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A truly unique bait, the Soul 5 FlatSider 75 combines elements of design from lipless, flat-sided, square-billed, and traditional shallow-running crankbaits to create one highly-effective, hybrid crank. Perhaps the thinnest crankbait on the market, the Soul 5 FlatSider 75 features a unique Oyster-style bill that gives it the rolling, swimming action seen in a standard round-bill, but also allows it to flare out at a wide angle to capture some of the cover-deflecting qualities of a square bill. Several strategically placed fixed forward weights combined with the short-bill design allows the Soul 5 FlatSider 75 to reach depths up to 4-feet. Rip it through grass, bang it off of cover, or burn it in open water, the Soul 5 FlatSider 75 offers an unmatched versatility that will make it a fixture on your deck year-round. 

 Soul 5 Length Weight Depth
Flatsider 75 3" 1/2oz  0-4ft

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Ayu HD
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Evolve Soul 5 FlatSlider 75

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  • Ayu HD
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  • Blueback Elite
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  • Gold Standard
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  • Live Gill HD
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  • Oikawa Max
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  • Sexy Craw
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  • Sweet Citrus
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  • X-Rated Shad
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Comments:  I own several of these baits. I treat them like a squarebill but when I need a much longer pause (These have a very slow float rate...the guy that said they sink must've had this happen because of the beefed up hooks he added). They are a bit bigger then I expected, but are the same size a young sunfish/bluegill, and I've caught many nice fish on the AYU and Blueback colors.

From: Chad: New York, NY 7/27/14

Comments: LIVE GILL HD color is awesome and photos online don't do it justice. It's got a holographic clearcoat... it looks exactly like a young 'gill. Can't wait to throw this around spawning flats its going to get destroyed.

From: D-Rok: NY

Comments: Very good bait recommend it !

From: Mike: Buffalo, New York, U.S.A

Comments: Tried this out last weekend, got some bites when several other crank baits weren't producing (Live Gill HD).  Swims true out of box, I upgraded hooks to Owner ST-41BC although stock hooks should do well with smaller fish.  I like the way this thing suspends on the pause, very realistic looking with a really slow drop rate making it very effective using stop/go retrieve.  You can keep it near the top with this type of retrieve.  Nice tight wobble and pretty good deflection off cover.

From: Dan: Valrico, FL

Comments: This is a sweet little bait. It really is super thin/flat... probably only like 3/8 inch wide. I fished it like a crankbait and a jerkbait, and got bit both ways. I landed several smallmouth, largemouth and stripers on the AYU color. Hooks and split rings were up to par out of the package...would recommend. Finishes were also really good... I didn't have any chipping at end of day 1.

From: Ron: NJ/NY

Comments: This is an awesome bait. It has a really unique nose down posture when you pause the retreive, and I was able to slay some largemouth with a stop and go type retrieve on 10 pound test in 53 - 60 degree water. Even ripping this bait pretty quickly, it didn't roll or run out of whack. They have a wakasagi color that I will be trying to order directly.

From: Jeff B Bassin'

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