Evolve lure designers studied the habits of both predator and prey to develop the revolutionary Evolve Original Pulse Frog. Designed to trigger strikes, even in heavily pressured habitats, its a finesse topwater spitter - not a strictly walk-the-dog bait. Its ultra realistic hand painted color schemes, combined with Peepers in-depth eyes, and premium, natural-toned skirting, offer a lifelike presentation bass have trouble resisting.

Durable as well, its solid hard plastic body construction with an internal rattle chamber also stands up to bass after bass. Available in several killer colors and equipped with premium, micro-honed sticky sharp twin weedless Japanese hooks, Evolve recommends using a steady retrieve with constant, light rod twitches when fishing the Original Pulse Frog. Use a medium to medium heavy rod with 10-15lb line. Pause. Repeat. And hold on.

Evolve Length Weight Class
Pulse Frog
2-1/2" body
4" overall
0.60oz Topwater

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: This bait is awesome! Bought two of these as my Christmas gift and finally able to go out there to try out. The bass on the CA delta tears this bait up! From one trip, this bait shows battle scars from nose to tail. Super easy to use, many options on how to work the action. Going to buy more, it's perfect for the delta.

From: Jay: CA

Comments: I also posted feedback on the Species frog.  I really like this bait.  Easy to use, solid hook ups and catches big fish.  I've only had a chance to fish it on post spawn fish.  Try working it around sunfish/ bream beds.  Those bigger post spawn females love any easy meal and the Pulse frogs worked great for me. 30lb test braid and a flipping stick will ensure you get 'em to the boat.  I can't wait to try them on some of our heavy slop lakes once the summer heats up.

From: Dennis: Minnetonka, MN

Comments: this lil hot cake is tearing up the local pond fish around by me,its my top secret bait,this lil baby is going to be kick ass bait when summer hits,def. going to win me some local lake/pond tourn. i just cast it out let it sit there where it lands for a few min.then twitch it give it a tug n let it sit dead still again for a couple min sometimes up to 5 min. then SKAAADOOSH!!!! baits gone and here comes lardmouth all hooked up in the face.worth the price,it looks like the real deal in the water,when im reeling it in at the local pond youll hear "look there goes a little frog" thats how detailed this lure is,even the human eye has a hard time telling once its moving.

From: Sam: Chicago

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