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Carrot Stix Wild Casting Rods - $68.88

 Carrot Stix Wild Casting Rods

Introducing the E21 Carrot Stix Wild Casting Series Rods. Each rod features Element 21’s advanced Nano Carrot Fiber and Nano Silica blank construction. E21 even increased the nano bio fibers in each blank, resulting in even heightened sensitivity and increased flex strength. High quality Pac Bay Semi-Micro Guides with Zirconium inserts provide the increased casting distance and better load distribution associated with micro guides, and they are still large enough to allow knots and debris to pass through with minimal resistance.

Proprietary E21 Reel Seats also deliver direct access to the blank for increased sensitivity, and all but the essential material has been removed to help reduce weight even further.  Offering the advanced performance and sensitivity you expect from E21 - at a value-conscious price - the E21 Carrot Stix Wild Casting Rods. 

-Rods warrantied for 30 days after purchase by Tackle Warehouse. After 30 days, all warranty claims must go through Carrot Stix directly.

Comments: I bought a pair of these (heavy action) having broken my lighter carrot after much deliberation. I fish off a small dinghy inshore fishing for our sea bass (similar to stripers).They cast badly especially with a fixed spool reel - I had to cut off the little spike effort with a hacksaw. Despite all this I love these rods and have caught more bass since getting them than ever before. I am consistently outfishing my buddy who uses a softer rod and always used to beat me! I put this down to its action with soft lures and extraordinary sensitivity. If it lasts more than a season then I am quids in. It took less than 2 days to arrive in Channel Islands UK.

From: Jonny: Guernsey, Channel Islands UK 8/13/14

Comments: Ordered this rod in a 7'6 heavy about a month ago. Use it for topwater caught an 11.4 lber last week.  The rod handled the fish perfect.  No doubt a steal in my opinion for $68.88.

From: Matt: Keystone Heights, FL 7/20/14

Comments: I own two different Carrot Stix's. I have never had a problem with them. I have caught several 4# and a few 5-6 lb bass and they are still going strong! One of my rods is over 4 years old and the other is 2. I had an Abu snap in half and the tip broke off of my new St. Croix Mojo before I even got to use it! All good brands can have the same bad luck. I still prefer my Cartot Stix any day! :) 

From: Connie: Medford, OR 7/20/14

Comments: i just picked up my carrot stix from walgreens and brought it home. i went to my nearest pond and casted my 14 oz matt lure upside deadstick and then i hooked into a linker. When i set the hook it felt like sex all over again until about 3 seconds later this what was supposed to be "good rod" snapped and performed like a shit show. this damn orange piece of shit can blow me sideways.

From: Dicky: Anchorage, AK 7/15/14

Comments: Just ordered this rod because of the sale price. Despite the poor reviews I couldn't resist the offer and wanted to give it a try myself. I got it last week and have used it 5 times since and have caught 40+ bass on it. I love it. I caught a 6-7 pounder yesterday on it and it helped me play the fish perfectly. Overall the sensitivity and feel of the rod is incredible, plus it weighs like nothing. Time will only tell if it will break on me like reviews say but honestly I've already got my moneys worth out of it. It feels pretty sturdy to me so far though.

From: Alex: Brunswick, NJ 6/19/14

Comments:  I have used my carrot stix about 10 times now and I have caught 3 bass 3 pike 2 pickerel and a crappie one of the bass was a two pounder and the stix handled it just fine love the feel of the rod I can feel the blades on my spinner bait great so far I have had no problems but only time will tell

From: Brian: NY 5/22/14

Comments: This reel is smooth, there's no question there.  I threw anything from swim jigs to shakey heads and with proper adjustments it can still cast far.  With that being said though, had I known the curado I was coming out, I would've waited for that reel instead.  It's smaller with the same breaking system and a metal housing.  This reel is also bulky, the curado is like holding a baseball where as the ci4+ is equivalent to a softball.  I ended up selling this reel and opting for the rocket until I can get my hands on the curado I.  All in all, its not a bad reel but this ones not for me.  Fish on!

