Introducing the new global standard for jerkbaits, the Evergreen Faith Jerkbait with its massive water displacement and irregular darting action, calls fish in from far and near. Produced by M. Shimizu, the Evergreen Faith Jerkbait is an outstanding tool for targeting bass that want a stop-and-go suspending bait. An in-between bait in both size and action, it features the Evergreen tungsten weight transfer system that allows you to easily make long distance casts, while causing the Faith to quiver and suspend horizontally. The baits three super sharp hooks are positioned perfectly to be not only effective in hooking fish, but in keeping them hooked as well. After you throw this bait, you’ll know why Evergreen calls it the Faith Jerkbait.

Evergreen International is one of Japan's premier tackle company. Hard to find outside of Japan, they have still become world-renowned for their high quality baits that have been proven to out catch competitors offerings.

Evergreen Length Weight Depth Class
Faith Jerkbait 4-1/2" 5/8oz 3-6ft Slow Floating

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great lure. Very good side to side action staying in the strike zone longer. Suspends very nice. Casts great and far. Doesn't helicopter. Strong and sharp hooks. Pricey but it's cool to have one in your box of jerk baits. Striper killer. Natural shad color works for me.

From: Keewi: striper team

Comments: just got this lure shipped to me. Can't wait to use it. It should get me some big bites this fall

From: _FeBreeZe_: Fresno, CA 

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