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Built using Eco Pro’s high-quality tungsten, the Eco Pro Tungsten Finesse Football Jig gives anglers a scaled-down presentation that is just right for light-feeding and pressured fish. Made strictly from choice components, the Eco Pro Tungsten Finesse Football Jig features premium skirting, a rubber skirt keeper, and a chip-resistant “seal coat” paint job.

Offering excellent sensitivity thanks to the increased hardness of tungsten (compared to lead), the Eco Pro Tungsten Finesse Football Jig transmits the slightest change in structure and helps anglers detect the faintest nibble. Additionally, because tungsten is much denser than lead, the Eco Pro Tungsten Finesse Football Jig has a more compact profile than lead jigs of the same weight. Backed by a super-sharp needle point hook, the Eco Pro Tungsten Finesse Football Jig is perfect for tempting fasting bass with its tiny, yet tenacious presentation. 

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Comments: Small and noisy tungsten head: A+. Heavy wide gap hook: A+. Flat silicone skirting: F. I like the lighter Tungsten head concept as it is ideal for finessing smallies picking crabs out of shallow rock beds. I bought a dozen of these last Fall. The hook is stronger than other finesse jigs, but the silicone skirt material needs to be improved upon. It might look lively dry, but when wet, it lays flat and has no movement. I tried trimming it back a bit to get it to stand up, but it doesnt help. Now I just replace the skirts with ultra fine round rubber skirting.

From: Big John: NY 9/21/15

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