The Evolve Rx Vibra Grub is unlike any soft bait on the market today. Many have tried to mimic its action ... to no avail. It was engineered to flutter, undulate, and give the illusion that it is in fact propelling itself through underwater environments - an action that makes this lure look impossibly alive. As long as water flows across the front of the VibraGrub, it will do things no lure has ever done. It can be fished using a number of tournament proven methods: on a skirtless jig head, a weighted swimbait hook, as a jig trailer, or on a dropshot rig among others. Two US patents speak to the unique effectiveness of this bait, and largemouth, smallmouth, and other game fish across the world are starting to understand the genius of the Evolve Rx Vibra Grub.

Based on bass and other predators' habits when deciding to attack or ignore an artificial bait, Evolve's Rx highly technical soft baits were born. Fish them, and know they will produce.

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3" 8
4" 6

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Good simple trailer for cold water bass

From: Charles: Shelbyville 1/24/17

Comments: These baits are tough but have very little action. Maybe I should boil them in water to make them softer? Stroking them off the bottom with a heavy jig head is the only way I can make them come alive. I like the concept. If they were softer and offered in a magnum size, I would probably fish with this plastic bait again.

From: Darrell: Moncks Corner, South Carolina 12/1/16

Comments: The 4" grubs are great when used in combination with a swinging jig / football head; (with or without a skirt).  Boy the nervousness of this bottom bouncing duo, produces fish after fish. Durable, and the 3" green pumpkin fishes well on the back of a finesse jig and surprisingly well as a "PUNCH" bait. More action than the " BB Cricket " style plastic creature baits on the market today. I will always have multiple  packs of these in my duffle bag. Nothing like it anywhere! Simply said, " AWESOME " !!!  

From: William: Thomaston, Georgia 12/14/16

Comments: Took this out today in Juvy Bass in 3inch. Thats all I used all day. 5 Black Crappie, 6 yellow perch, 2 rock bass, 1 pumpkinseed, and 1lg mouth. Great product. This thing catches fish!

From: Timmah: WA 8/17/16

Comments: Caught 18 bass on one single grub out of the pack. They hold up extremely well & the bait is deadly. Caught my PB on the green pumpkin 4". Weighed in at 5 pounds even

From: Zack: OH 6/11/16

Comments: I bought the vibra grubs and 1 of the lures came Mis-molded. I contact evolve & they were great & made it right. And the lures catch fish so I'm happy. Great company and would buy again.

From: Brandt: Muskogee, OK 3/28/16

Comments: Been using these all fall in rocky rivers and clear reservoirs. Put them on a jig head & fish them like a curl tail grub. Caught my PB smallmouth & walleye.

From: Phil: Great Lakes, NY 1/10/16

Comments: If your wondering why you don't get bit on the big ones is because they look like a leaf not a forage species of any kind

From: Yoda of Fishing: MN 12/19/15

Comments: Put these on a scrounger head or swim jig. done deal. Let these flutter down through schooling fish or along ledges and watch for the line to tick. I suggest some scent even though I think they are lightly scented. adds some confidence.

From: Tim: NY 1/2/15

Comments: Fished the smaller ones an crappie eat them up,but have had no luck with larger ones.Both have loads of action in the water,dont know why iam not getting hit on the larger ones,have tried as trailors, jigs,drop shot etc.no bites.but the smaller ones as soon as they hit the water crappie ,white fish, small strip eatem up.Will keep trying.  

From: Johnny: USA

Comments: If you don't know how to fish this, here's how: PUT IT ON A SCROUNGER HEAD, or take the skirt off a bladed swim jig and insert this on. Crazy action--- looks like a baitfish that drank about 40 energy drinks. I consistently fish this bait, or a cane thumper behind my swim jigs/scroungers. Great for smallmouth and largemouth, and i've even caught several walleye up to 5 pounds.

From: Darren: OH

Comments: Used the 3" white shadow as a trailer for my spinner up at the Chippewa Flowage and tore those fish up!  Was having a slow day until I decided to try this out.  Great action but as I expected it got torn up quickly...still worth it.

From: Chris: IL

Comments: Sick punching bait. Need more punching colors. Everyone email them and tell them! Sprayed grass and black/blue flake NEEDED ASAP.

From: Caleb: SC, USA.

Comments: We put these on 3/8 - 1/2 oz. jig heads for the 4 inch and 1/4 oz. heads on the 3 inch  and drop em thru suspended fish and along serious ledges. They flutter down through the fish and depending on the day, they will eat 'em like any other bait, or they will destroy them unlike anything else I ever used. It's a crapshoot, but I hardly ever have a day where at least one rod isn't setup with one. I seen the small version and am looking forward to trout season... I can see them doing a number on the trout.

From: Joe: TN

Comments: I ordered the black/red flake and white with red shimmer and both were super soft. Saw these in a mag I get. they were both great colors on walleye.

