If you ever find yourself burning a trap through the water or ripping it out of grass in search of bass, do yourself a favor and get in the game with the Evergreen Buzzer Beater. Regardless of your skill level, the Buzzer Beater makes finding fish fast and easy. The Hi-Sound model of the Buzzer Beater, this bait features noisy rattles for additional fish attraction. Designed by Japanese professional bass anglers, Katsutaka Imae and Jun Fujiki to stay ahead of the competition of the fast changing world of Japanese tournament bass fishing, it is now one of the most popular and effective baits in Evergreen International's hard bait series. Available in a variety of proven colors, the Evergreen Buzzer Beater Lipless Crankbait burns through bass with the best of them.

Evergreen International is one of Japan's premier tackle company. Hard to find outside of Japan, they have still become world-renowned for their high quality baits that have been proven to out catch competitors offerings.

Evergreen Length Weight Class
Buzzer Beater - Hi-Sound 2-3/4" 5/8oz Sinking

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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