Ego Ultra Grip Scale 25lbs

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The Ego Ultra Grip Scale is a high quality ultra grip tool perfect for weighing and landing fish - especially the toothy variety. The stainless steel jaws are operated by a quick-action trigger that provides easy and convenient operation with the flick of your finger. It also features a built-in scale that allows you to weigh fish up to 25lbs. The Ego Ultra Grip Scale’s anodized aluminum body keeps it lightweight and its rubber handle grip provides a solid grip even in wet conditions.

Includes Coiled Lanyard

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is NOT suitable for bass fishing. The grip is great. However, the scale is an analog spring scale. That wouldn't necessarily be bad, but the scale is marked in HALF POUND intervals! No wonder they don't ever show a photo of the scale here or on Ego's website! They show this scale being used on Major League Fishing, but there is no way they could actually be using it, as they report weights to the ounce and this scale cannot be read to the ounce accurately. I would definitely not recommend this scale for bass use.

From: Mark: Washougal, WA 9/25/14

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