From: Eric: Modesto, CA 5/13/14

Comments: I got my stix today I have it paired with a lews super spool very light set up havent fished it yet but im sure it will be just fine only problem I had was I payed for the over night shipping and it took two days to get here but thats on fed ex

From: Brian: NY 5/3/14

Comments: I've fished one of these rods 2 years now and had no problem handling 3,4, and 5 pound bass with it. It works great flipping/pitching or casting. Great rod I would buy more.

From: Alex: IA 3/15/14

Comments: I have two that are older, probably around 7 years now. Not actually sure, but anyway, I must have gotten a few of the last batch of good rods. I fish the Xtra heavy and have no problems pulling fish out. Granted, the heaviest would have been, four#, I have had no problems. YES, the paint chips from doing nothing, but if im catching fish, phooey to what the rod looks like. As long as it is still orange I will still be happy. No one else on my team fishes one, and the basically ask me if it is true, what y'all are saying on here. I just tell them I am cautious. Am I cautious while fishing these? Yes. And I cautious when fishing my Daiwa, Abu, and custom rods? Yes. If you don't mess around with these, they won't mess around with you.

From: Jake: TX 3/2/14

Comments: Crispy Stix!  I was given two of these rods from a friend who didn't like them. One spinning and one casting. They are very light weight which is nice, but they both broke the first day on a fishing trip in Canada. We were pretty disappointed. My friend who gave them to me got a good laugh out of it though haha.

From: Chris: IL 3/2/14

Comments: I had this rod for about 3 months. I didn't use it that much so I always kept a rod saver on it. The first thing I noticed was that the paint chipped off worse than any rod I've ever owned. Finally I decided to use it one day, I casted a 3/8 spinnerbait and hooked a two pounder, 5 seconds into the fight the rod snapped just above the second guide! I lost the fish and my lure. When I tried to contact E21 the email bounced back and the phone number was no good. Luckily I spend a lot of money at my local sporting goods store. They gave me a store credit but it was at the sale price which was $60 when I originally bought it for $100. I spent the money on another Abu Garcia rod. I will NEVER buy anything from E21 again and I suggest no one else does either

From: Christian: New Jersey

Comments: Must of been one of the lucky ones. I throw a 3 ounce A-Rig on the 7'6 Heavy and pulled some pigs out on it-never had one problem. Had it for 3 months now. Never A Problem, good rod in my mind.

From: Rusty: OK

Comments:  I bought a 7 foot medium and it is outstanding I even did something risky and put a 8 inch shinner on it I pulled in a 14 pounder!!!!!! It held up greatly I have also caught many other fish on it held up great although I am a little upset because of all the reviews I am freaking out that every time I set the hook it might snap in half. I paired it up with a lews bb1 tournament reel best combo ever.

From:  Adam: FL

Comments: I worked at Bass Pro Shops for a while and these rods were the most frequent item returned. They break, plain and simple. No other way to put it. Notice how none of the pros that made these rods famous fish them anymore? That should be your first clue. Are they light and sensitive? Sure. Will they put fish in the boat? Nope. And... why is the customer service so bad? Because they have an awful product and all they have coming their way are warranty claims. Honestly cannot see how they stay in business. Likely because folks are buying rods at this price that cost them $5.29 ea to manufacture. There are nothing BUT better rods available at this price point. 

From: Jim: KY

Comments: the first fish on it the thing snapped at the third from last guide. i will never buy another one, i will buy a abu garcia veritas. way better rod

From: Jacob: GA

Comments: Love this rod. within the first month caught a 5.01 and it handled it great. If you don't own this rod, you don't know sensitive, and I even dropped it in the water with a speed spool the rod pretty much floats. Lightweight, and worth every penny.

From: Woodstock, GA

Comments: these rods suck do not buy them they explode and brake easily u hook anything over seven kiss that rod goodbye DO NOT GET IT

From: B: Lakeland Fl

Comments: Light strong sensitive....what else do you need in a rod?...

