The Evolve Rx Fluid Worm is composed of a super soft, yet durable plastic, and features a beautifully streamlined design, which allows it to pulse and move with even the slightest of rod twitches. Fished on a wacky rig, drop shot, or split shot, the Fluid Worm is absolutely deadly. Its pin-tail design and subtle scale pattern make it an excellent option for tough, or cold conditions. Evolve's Rx proprietary scent also ensures that even an investigatory bite turns into a full-out engulfing. Available in an array of proven colors, the Evolve Rx Fluid Worm gets results.

Based on bass and other predators' habits when deciding to attack or ignore an artificial bait, Evolve's Rx highly technical soft baits were born. Fish them, and know they will produce.

Length Quantity
5.75" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: boated 4 beautiful smallies 3-4.5 pounds and 5 largemouth up to 6 on the june bug color. These things feel softer then handpours.... and i still get a few fish off each bait. I was dropshotting ledges in 15 feet.

From: Bryan: Ohio

Comments: this is a total confidence bait. No bulges or extra junk on my finesse worms...it's like a slimmed down, slightly longer, and pin tailed senko. Shakeehead or wacky or ball jig will get it killed.

From: Ron: MA, USA

Comments: I fish a drop shot alot, and feel like I know what a DS worm should look like. These baits look good, but the tail is too fragile. Bluegills, perch, crappies and rockbass will just peck the tail right off.

From: Aeolian: Kalamazoo

Comments: These baits are beauties. Managed some ice cold (literally) largemouth on em here in the northeast. Scent on them rocks.

From: K: Long Island, NY

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