The smaller brother of the popular Shower Blows, the Evergreen Shower Blows Shorty delivers the same incredible action that has made the original one of the best pencil popper ever. At just over 4-inches in length, its has an incredible walking action as well as a spitting, bubbling, chugging action. A loud internal rattle chamber calls fish from far away, and short twitches of your rod will keep the bait dancing in a much tighter walk than any other topwater bait on the market. Using the Shorty in rotation with the original Shower Blows is an effective one-two punch for catching topwater fish. Produced by M. Shimizu, the Evergreen Shower Blows Shorty has long been a favorite topwater bait for anglers who were lucky enough to get their hands on one.

Evergreen International is one of Japan's premier tackle company. Hard to find outside of Japan, they have still become world-renowned for their high quality baits that have been proven to out catch competitors offerings.

Evergreen Length Weight Class
Shower Blows Shorty 4" 9/16oz Topwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The shower blow shorty is the most fantastic walking lure that I have ever fished with. The detail and quality is amazing. They are beautiful lures and the bass will simply crush them. They will cast further than any topwater lure that I have ever seen. They walk the dog so easy that you can practically do anything that you want to with them. You can make them sit s Ttill in the same spot kicking water and creating havoc on top that will draw those vicious strikes. Tacklewarehouse needs to carry more colors than what they have now. I have been using Evergreen lures for over a year now and I have sold just about all of my other topwater lures except the Lucky Craft Gunfish. I know that the price is on the expensive side but if you get you one of these guys ou will buy more no matter what the cost. They come with 3 of the sharpest hooks I have ever seen and I have yet to lose a fish. I kinda hope  no one buys the shower blow lures because my secret will be out.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

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