The Evolve Nervous Walker Frog features a durable soft plastic body that collapses easily for solid hooksets yet can also withstand aggressive strikes. Engineered to be as close to natural amphibian prey as possible, Evolve’s designers study the habits of both predators and prey to develop baits that will trigger strikes - even in heavily pressured habitats. The belly of the Nervous Walker Frog features incredible detail to trigger mature, intelligent fish, and it also comes equipped with internal beads for added sound. Available in a variety of realistic color combinations and equipped with an incredibly sharp, Japanese engineered, double frog hook, the Evolve Nervous Walker Frog delivers a superb walking action and the wherewithal to land those big frog fish.

Evolve Length Weight
Nervous Walker 2-1/2" 5/8oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The softest frog out there, best hookup ratio NO questions asked. AND it has belly patterns and spots... and costs $6 bucks. BUT- EVOLVE- YOU NEED A SOLID BLACK.

From: Joe: USA 3/1/14

Comments: This is a much better product now that they removed the rattles and put a gloss finish on them. They seem to be much more durable as well... and still the easiest walking frog out there. The new leopard yellow color is sexier then the old chartreuse yellow, will def. be trying that one out come Spring.

From: Lawrence: PA

Comments: This frog works great, I used it at a small pond near my house where the fish never seem to bite and are ever so picky. I caught a 4-5 pound bass on it, although the weight came out during the fight and so did the rattles. I just glued it up with a piece of soft plastic because it just looks awesome nonetheless. Its much lighter now but still casts just as far, I had the Ghost and now im going to try the Leopard Green.

From: Aaron: MN, St. Paul, USA

Comments: This is the softest frog on the market plain and simple. I used to buy them from my pro shop when they had rattles. I'm glad they took them out. Now I get 5 to 6 casts without needing to squeeze out water. Also, you can't beat the price. I've had one with a weight problem. Other then that probably the best frog you can buy for 6 bux.

From: Jim: N.News VA

Comments:  I have only good things to say about this frog for the most part. It is big and and took on water after a few casts, so I emailed the company, and they said they are removing the rattles and knotting the legs so they don't pull as easily. They also told me as soon as new stock arrived they would send me a replacement... so between the product and customer service I give it a 9/10.

From: Tanner: MISS, USA

Comments: This does take on a little bit of water, but nothing a little squeeze can't fix.  First cast into a pocket in the lillypads and I had a strike (missed setting the hook).  A few casts later and a 1 pound bass nearly swallowed the dang thing.  Best looking frog I've bought, has a little rattle to it, and has a tight walking motion to it. I haven't put it through too many casts, so durability is still a question.  Will update if it becomes a problem

From: Kyle: Morgantown WV

Comments: This frog is super soft but can not walk as easy as any other. The Booyah is a better buy than this one.

From: Tom: Delta

Comments:  Great frog for the money.  I bought this when it was in the seven dollar range and thought at that price it was a steal.  I put rattles in all my frogs so the fact that it has one built in is a definate plus.  Very big frog but the big boys hammer it.  Have a video on youtube showing some fish caught on this great frog after my review.  Check it out and definately buy some of these.

From: Dane: NJ, USA

Comments: I bought this frog because it looked real and i thought it would preform well but sadly on my first cast the frog took in water.

From: Devin: Des Moine IA

Comments: I got this frog because it looked awesome and heard a lot of reviews. But right out of the package every single cast it fills up with water. Very disappointed.

From: Matt: Connecticut USA

Comments: For the price and softness, I prefer this over even the pad crasher. The pad crasher just doesn't get me hookups like these nervous walkers. Like Sam said, they do fill up with water after 2 - 3 casts, but I haven't encountered a hollow body that doesn't take on water. Overall a 8/10... Until a softer frog hits the market I'll stick with these...the fish almost set themselves when they eat the whole bait.

From: Jack: Upstate NY, USA.

Comments: I heard a lot of good things about this frog and decided to try it. I guess I must have gotten a bad one or something because first cast it was already filling up with water and could not walk for anything. I have used tons of others frogs and I doubt it is user error. I am planning on ordering another and I hope it will perform better.

From: Sam: Charlotte, NC, Murica

Comments: LOVE THIS FROG! I use these instead of koppers. the have a nice rattle in them and walk very well. my go to frog. caught bass on these when koppers couldn't. I think the details on the belly make a huge difference but who knows. bottom line great frog.

From: Ryan: Nebraska

Comments: Good Frog. Only problem I had was my loop knot would slip out of the the eye of the hook. It needs to be welded.

From: Tom: Sacramento, CA

Comments: Walks perfectly, Body is soft like koppers frog. The only issue I would say would be the hooks. Because they are rounded tip points they rolled on me after catching  a few fish.. Besides that its good to go!

From: Andrew: SJ, CA

Comments: This is a sweet frog. Big boy. I haven't had any issues with it... I own about 4 of each color... the paint holds up well, great 3D eyes, and the hooks are bomb. I haven't rolled a point on any of mine. Also walks really well... a tight walk... but it's perfect. ask them to make all black.

From: Blake: Ohio, USA

Comments: knock on wood no issues with weights for me. I love this frog and I own like 7 different models. For the price and what u get,mill take this cause it's an easy walker and affordable and detailed.

From: Preston: LA

Comments: Have also had problems with the weights falling out of the back. If they could fix this it would be a perfect frog.

From: Joe: Nashville, TN

Comments: Caught my biggest to date out of some heavy, heavy grass. i guess it was the fish, but after that, i had to retire the poor frog, as the weight behind the hooks at the back end of the belly came off, i lost all the rattles and most of my weight, and i could not work it anymore. but still, as a buzzbait guy, this was an amazing expiereince. love leopard brown evolve frogs

From: Jake: TX

Comments: Best frog ever!

Comments: Realistic and tough. Best frog I've thrown.

From: Andre

Comments: Very good bait. Walks well and has the realism that I have been looking for in a frog. Great price as well.

Comments: Super Soft! Cast A MILE! Looks Sexy! ....But... The hooks seem to be a bit small for me.. Ive missed plenty of fish off of this frog. Havent landed one! I do better with hook ups with my spro. It might just be me, cuz nobody else on here seems to be having a problem. But Over all its a great frog!

Comments: This frog is softer then any frog out there... period. I fish florida, south carolina, and all over the east coast. I have a near perfect hookup ratio.. I went 9/11 on my last trip. I wish it had a wider walk, but it does have a SUPER easy tight walk. 9/10. Heard from them at the classic they have an all black coming out. It'll be killer.

From: Brad

Comments: Won't use another frog. Softest hollow body out there, period. These things have beads in the body, and sweet detailing. Cast a mile. Also, I've never used a frog that's easier to walk- you can't make them not walk. Good stuff from evolve.

From: D-Rok: FL/PA

Comments: just like the koppers live target frog, but with rattles and walks better, take the time to peel the eyes off and super glue them back on, the glue they use isn't the best. Overall, not a bad bait, but I will have to say I like the koppers live target frog better.

From: Mrbond007 East Lansing, MI

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