From: Corey: Gettysburg, PA

Comments: Do not buy this rod!!!!!!!!! I literally picked it up and it snapped in my hand. This company will not be up for much longer with their poor customer service and low quality product. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

From: Blake: Fort Wayne, IN

Comments: I have a rod and it is amazing, the problem with the costumer service is that e21 actually switch to a new company. If you call this number on the facebook page they we replace it with a picture of the broken rod and proof of purchase. Here's the link : https://www.facebook.com/carrotstix9

From: Steven

Comments: Do not buy E21 the rods dont hold up and when they break you are screwed , their customer service sucks , they dont answer emails or the phone , if you make any negative posts about them on there facebook they ban you from there page , stay away from this company

From: Ron: Port Barre , La

Comments: im seeing lots of terrible reviews on this rod, i have this and the black. i absolutly love both of them, most sensative, lightest and toughest rods ive ever had. i got rid of my st croix stuff and switched to all carrot stick, i have never had to deal with there customer service so i cant vouch on that but the rods are holding up to the point where i dont think i will ever have to. great rods...

From: Alex: Hampton, CT

Comments: Completely agree with Tom, I've had several carrot stix and the only ones worth anything r the original gold ones. The others suck and the customer service sucks. Broke a spinning one last year and I might as well threw it away cause they don't honor anything. E21 was a fad for a few years cause they had a different color rod but since Duckett left they have went down drastically! If you can't back your products you don't deserve to be in business and I don't think they will be much longer!

Comments: Ive had mine for 3 years now, and I LOVE it. Its definitley one of my go to rods when it comes to light texas rig and flylined baits (senkos, ikas, etc). The hook keeper broke off pretty quick, but thats fine, considering the rod rules. Buy it.

From: KINGBASSER: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: I love how people say that everyone that has had these rods break are using them wrong, mistreating their rods, or throwing the wrong baits! You guys need to wake up and get a life! This rod shouldn't break in half while throwing a trick worm with an 8oz. weight. It shouldn't break while trying to unhook a snag...and definitely shouldn't break while setting the hook on a 12 inch bass! I've been fishing for over 35 years and know how to treat my equipment! Point is, these rods are a waste of money and e21 has terrible customer service! The original $200.00 gold stick is money and a great rod...all of these other rods are terrible and not worth the price!

From: Tom: N. Charleston, SC

Comments: Absolute garbage and even worse customer service!I broke mine on a 1.5lb fish. The company wont return emails and their voicemail has been full for months. Honor you warranty please!!!!

From: Charles: Folsom, CA

Comments: By far the lightest most sensitive and balanced rod on the market at any price range. I've tried all the high end rods including st.croix, duckett, g.loomis, etc. Nothing compares to the quality and performance of the carrot stix.

From: Corey: Gettysburg, PA

Comments: Customer service is a joke. I've emailed 5 times, and finally called them today. I got a recording that asked me to leave a message in the mail box. Then I got a recording saying the mail box was no longer accepting messages.  I just wanted information about a rod.  Won't be buying from them again.

From: John: Wolfforth, TX

Comments: I'm not sure what the deal is with these rods... I own a 7' medium heavy micro guide Carrot Stick and have had no issues or problems with it. I probably fished it 200 times last summer, cought my personal best record fish (10lbs 4ozs) and have pulled many a fish out of thick cover with it and still...no problems, I love it. But a buddy of mine has the same rod I do, hasn't fished it nearly half as much as I have mine, and I watched it snap right in his hands when he was making a cast! I have probably heard as many stories about these rods breaking as I have heard about how awsome they are and I just don't know what to think. But for me... the good out weighs the bad, I've recently purchesed more of these rods and am looking forward to fishing them. Like most of you, I have 4 or 5 rods riged up and ready to go in the boat at all times and I figure, if one breaks, I'll just send it back and get another one. Awesome rod though in my opnion, at least mine is. lol

Comments: I've read the reviews here and gotta disagree with the folks that say IGNORE the negatives.  I treat my rods right, don't horse fish into the boat.  This rod broke during a hookset, sad thing is it was the initial part of the hookset, not even a hard tug yet :(  .  I love the orange, but IMHO you can do better for $100.  Same negative experience with the warranty.  I'm sure most of these rods are great, but there are too many cases of breaking for this rod to be considered a "good rod for $100."  Don't forget that companies have people posting positive great things for every negative comment posted.  RED FLAG on this "pretty" rod.

