The Evolve Pond Doctor offers a smaller size, ideal for locating numbers of fish or targeting smaller waterways. A bite size morsel, it still features the incredibly lifelike belly and body detailing that triggers mature, intelligent fish to strike. It also provides a superb walking action, and internal beads generate additional fish attracting sound. Available in a variety of realistic color combinations, each Evolve Pond Doctor comes equipped with an incredibly sharp, Japanese-engineered, double frog hook for faster penetration and rock solid hooksets.

Evolve Length Weight
Pond Doctor 1-3/4" 1/4oz

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a cool little deal here. I hooked up almost every fish that ate it. Paint is pretty durable too. It has tiny beads in it that make it sink after a few casts... but I had zero issues out of box. If it didn't have the beads I could hardly throw it on casting gear. 8.5/10

From: Dylan: Florida, USA

Comments: Mine sank first time out of box!

From: Joe: NY

Comments:  I really like this frog. I own a few LiveTargets, a few Spros, and a few Nervous Walkers (The larger EVOLVE frog), and this was my first "micro" frog. In general, these guys have the softest frogs out there... and this tiny little thing is really, really soft. I caught SO many fish on it in a few afternoons.. from half pounders to 4 pounders that inhaled the thing. The plug/weight in the belly fell out somewhere around 50 fish... but for $6.50... I think I got my use out of it lol. Would give it an 8/10...and next time will add a lil super glue.

From: Brett: IL, USA

Comments: great little frog ! I threw it on a 6'9" med heavy spinning rod with 20 lbs power pro braid and I caught the snot of of them . Caught the smaller fish that wouldt  take the bigger size frog. Good limit catcher then switch to the bigger one for a couple of kickers !

From: Debeaux: Myrtle Beach, SC

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