Destined to become your swimbait of choice, the Evolve DarkStar Swimmer features a unique dual groove design that allows a weedless hook to sit down in the recessed groove.  Not only does this make the DarkStar Swimmer perfectly snag-proof, it also ensures that the bait collapses on itself easily for an excellent hookup ratio. You will also notice the supreme thumping the paddle tail creates, even when retrieved slowly. Add to these features a slight wiggle and wobble, and you have Swimbait perfection. The Evolve DarkStar Swimmer - available in a variety of colors.

Length Quantity
5" 4

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: The Darkstar is soft and lasts for many fish. They track a bit wobbly with a standard EWG (5/0-7/0 Gamakatsu) but that doesn't seem to matter, they still get bit. They weigh approx 17-18g and you can throw them easily without a weighted hook on a casting rig. I find these are not as soft as a One-up and have a bigger shimmy shake also.  They are definitely softer than the EZ and have a better hookup ratio in my experience. I have about 30 bags of these and have fished through half of them. I would buy again possibly over the One-ups because of the durability but if money or pride was on the line I would always buy the One-up, you get more action with less motion and the colors are better. .02

From: SDW: Brooklyn, NY 6/16/15

Comments: Easily the best swim bait on the market. It has an unmatched wobble from the joint. Best colors are slick shad and dark rider

From: Tom: TX

Comments: This bait has a killer action to it! It really brings the big larrys out of the woodwork! These and the big/skinny dippers are my go to swimbaits. Favorite colors are slick shad and mamba.

From: Joe: Texas, USA

Comments: A flawless bait, has amazing action. At first I was skeptical but once the water heated up I started to bring in the big ones.

From: Hunter: Beaver Lake, NE, USA

Comments: This is by far the best swim jig trailer on the market, btter then the ez and swing impacts. The tail action can't be beat and the cali melon red and mamba are killer in ponds.

From: Sam: USA

Comments: This bait runs better then EZ, One ups, or Impacts. Hands down. I wish they had a 4'' version. For now, I'm sold on this bait. This is a cleaned up version of the EZ/One Ups, and the bulb down the body is almost a full circle... the fast shimmy/shake/roll is much more pronounced when its swimming. 10/10.

From: Connor: Mass, USA

Comments: At this level of price I would prefer the original One up shad from Sawamura...! But the EZ shad is by far the best reasonable and effective choice ever...

From: Fab: France

Comments: Just picked up a pack and saw that the price was lowered! dangit. Oh well will def. be buying more now! I was swimming these on a weighted ewg and they have the sickest swimming action of any of the paddletails I've tried. I was bringing them in REAL slow over weedbeds and in between log jams in the heat of the day and they really do call 'em out. Prolly my go-to swimbait from now on.

From: J-dawg: Texas, USA

Comments: Good bait, but overpriced for what you get.  I agree with other commentor, the Gambler EZ's are a better value and of course the skinny dipper still is king of this market

From: Al: Panama City Beach, FL

Comments: I was skeptical of these at first, but jesus are they sweet. The softness and the shape makes them pulse and thump on the retreive. They have a big bulb mid-way through the body that the pictures don't show here. I was throwing these on a BIG swim jig and they were making the entire jig wobble... but still stay tight/run straight. I already emailed these guys about a 3.8'' - 4.4'' inch version and was told they are working on it. I boated about 6 heavy fish in an hour when slow dogging big jointed swimmers and jig/pig combos weren't producing squat.

From: Curtis: AL

Comments: these are such a sexy bait. I wouldn't even compare these to 4 dollar a bag baits. They are mad soft yet strong enough to manage 5 fish a bait and come in individual trays so u don't deal with crapp tails bent all over the place. These, jackalls ammonite, and gambler Ez's are all modeled aftered the old Japanese sawamura shad...this is just better then all...which I normally don't say because japanese usually means quality.But...just like keitechs soft baits...folks will always whine about a buck.

From: J-ro: Ohio

Comments: Good swimbaits but I would personally rather use Gambler EZ Swimmers or the Big EZ's. There $2.00 dollars cheaper and you get 5 of them instead of 4.The EZ's are also more durable.

From: Chris: FL

Comments: I tested these prototypes about 4 weeks ago after someone I know got a dealer sample kit from the company... They have one of the coolest profiles I've ever seen in the water hands down. I threw it on an EWG hook weightless and the thing thumps the rod tip so hard you can feel the bait from the water. I had one that was about .2'' inches bigger than the other three in the pack, but the fish didn't care and neither did I.  Glad to see TW.COM carrying these. Another thing I liked is that all 4 baits come perfect because they are in a formed tray so you won't end up tossing 25% of the pack in the garbage. Evolve- you guys need to make a video of this bait ASAP. And, make a 4'' size.

From: Troy: Upstate NY

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