Comments: i bought a wild green series 7' med heavy used it in florida for jack crevelle and also caught tuna in california, cast a mile and is super sensitive, i fish it for bass is a great multi purpose rod

From: Tyson: OH

Comments: What's going on here ?....are people pitching and flipping bricks with these rods? I own three of these rods and I'm a little heavy handed on my hook sets , never have I even heard the slightest sound of stress in the rod blank. Pulled out a few hawgs and the rod handled flawlessly. Utmost sensitivity and balance you will find for the price point. Get one... It won't disappoint .

From: Thomas: Raleigh, NC

Comments: Dont listen to the other bad reviews about this rod. i own the 7 ft MH rod and i love it! i use it for all my platics. From flukes to worms. Orange is the way to go!!

From: Tyler: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: i got this rod for my birthday. i got the 7' med light. this rod is sweet, super sensitive, and light. perfect for cranks to small texas rigs. highly recomended

Comments: This rod is great!!!!!!!! i have used it for small mouth rock hopping in the river and i have used it in Nc catching redfish. i caught a 22 inch redfish and it did not snap. It is very sensitive and has a good feel in ur hand. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS ABOUT THIS ROD.

From: Charles: Richmond, VA

Comments: Best 100 dollar rod on the market..........LOVE THEM

From: Patrick: USA

Comments: I love this rod, it is so sensitive and you can cast a good ways with it, id recommend it to anyone.

From: Brady: Pensacola, FL

Comments: DO NOT BUY THESE ROD!!! I still own the original Gold stick and haven't had any problems with it. I absolutely love it; However, I gave my tournament partner the original carrot stick and my son owned the wild stix. My son's wild stix broke in half while casting. My fishing partner's carrot stick broke in half trying to unhook his lure from a stump. Except for the original gold stick, all of these e21 rods have broken or cracked. Don't waste your money on the e21 rods until they start making a better product! save up and buy a Powell rod!

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC

Comments: 6 mo old and it broke on a 2.6 lb fish. The warranty sucks with the high cost of shipping and handleing. Would not recommend this rod as friends have had the same problem 3 I know of).

From: Earl: Marietta, GA

Comments: I was fishing a pond in Fl last month and set the hook on what turned out to be a 2.6lb spot.  the rod snaped about halfway down the 7' rod. I own two other e-21 rods and have had no troulbe with them.

From: Earl: Marietta, GA

Comments: I liked it until i set the hook on a 2.5 pound largemouth while fishing a tournement. snapped right in half and lost the fish. Wouldnt reccomond one, go with something else. trust me

From: Shane: Winona, MN

Comments: I have the 7'6" Heavy and absolutely love it.  I have used it for a year now with the a-rig, jigs, carolina rigs.  Hasn't snapped yet and it's the most balanced 7'6" heavy action rod I have ever picked up.

From: Jason: West Liberty, KY

Comments:  Don't listen to the bad reviews on this rod. They are totally misleading. These are excellent rods and I currently own (2) of the 7'6" heavy models. They have exceeded my expectations and they are extremely light weight with backbone to spare. I have caught lots of fish with these rods and they do great for carolina rigs, spinnerbaits, pitching, flipping, and 2oz. swimbaits. Simply stated, GREAT RODS, TRY ONE and let the product speak for itself. You WILL NOT be disappointed. 

From: John: Ringgold, GA

Comments: Brought it back to cast, as I went forward to release it, it snapped! A waste! Locating any warranty info is also difficult!

From: TJ: SC

Comments: Biggest piece of crap I ever bought. It snapped in 4 places on a 1lb fish at 30 feet with 17lb mono. Really disappointed in e21, apparently they didn't fix the problem that came with the first carrot stix line of rods.

Comments: I had my carrot stick for about a year now never had any problems catching any bass or even a salmon on it once. its still going strong. only complaint is the hook keeper... What were they thinking!!!

