The Evolve Rx Kompak Craw provides anglers with a bait that has a large enough profile to get the attention of big fish in dirty water, but at the same time can be pitched into the thickest cover without getting hung up. Its forward facing legs and claws allows it to be skipped and thrown into tiny holes in cover, under docks where only a few inches separate structure from water, and any other tricky spot where wary, trophy bass lurk. Crawfish oil is also one of the secondary ingredients in Evolve's Rx proprietary scent - increasing the natural attraction of the Evolve Rx Kompak Craw.

Based on bass and other predators' habits when deciding to attack or ignore an artificial bait, Evolve's Rx highly technical soft baits were born. Fish them, and know they will produce.

Length Quantity
3" 6

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: These are fantastic craws. Smallies just love them. I rigged it on a light tube head and let it sink to the bottom, reeled in slowly and immediately got hits. I highly recommend the watermelon red flake color.

From: Linda:Utah 11/6/16


Comments: These baits have a little step at the nose of the bait to insert a hook and rig them backwards. I used a small tungsten nail weight and rigged these backwards and bounced them around some deep rocks. I caught fish for 4 hours straight... my partner threw a senko and an ika and was not getting 1/3 of the bites I was. 10/10. More colors please...

From: Troy: TN

Comments: This is a great bait. I fish these wacky, even though packaging suggests otherwise... I pegweight 'em and pitch rubble and bridge structure for smallies/largies. I used to use cover craws, now these. I've been wanting to see a baby craw by... someone... but this especially would make for a fantastic little 2.3'' version or something.

From: Josh: Upstate NY

Comments: Sweet craw. Different then the Dynagone in the legs and main body segments; this craw I actually think is more attractive and sleek. I've used the Dynagone before; both catch alot of fish. Excellent product.

From: Nick: PA

Comments: this is the replica of the imakastu dynagone, but the cheap version. if your on a budget, these work.  Rig these bad boys like the ika or cover craw very effective.  But i love the ikas waaaaaaaaaaaay more

Comments: Initially, I was impressed with the body softness but worried about tearing. My qualms were eased though, and as soft and juicy as they are...and let me tell you...they are REALLY soft...they had the same durability as most other soft baits on the market...and certainly better then Yamamotos. I was pitching these around stumps and rocks and really did well. A few times the bites were light, and despite me not sensing them, the bass held these baits for a d@mn long time! I'd suggest these to anyone who is a fan of flipping, pitching, or bouncing baits off bottom in tough conditions...haven't heard of these guys but I'm becoming a fan for sure.

From: Jim

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