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Catch all of your adventures on video with the world’s smallest high resolution digital video recorder.  The Evolution Go Cam Mini Digital Video Recorder features a rechargeable battery and 2GB micro SD Card for up to 1.5 hours of High Definition video recording and 250 hours of standby time. The Go Cam can also support up to an 8GB card. 

Just power up, point and shoot.  You can capture everything easily on High Definition video with dynamic adaptation brightness for the crispest viewing.  Video can then easily be downloaded to your computer with the included USB cable, and the Go Cam can even be used as a Web Camera. The Evolution Go Cam’s ultra compact size and numerous mounting options make it extremely convenient and portable.

Dimensions: 2-1/4” Tall x 3/4” x 3/4”

Additional Features:

Manually or sound activated recording
Web camera for online video chat
250 hours of standby time
Includes 2GB micro SD card, supports up to 8GB
Built-in lithium rechargeable battery lasting 1.5 hours
Low illumination (1 lux), high resolution image
High speed recording and quick light response
Built-in microphone captures sound

Package Includes:

Mini DV
Two Multi-Bracket with screws for mounting
Multi-Clip for attaching to hat, pocket, etc.
Neck Lanyard for easy access
Driver CD
Silicon Cover
USB Cable
User Manual

Customer Reviews

Comments: Can't get the date and time stamp to set for correct time and date.  Tried all the instructions, but it wont work.

From: Charles: Acworth, Ga, US:

Comments: like everyone who's posted its a great camera. However after only working for approx. 2min of recording the red light goes stationary and the blue LED begins to flash I press the "stop recording" button...nothing happens....I try to power down....nothing happens....then after leaving it alone for awhile the blue LED goes stationary and now I'm able to power down, turn it on and begin recording again. When I plug it into the computer (windows 7) LED's flash and shows its charging, after only 5min LED,s go stationary showing fully charged. Using a pin I'm able to hit reset which turns it off. Any help!?!

From: Jason: Kenner, LA

Comments: I agree with Randy from Austin, TX.  The lights never go off so you can't tell if its charged or not but I also can't get the files to copy as the instructions say to do, therefore I can't format the time due to the file restrictions.  The problem is it also will not allow me to delete any videos.
Any suggestions?

From: Sam: Gainesville, FL

Comments: Great camera.  One problem is it wont charge on my Mac and when plugged into my windows laptop the charging light never goes off.  No indication if the battery is fully charged.

From: Randy: Austin, TX

Comments: this is so cool...I cant believe it is not restricted, incredible sizing, sound, color video and reliable. I can't beleive the technology for self protection.

From: Robert: Chattanooga, TN

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