From: Olee: Southern WI

Comments: I like the the feel, balance, strength, and sensitivity of this rod. I have mine paired with the Curado 200E7 making a fine lightweight combo. The hook keeper however is cheap metal and located in a bad spot. I thought it was in a bad place to break when I bought the rod but figured the designers must know something. About the third time I used the rod my hand was a little low on the grip during a hookset and my little finger snapped the hook keeper leaving me with a nice little bleeding gash. I had to cut the wrapping threads to remove the protruding sharp metal fragment from the rod handle. So the hook keeper is cheap metal and in a bad place. 

From: Stretch: San Antonio, TX

Comments: I've been using my Medium action 7' Carrot Stix Wild for over a year now and love it! Light , sensitive and durable. Hooked up with several 15+lbs salmon/trout with it on purpose while casting a 1/2-3/4oz spoon and has performed flawless. More than enough back bone and best of all it's never snapped like some comments on here. It handles all other fish just fine.

From: Lee: WI

Comments: Just sold all of my carrot stix and replaced them with Mojos. Just because they look cool and are expensive does not mean they are quality rods. They WILL break on you. Guaranteed.

From: Tyler: Stuart Draft, VA

Comments: i was with a freind the other day and when he caught a little 12" bass that weigh maybe one pound, he pulled it out of the lake and it snapped. he sent it back and got one sent back to him and he had it leaned up against his wall and it fell on the floor and cracked. i think they are JUNK!!!

From: Nick

Comments: very nice rod if you get a good one they are also very light i have mine paired o\up with a abu garcia premier reel and very light setup

From: Nick: Montgomery, TX

Comments: Bought a Wild 7'6" heavy middle of last year.  Use it as a Carolina Rig rod, today set the hook on a good fish and it snapped into six pieces from the handle up to the last four feet.   I use to custom build rods many years ago, so I treat my rods right, never horse a fish into the boat, never slam it on the gunnel, etc.  I would not recommend this rod to anyone doing any serious fishing.

From: Michael: TX

Comments: I turned 13 back in August and i got one of these on a shimano curado as a gift. It is amazing. ive a couple of hawgs on mine and i also caught a 16 pound catfish on it too. Its extremely light and strong. Its not a wase of money

From: Devin: Dallas, TX

Comments: these rods are sweet but they make a lot of defective rods but just send it back im gettin a couple for xmas..... cant wait

From: Andrew: Arvada, CO

Comments: These rods feel great.  However, yes they will break.  I was like a lot of people and loved them.  I own 7 but im getting rid of em.  I had one blow up on a hookset.  I have spent 3 days just trying to get ahold of their warranty dept.  Warranty doesnt matter if you cant even talk to someone.  Worst customer service on the planet.  Save your money and buy one of the other great products tacklewarehouse offers.  E21 is everything a company shouldnt be.  I dont want to use a product that its producer wont stand behind!!

From: Derek: Georgetown, KY

Comments: my friend has one and i used it briefly.Iit has a good backbone and everything.I was thinking of getting one but all the bad comments got me kind of worried about this rod

From: Alex: FL

Comments: perfect for the money, why spend more? the only thing that gets somewhat bothersome is the wide grip, i sanded it sown some, other then that it is a  work of art. 7mh good for just about anything.

From: Conner: FL

Comments: I've had the 7' med fast WILD for about two monthes and I'm very impressed. Light and Sensetive
as a rod that cost only $100 can be.

From: Wyatt: St. Cloud, FL

Comments: o man what to say so sick i bought this in the 7 foot 6 inch heavy action pole its great it says its a fast tip but to me it feel moderate to medium fast its great for punching,frogging,jigs

From: Kyle: Itasca, IL

Comments: this pole is sweet it has amazing back bone to rip five pounders out of the weeds

From: Tecumseh, OK

Comments: I'v had two e21  7foot 6inch HEAVY Carrot Stix Wild casting rods. The first one snapped in half right in the middle of the rod the very first time I fished with it and hooked a fish. I chalked it up to a manufacturers defect and exchanged it for another one just like it. I'v fished with the second rod several times over the past 3 months. A few days ago, I went fishing and hooked a fish on it while using ½ oz hack attack jig with a rage craw trailer on 25lb Vicious Elite Fluoro Carbon line with my 7 to 1 Shimano Curado reel...and it snapped the rod in half right above the first eye. I will not be purchasing another one.

