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A high quality, affordable, catch & release tool, the Evolution 44lb Digital Scale features a digital screen display for quick and easy readings, as well as, the ability to weigh fish in pounds and ounces or kilograms. Powered by two 3V batteries (included), it also shuts off automatically when not in use. Extremely durable with excellent water and corrosion resistance, the Evolution 44lb Digital Scale is constructed from ABS impact-resistant stainless steel and features extra-wide stainless steel jaws, which also swivel independently of the handle for safe and secure handling of fish. A tough non-slip rubber ABS handle with an adjustable nylon wrist strap provides anglers with a sure hold on the Evolution 44lb Digital Scale, and the premium stainless steel spring ensures accurate readings and additional durability. The ideal tool for weighing, controlling and releasing your fish, the Evolution 44lb Digital Scale allows you to easily land fish with minimal handling.

Customer Reviews

Comments: this scale sucks. dont waste your money. i bought it for 40 bucks thinking it would be good.  after a week i took it out to way a giant fish and only to be dissapointed that it wouldnt turn on. later i found out that the wires are hot glued on.  very inacurate.the parts rattle and turn.   horrible product!!!!!!!

From: Konrad: IL

Comments: Worked well the first time out of the box, but after that, kept giving me wrong weight numbers. Do not waste your money on this product. Will be upgrading to the berkley big lip grip.

From: L: MN

Comments: Not the best product. Turns off and on when trying to weigh fish. Even with nothing being weighed it shows me random weights. Not happy with the product at all.

From: Patrick: Concord, CA

Comments: Have used it twice to weigh a 5.25 and wanted to use it to weight a heavy 6 but would not work and I didn't want to harm the fish.  Would like to know how to change battery?

From: Eggz

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