As its name implies, the Evolve Rx Shot Goby Leech is an all-star imitation of both a goby and a leech. Whether you are fishing the Great-lakes region, or other clear bodies of water across the Country when fish are wary, and the bite gets tough - tie on an Evolve Rx Shot Goby Leech. Its super soft, tapering ribbed body delivers a writhing, injured action. Another deadly finesse option brought to you by Evolve, the Evove Rx Shot Goby Leech is also injected with Evolve's Rx proprietary scent for added fish attraction.

Based on bass and other predators' habits when deciding to attack or ignore an artificial bait, Evolve's Rx highly technical soft baits were born. Fish them, and know they will produce.

Length Quantity
2.5" 10

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great little drop shot bait or jighead bait... really like the scent; I was sight fishing smallies and got a bit excited and ripped the bait away before the hit- sometimes sticking hook a bit. They came right back after it. I tried something really funky on a dropshot and actually hooked the bait in the tail... I'll go only as far as to say it WORKED... well...

From: Doyle: TN

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