Ego Tournament Culling Beams

Perfect for making quick, accurate culls in tournament situations, the Ego Tournament Culling Beams are constructed from sturdy anodized aluminum that won’t rust or corrode. The convenient stainless steel, safety-pin style clips help make measuring fish a breeze, and a sturdy, removable EVA handle provides a sure, comfortable grip.

The Standard model measures 1/8-inch in thickness and features CNC cut-outs that allow them to be ultra lightweight, while the Deluxe model measures 3/16” in thickness with a solid body, which makes them heavier and more stable for windy, rough conditions.  In tournaments every ounce counts and you need a reliable tool to get the job done, the Ego Tournament Culling Beams are an easy way to cull out fish as quickly as possible.

Standard – 15” Width
Deluxe – 16” Width

2 Colors

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