From: Raymond: East Tennessee

Comments: The other day I was fishing by at a pond when my friend said, "hey I got a new Carrot rod, go get it out the truck." I had never before used a Carrot and when I seen it was the Wild my first thought, "oh this is cheap." Was I wrong, or was I wrong? Amazing rod, only a hundred bucks? Super lightweight. He hadn't selected a comparable reel for the rod yet, so he had slapped on a Diawa Strikeforce for the temporary. Smooth, lightweight, casting. Medium Heavy 7'. Throwing a 1/4 ounce weight T-rig'd Lizard pulling it through medium thickness weeds. Seaguar Fluoro line, all in all very sensitive for the dinks I was catching!

Comments: This is a great rod and priced well also. My favorite one is the 7'6'' Heavy rod for flipplin all my jigs..i have to say its got great great backbone. If you take care of your rods and keep them out of the sun as much as possible than they won't break! I learned that the hard way!

From: Allen: Virginia

Comments: This Rod is amazing! I am 16 years old and i have been bass fishing for 4 years now and this is the best rod ive ever used. You must be stupid if you break one because I haul bass out of reeds, docks and other slop with no problem. The guys that have broken it don't have any idea how to fish with a baitcasting rod.

From: Matt: Corcoran, MN

Comments: these rods are amazing super light

From: Tyleer: Erie, PA

Comments: i put this rod to work for me. it takes a beating.. one of the best..i fish the7" MH.. GET ONE!!!!

From: Gus: Owatonna, MN

Comments: I have three Carrot Stix, 6'9'' casting original carrot stix, a 7' Med. spinning, and a 7' Med. Hvy. Wild casting. I use my 6'9" for spinner baits and thin senko's and have had no problem what so ever. I recently got big fish (3lb 7oz.) at a club tournament and had no problem reeling it in.  I think the lightest in comparison to the carrot stix is the 7' Med. Lght. Shimano Crucial drop shot rod and Dobyns 7' drop shot rod.  Either way I plan on buying a 6'7" spinning carrot stix for jerk baits giving me four total. No matter what you're gonna have haters on the e21 but in my opinion, the pros out weigh the cons thus far. Buy yourself a carrot stix, can't beat the price and if you're into GLoomis and others and you're an semi new angler or can't afford them, start with e21, you'll be surprised.

From: Thomas: Santee, Ca

Comments: bought the 7'6'' heavy carrot stix for flipping,pitching and punching here on the california delta and am blown away at the power and sensitivity of this rod. if a fish even breathes on your jig or texas rig you'll know. pulled fish up to ten pounds out of the slop with reckless hooksets never has the rod failed me dont see how ppl are breaking these do yourself a favor and go orange!!!!

From: Sancheezimo: Suisun City, CA

Comments: I bought 2 of these rods both 7 footers in M and MH. The medium seems about like a normal medium heavy and the MH is only a little tougher than the medium. That being said I love both of these rods, no complaints as of yet. Even with the hook keeper in a bad spot, I still give it a 5/5. Pair it up with a quantum accurist and it'll be tough to beat.

From: Jake: Memphis, TN

Comments: Next time you go into your local E21 dealer, grab this rod and do a little test. Grab the butt of the rod with your dominate hand and place your other hand about 5 inches below the first guide. Put some pressure on the rod. I guarantee you will hear cracking... in the thickest part of the blank, too! These are super sensitive and extremely light rods; BUT, I'm 99% sure once people have used these thoroughly enough, there will be all kinds of broken rods headed back to E21.

From: Jeff: Ft. Worth, TX

Comments: med/hvy, first day out caught 8lber, 5lber, 4lber, and some smaller ones and not a hint of breaking, a very sweet rod, e21 made leaps and bounds from the original carrots!

From: Mr Bucket: MS

Comments: i own the 7' MH wild and it is amazing. its very similar to the discontinued "Gold" series that E21 used to make. the model that i have is in my opinion the best all around rod i have ever used.

From: Kurt: Annandale, NJ

Comments: excellent rod with no complaints, i own 2 of them and have been using both of them since they came out.

