strong rods and thats what the waranty is for. I will try the gold next. They are well worth the money and they are my rod of choice.

From:Bryan: SC

Comments:I have a crankin stix with a Shimano Core reel and love it. This rod casts a med. size crank bait a mile with a flick of the wrist. I am way more accurate and use way less casting motion with this rod. I have only landed up to a 6lb bass on this rod, but am very confident in it's strength. As for the whiners that have broken one, that's what the warranty is for, TW will give you a new one, which may be a slight hassle, but do you only fish with one rod on the boat?

From:Corey: Arroyo Grande, CA

Comments:I've had my carrot for quite some time and friends have gotten them. We troll when it's slow and get hung up quite a bit. My 7'6" MH has flattened out laying down on my boat bent at the handle. Guess what? No breaks. I've swatted down swimbaits on hooksets with the shaft and no breaks. I've been running down a street and dropped the nose to the pavement and nearly pole vaulted myself on accident. No breaks. Please buy factory direct or through someone like Tackle Warehouse ESPECIALLY those of you who buy XH, or XXH XF rods because you need all that power and speed.

From:Miles: Weatherford, OK

Comments:I do a lot of fishing in the everglades and I had a lot of old rods, so I went out to buy some new ones and I happened to stubble upon this carrot stick. The first hit I got the rod snapped in half, what a bad investment I sunk my money into.

From:Kevin: Florida

Comments:E21 are great rods! I use the 7.6 Heavy for worm, frog and swim bait rods! I don't see how people can brake these rods? I have caught some nice bass on my E21. I also use Airrus and E21 are a much better rod!

From:Tim: Grayson, GA

Comments:I bought a Carrot Stix and it broke on a hook set on a 4 lb bass. It snapped in half like a cracker. It was a MH rod. I have never had a break on the shaft above the reel.

From:Victor: TX

Comments:I got the 6'9 MH for worm fishing a few months ago. I can honestly say my fishing has improved tremendously. I have caught some really nice bass where all I felt was the slightest "tap" on the line. With my old rods, I probably wouldn't have ever known the fish was there.

From:Tim: Prairieville,LA

Comments:I have 3 of these, 2 spinning and 1 casting. I got caught up in the buzz with this new technology and should've ordered 1 to try first. But 2 spinning was ordered, I was disappointed so thought I'd try 1 casting. The rod is ok, I like the contemporary design, split grip, hook keeper, etc. But the biggest let down is sensitivity and guides. I wish they had used Fuji SIC or Alconite guides. At $149 it would compete with the St.Croix Avids and those are much more sensitive. I'd add $50 and try the new Gold ones or get a Cumara or Zillion.

From:Ty: Minnesota

Comments:I fish a lot for Stripers, Bucketmouth Bass and Catfish. I have never broken a rod and I own 3 of them. Spinning, Casting it don't matter. I put my fishing poles through a lot of abuse and never once broken one,except for getting it caught in my window and rolled it up on it and snapped it!!.

From:Gabriel: San Francisco, CA

Comments:These carrot stick rods are not what the are made out to be, they break very easy. They are comfortable to fish with and appear to be nice rods but break very easily while setting the hook on a fish. If the manufacture can build these rods stronger I would consider fishing them exclusively. However I fish a lot to tournaments and can't afford to risk breaking a rod on a fish. Other than there brittleness, they seem to be great rods for the price.

From:Keven: Georgia

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