Combining strength and performance, the Eagle Claw Lazer Frog Hook is specially forged and equipped with a needle sharp point. The double hook design offers many advantages over the traditional single hook. The addition of a second hook greatly increases the bite-to-catch ratio and also helps balance your frog baits and keep them from rolling. The Eagle Claw Lazer Frog Hook features a screw lock bait keeper as well to secure your favorite soft plastic toads, keeping them in place even when fishing heavy cover at a faster rate. Have the upper hand next time you’re frogging and grab some Eagle Claw Lazer Frog Hooks. 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Well PT  I have had amazing success with a double frog hook! So has Chris Lane and we all know who he is! If you run the hooks through the frog then skin hook it back into the body its weedless and most of the hook sets are deep in the upper lip or roof of the mouth! Don't knock it just learn how to fish it.

From: Kev: Winter Haven FL

Comments: I have always hated to give bad review's but I also hate for people to waste their money. Just as the other reviewer has said, these double hooks do NOT work, it is not only this brand of double hook but all of the double frog hooks, they will just not get a hook into a bass. I tried and tried to use them and once I switched to a single screw lock hook it was light someone had turned the lights on, I started to catch bass. If you want a good frog hook get the single hook version.

Comments: These type of frog hooks dont work!  It doesnt let the frog compress to the bottom of the hook (it pinches the frog) ,resalting in fewer hook ups.  Just use a zoom horney toad hook.

From: PT: IL

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