The perfect choice for pressured and finicky fish, the Eco Pro Gnat Jig is made from 97% hard-fired tungsten and provides complete sensitivity, allowing you to feel every bit of structure and the faintest strikes. Since tungsten is also much denser than lead, the Gnat Jig has a smaller profile relative to its weight for the smallest presentation possible.  This compact profile allows it to move through grass and heavy cover a lot easier than its lead counterparts. The Eco Pro Gnat Jig also features premium skirting, and a special nickel-titanium weed guard that won’t bend or break.  Built with a durable seal coating and a premium Mustad needlepoint hook, the Eco Pro Gnat Jig is perfect for situations were fish are pressured, and prefer a smaller, more finesse oriented offering. 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Sweet little jig, I just won a local tourney due in part to these. The hooks are much better than a bitsy bug hook, but the skirt is tied on poorly and 2 of mine fell apart today.

From: Matt: IL 4/6/14

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