Eco Pro Tungsten Roll Tide Rig

The Eco Pro Tungsten Roll Tide Rig is not your typical umbrella rig. Designed by FLW tour pro, Justin Lucas, the Eco Pro Tungsten Roll Tide Rig is constructed entirely from high-quality components, including premium-grade tungsten, top-notch snaps, and choice swivels. The head of the Eco Pro Tungsten Roll Tide Rig is built with a recessed, swiveling line-tie that eliminates line twists and gives the entire rig a more fluid action. All five of the wires on the Eco Pro Tungsten Roll Tide Rig are titanium–coated for durability, and to help camouflage them when they're in the water. The Eco Pro Tungsten Roll Tide Rig stands head and shoulders above other rigs with its well-thought-out design and high-quality construction.

Eco Pro Tungsten Wire Length
Roll Tide Rig 5.5" 

3 Colors

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    Model No. RT-BURSTSHAD
    Burst Shad
    Stock Price Qty
    02/27 $6.98
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    Model No. RT-BURSTTEN
    Burst Tennessee Shad
    Stock Price Qty
    5+ $6.98
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    Model No. RT-PROSHAD
    Pro Shad
    Stock Price Qty
    3 $5.98

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Do not waste your money on this unreliable product. I just got one. Had everything rigged up went out for some bassing. A few cast later, i reeled in with just the ring. Very disappointed. I hate products that don't even last 10 minutes. Waste of money. Never again!

From: Brian: Ca 12/18/16


Comments: Purchased this rig last year and I really like the weight and size. I broke an arm on it after a few fish. I just thought it was my fault. Ordered another one this year and had it shipped fast for an upcoming tournament.  I opened it the night before the tournament and I was adjusting the arm and one of the arms fell out. I contacted tackle warehouse and they did an awesome job of taking care of me. I received my other one and got the opportunity to catch a 4 lb fish on it. A few cast later it got hung up and the spilt ring broke completely out of the head as I was trying to retrieve the rig. I will not purchase another one. 

From: Eric: Florence, AL 11/8/16

Comments: This rig will catch fish fast but in just one hour I had every wire arm broken off. I was just slow rowing it through grass with 3" swim baits.   

From: Steve: Charleton, SC 2/2/15

Comments: Absolutely love this a-rig. A lot of people are talking about how the wires break, I didn't have this problem. I caught several fish over 5lbs and they were fine. The price is great and the quality is great. I used big hammer 3in swimbait tails and big hammer 3/8 oz jig head with this rig. LOVE IT!

From: Justin: CT 1/4/15

Comments: Nice Looking A-Rig. I received one Friday in the mail. Saturday afternoon I lost a nice fish due to a broken wire. Now I have a nice looking 4 wire A-rig laying in the bottom of my boat.

From: Michael: Tallassee, AL 6/16/14

Comments: Well this is a nice little rig for $10. Fished it, caught several good fish on it 5.04, 4.25, 3.0, and several in the 1-2lb range. Flexible wires which give it good action, but after a week of constant use, one of the wires did break. But then they tend to do that when you catch fish on them.... for what it's worth, I plan on buying atleast 3 of each so when they do break I have spares. The way it produced, I'll take my chances and replace as they break.

From: Will: Long Beach, CA 4/11/14

Comments: Like another reviewer, went to swing a 2lber in the boat and the bait broke at the line tie. I don't think the design is very durable. I would net every fish with this lure and not try to swing them in the boat.

From: Jason: Scottville, KY 4/7/14

Comments: Used this rig once and an arm broke while boat-flipping a 15" fish. I hadn't gotten hung up or anything to put extra stress on the arms.  Not durable at all

From: Chris: USA 3/19/14

Comments: very nice, very durable A-rig. Easy to cast, easy on the wallet. The Roll Tide rig with the blades are my favorite.

From: TX

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