From: Jim: Toledo Bend, TX

Comments: Nice light rod with good sensitivity. The only problem that I have with the rods is that the paint chips off very easily.

From: Edgar: Akron, OH

Comments: AWESOME ROD!!!  absolutely the lightest rod on the market.  i own two of them and have no problems.  use mine for crankbaits and flipping worms.  never once have had a problem with them.  have caught several 3-4 pound fish flipping.  i set the hook hard and never has one snapped like a twig like everyone else says.  this is a must buy.

From: Matt: TN, USA

Comments: i bought two of rods and absolutley love them. they are very lightweight  and put together the right way. they feel like A feather in your hand and i would highly recommend over the skeet reese rods.

From: Jesse: Gouverneur, NY

Comments:  I can bet you money on two things....the one's breaking the Carrot Stix are throwing the wrong bait or trying to do something they should not be doing. I remember when the Carrot Stix first came out a guy i know bought two and he didn't like the length of one of them and he broken it to return it and get another longer pole and then told everyone it broke because he didn't want them fishing with it. If you want the best get a carot Stix and fish it the RIGHT way it won't break but if for some reason it does, they will replace it. Been fishing them for years and never not once has one broke.

From: Kevin: Louisiana

Comments: Worst rod I've ever bought. Rod broke in half like a tooth pick. IÕm not going to purchase any more itÕs not worth loosing a big one in the middle a tournament! The biggest problem of all is getting E21 to replace the rod. I have had a lot of problems with E21 not wanting to stand behind there warranty. If you donÕt believe me go to a dealer that donÕt sell them and ask him why he doesnÕt.

From: Cameron, KY

Comments: got the 7"MH after christmas, went to lake Okeechobee to pre fish for a tournament and it broke right in the middle on a 3lb fish, super light rod but its the second carrot stick i had problems with  and it was the last one i will ever buy, started using dobyns savvy series a bit more expensive but definetly worth it.

From: Mike: South Florida

Comments: Purchased two last year,super lightweight and easy to use.Will not tire arm out.So far no problems with breakage like i'm reading all over net.I want to switch exclusively but will wait for now.Good price for such a light weight rod.

From: Tony: West Chester, PA 

Comments: it has lifetime warranty. if it breaks replace it. i have had 5 of thm and never once have i had any problem with them breaking.

From: Rob

Comments: It broke. Don't buy.

From: Ian: Longview, TX


From: Scott: Fyffe, AL

Comments: great rod for money!!! ABU GARCIA VERITAS doesnt even come close to the lightness and sensitivity of carrot stix.

From: Rob: SC, USA

Comments: i love this rod very ligth and very sensitive and has a good tip for skiping with baitcast

From: Sam: Alabama, USA

Comments: This rod is an ok rod for the money. The finish on this one is a little more durable than the other carrot stix. They offer a limited lifetime warranty but e21 is in finacial trouble and getting tough to deal with on returns, so that limited lifetime may not be very long after all. There arent too many local carrot stix dealers left out there to return the rods to.

From: Connor: Florence, AL

Comments: This rod is extremely light weight and has good sensitivity. It is very close to the "gold sick" in performance but it is half the price. This rod is well worth the price and If you are a fan of the carrot sticks, you won't be disappointed!

From: Tom: N. Charleston, SC

Comments: Im used to G. Loomis GLX and IMX rods but this new Wild series puts ANY rod to shame in the weight category. The lightest rods on the market, period! Dont see how a G. Loomis NRX could match the lightness of this one. The Abu Veritas feels like a weighted down bamboo stick compared to this......

From: Scott: Chapin, SC

Comments: Got the 7' Medium for cranking. If you are used to the original Stix, then you aren't going to like this rod at first. But it is just as reliable. A little lighter, and I feel that it has more of a parabolic bend than the original cranking Stix. Overall, I was disappointed when I first got it, but after using it I realized its another homerun by E21!!!!!!!

From: Tennessee

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Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Carrot Stix Wild Cast Rod 7' Med Lt

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 6-12lb 3/16-5/8oz 9+Tip Wild Cast B
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14-1/2" $68.88 3+
Wild Cast B

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