Designed to trigger strikes, even in heavily pressured habitats, the Evolve Original Species Frog is a hyper realistic, finesse, topwater, spitting frog. Designed and crafted based on extensive study of both predator and prey, its solid body construction with an internal rattle chamber will stand up bass after bass, and its hand painted color schemes, Peepers in-depth eyes and natural toned silicone skirting create a presentation that is hard to pass up. Premium micro-honed sticky sharp twin weedless Japanese hooks also help keep the bait weedless and offer excellent hooking capabilities. Available in several deadly colors - pause it, rip it, slow twitch it, the Evolve Original Species Frog gets bit.

Evolve recommends using a medium to medium heavy rod with 10-15lb line when fishing the Evolve Original Species Frog.

Evolve Length Weight Class
Species Frog
2" body
3-1/2" overall
0.50oz Topwater

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: its not a walk the dog bait thats why it didnt walk

From: Cody

Comments: Once I got used to the action... and modded the hook... i started killing them on this bait. It jumps like a frog... not supposed to walk... just like the vids out there. 8/10.

From: Mitch: TX

Comments: Bought one and it sat with nose sitting straight up in the air. Then when I went to work it, it rolls right over on its back. I tried a few times and it just wasn't right. Called  Tackle Warehouse and told them I thought it was defective, and they sent out another one, no questions asked. Top notch customer service. Unfortunately the second one did the same thing and I'm very disappointed with this product. I can't believe it got so many good reviews, which is what I based the purchase on. Out 16 bucks. Stick to walking soft body frogs!

From: Will: Waltham, MA

Comments: I saw these guys at the classic this year. I use the Species Frog in very select situations. Because these things move very naturally- unlike any other frog lure and most any other topwater in general, you can fish pieces of cover and banks that have been hammered and still have a chance. That's why I have one. True- it is surprisingly weedless, but if I am tossing cover I'll use a hollow body- not these. I throw this bait almost exclusively in a tournament situation or busy-lake situation where everything on the market have been thrown at the big girls.

From: Jimmy: TX

Comments: Picked up 2 of these late season from an online store... sweet little baits. Something about em seems to make fish pay attention. They move a bit different then anything else out there. Pricey, but detail is unreal- clearly hand painted with sweet 3D bumps and all.

From: K: Long Island, NY

Comments: Not sure about the complaint about the hook size... any bigger and I think the baits' profile would look ridiculous. I think the guys at evolve nailed it... and...it's not supposed to walk. I threw this in leopard green all summer and crushed bass when they wouldn't hit a walking hollow body. Prolly cause these baits move more like a frog, which don't glide side to side lol. I fish this thing with constant jerks and twitches and it jumps up like a scared lil' frog. I want try a few pulses this spring.

From: Brian: Philadelphia, PA

Comments: We still have open water here in Central Illinois. That gave me a chance to try the Original Species green leopard frog from Evolve just received. I am impressed with its realism; the sculptured appearance looks great as it sits down in the water, eyes peering from cover. But, beyond that I cannot see what makes it worth $16. The double barb hook has a sharp point, but flares out too much for easy penetration and will leave too big a hole when removed from that trophy bass. A few small strands of skirt cover the hook which is no bigger than a 1 or 1/0. I was led to believe the hook could be replaced as needed, but that will not be as easy as adding a split ring and new hook. A split ring could be attached to the vertical eye at the back of the lure, but the new hook must also have a vertical eye or the hook will wind up lying on its side. The only hook I know with that orientation is a Stanley Ribbit Double Take Hook which comes in size 4/0 and above -- way too big for this frog. The bait's action is average with not very loud popping or spitting -- nothing close to a Pop-R. I also noticed that upon reaching the last few feet of the retrieve, the frog flips over on its back -- must be some kind of new "dead-frog" maneuver if fish haven't made their move by then. All in all, I would give it a '5' for realism and a '3' for overall effectiveness. The new Rebel hard frog also has good realism, standard treble hooks which can be easily swapped for premium ones, is easy to walk, and sells for 1/4 the Evolve. True, it is not weedless, but if that is important, you can get a Koppers soft frog with exceptional realism for $6 less, just to name one. In my mind the Original Species frog will have to "evolve" a lot further before I spend another $16 for one. I would say look before you "leap" to buy this frog. I wish I had not jumped so quickly.

From: Ed: Campaign, IL

Comments: July 9th, 2011, 90 degrees, bluebird skies, low tide, 2:30 in the afternoon, Upper Chesapeake Bay. What I thought was gonna be a tough day, turned around with a few casts of this frog. I was pitching it up against a breakwater island bulkhead, in very scattered grass, and a 3lb Largemouth absolutely inhaled it. I have thrown this frog into, and over the thickest grass mats I can find. No hangups, came through the grass smooth, so realistic its scary, and casts a mile. Im sold, I bought 3 to start, I am ordering more, along with the Menace Mander also. Evolve Baits have done a great job, cant wait to try all their baits. a full report is available at www.chucktawney.com, go check it out.

From: Chuck: Baltimore, MD

Comments: Perfect weedless lure. I use them to catch pike with it. Has a great action in it. In one word PERFECT!!!

From: Remeo: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Comments: I saw these on Tacklewarehouse.com and they looked so good I had to buy a couple.  Just tried them out on Lake Minnetonka.  Our bass are in a post spawn pattern and I fished the Species and Pulse frogs over the heavy weeds around sunfish beds in 1-5 feet of water.  This bait worked great! I caught every fish that committed to the bait.  The frogs are easy to cast, weedless, and truly are "hyper-realistic".  My biggest fish of the day (over five pounds- that's a big,big bass in Minnesota) came at the bait in five feet of water and about three feet from the boat.  It missed twice and I just let the frog sit in the water- it looked so realistic the fish would not be denied an easy meal the third time.  Hook ups were solid- I fished them on 30lb braid and a 7'6" flipping stick.  Awesome!

From: Dennis: Minnetonka, MN

Comments: The detail in this frog rivels that of the koppers live target frog. Haven't caught anything on this one yet, but the action and size of this bait, I'm sure it's just a matter of time, cool little bait!!

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: The perfect topwater bait! The chugging action is perfect the color and shape is super realistic first cast with thirst baits I hauled in a nice fat 4.5 pounder. Completely weedless and I have yet to miss a hookset which is a huge problem with other frogs like dori. I have missed at least 14 out of 15 strikes. But not these frogs it is the ultimate design the rear end is weighted and it sits low when it stops moving putting the hooks in optimal position for a great upper lip hook. Absolutely worth every penny I just bought 4 more I hope they keep making these top of the line frog baits im a lifelong customer from now on

From: Kolby: Flanders, NJ

Comments: this and the pulse frog have become a go to topwater for me and a #1 frog lure.the detail alone is badass,i just like to pitch them out around weedlines,grass patches and flats.cast let it land n sit,give it a short twitch/walk the dog,then let it sit again and just shake my rod tip to make the frog quiver.wait...wait for it...SKADOOOOSH!!!!!! now crank that fatass bass up to you.enjoy!!!.DO URSELF A FAVOR,BUY BOTH OF THESE FROGSi like the antique in pulse and lep. green in this one.so lifelike it could be a decoration in your fishtank.

From: Sam: Chicago

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