From: Alex: MN

Comments: good idea but needs softer plastic it was a little stiff and needed to reel fast to get to flutter   would be an awsome bait if had softer plastic would buy by the dozens if they got improved

From: Seth: VA

Comments: Throw the Juvy Bass or White Shadow color on an A-rig... it looks amazing and the fish kill it.

From: Connor: FL

Comments: I can say for sure that this will replace all reapers that I've used to date. There is no point in using other reapers with this option, just in my opinion. I guess a standard reaper might dart a lil better but this thing has sick action and flutters and swims. More colors please. ASAP. Killing fish on these here in PA. Looking forward to running them on heavier jigs for walleyes, I'm pretty much expecting to kill 'em.

From: Mark: Pottstown, PA

Comments: Went to a local lake thatss always been good to me flipping craws but today i couldn't buy a fish to save my life on one so i switched to these which i had never thrown before and with in a half hour i was landing nice keeper fish all day, biggest was a 4.25lb Minnesota chunky bass. i used the green pumpkin 4 in and i'm excited to try the leech blood soon. I'm hooked on these baits!

From: Matt: MN

Comments: Ask them to keep this lure around for all time, its great bait, works great on fish. I used this and caught many different fish off these. Going to be great on my next trip. Its great bait when you used everything already in your box. Its different to catch rest of fish. God bless and good luck.

From: Alex

Comments: I just picked up a few of these local and they really are sweet. I took the advice of these reviews and fished them on a darter head and caught a pile of fish. I wish they made another baitfish color other then their juvybass, with more blue/herring type colors.

From: Chaz: MD

Comments:  These are a great bait, especially when the bite is slow or the water is clear.  Looks amazing in the water, and really seems to piss off the bass.  They absolutely slam it and hold on forever.  Have not missed a fish yet with these.  No jinx! Buy them and use them, especially when nothing else is working.  Official Big J seal of approval.

From: Big: J: Houston, TX

Comments: I too have been hoarding some of the originals. THE WAY to fish these is on a jig head or weighted Swimbait hook or darter jig. As long as the bait falls fast enough or you move it enough, it will do its thing and you'll get slammed. I think the company should really advertise this as a jig or jerk bait or Swimbait bait..it works really well on a drop shot and a spinnerbait trailer..but the other methods will out produce. My .02 cents!

From: Jimmy: TN

Comments: We used these in mexico, I Texas rigged it and maybe that was the wrong way to go but I couldn't get a bite.  I did get slammed on the finesse worm texas rigged I wish the plastic was a little harder but I went through three bags in one day of fishing!

From: Dan: Hereford, AZ

Comments: I have been throwing these on a tiny ball head jig and 8 lb test. Doing really, really well on largemouth and smallies. Im actually excited for summer to come because I know these are going to clean up dropshotting.

From: Bart: USA

Comments: this exact bait has been around for many many years.i was buying them in he 90's.they were made or called the vibra fin. i have been hoarding them since thay quit making them.i am glad to see the back under a new brand!!!!

From: Scott: Zimmerman, MN

Comments: If you haven't tried these, try them. The little fins/appendages/sides flutter and motor along as you jig/swim the bait. It looks unlike any lure I've seen. I've been fishing them on a jig for smallmouth and largemouth in TN. Wish they made an alewife/shiner color with some blues/yellows... for now, juvy bass will do.

From: Joe: TN

Comments: absolutely crushed them on a 3 and 4 inch white shadow nose hooked on a jackall weedless wacky jig head. Pitched into and near brush piles and adjacent to spawning flats and swimming with tiny twitches...8 lb. test. Can pretty much guarantee you'll kill clear water fish. My new go-to setup, prolly shoulda kept it quiet.

From: Jay: PA

Comments: awesome bait. I got a few of the watermelon and white shadow, the white shadows are SUPER soft... so they were writhing and squirming like mad. Dropshotting 3''. Killer.

From: Zach: NC

Comments: Yaaa good to have these back. Evolve uses softer plastic and looks like they tweaked the mold a bit. Better then ever. Pitch these things into heavy cover and let 'em fall... watch for the line tick... it'll happen. Watching these things in the water on a swimbait hook is sexyyy as all getup.

From: Ben: Mass

Comments: These were called wingman few years ago, Its great bait folks, they are out for reason. Get some and fish them in your local area. Might catch fish you need on your next trip folks. God bless and good fishing forever!

From: Alex

Comments: Agree with the previous comment: Reaper on Steroids. I have yet to see a bait with a more live action. I caught the heck out of smallies around the PA/DEL borders, and largemouth all over the northeast... been using them before they were officially introduced.

From: Habes: Philadelphia

Comments: Reaper on STEROIDS. These things have such a cool movement, the sides wiggle and writhe. These baits flutter and swim like something alive. Crush smallmouth here PA and NY.

From: D-Rok: NY/PA

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