Like having several shallow-water baits all rolled-into-one, the Soul 5 Muscle Squared 65 works well with a variety of retrieve speeds and at different depths. The Soul 5 Muscle Squared 65 plays the role of a wake bait when worked slowly, a wide-wobbling 0-2 foot crank with a steady retrieve, and a hyper-aggressive squarebill when it’s burned. Designed with flattened sides and a taller-than-average profile, the Soul 5 Muscle Squared 65 generates an enticing wobbling action, and can also be ripped through shallow cover without rolling. Fish it fast, slow, or any speed in-between, the Soul 5 Muscle Squared 65 has the versatility that anglers love, and the beefy profile that fish can't help but strike. 

 Soul 5 Length Weight Depth
Muscle Squared 65 2-1/3" 3/8oz 0-3ft 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These fished really well for me. Hooks are sticky & strong. They fish just like the IMAs. Wakasagi color is awesome for slightly stained water where the fish are eating shad.

From: Chad: USA 8/27/15

Comments: Love the look and action of this bait, but the 1st one I bought filled completely with water 1st time I used it (never hit anything with it). TW sent me a replacement & it too filled with water. If it hadn't been the translucent Live Gill HD I wouldn't have seen the water, but once they filled up they didn't float anyway... I like the bait, so I will likely try a 3rd go-round.

From: Mark: Gardner, KS 7/20/15

Comments: Can't get a better shallow squarebill for $6. You can get it down to 3.5 feet or so on 8 lb or make it shimmy the surface as a wake bait (more in the spring/summer). I wish they had a natural shad color but x-rated will work for now.

From: Tom: Long Island, NY 10/27/14

Comments: I've been bouncing these off of rocks and stumps in 4 - 6' feet of lightly stained/clear water in NJ/OH/PA/NY all Spring, and am really impressed. You can load up for the price, and the finishes and action are top notch. A good tool for the box. Been buying them from my local dealer but TW always saves ya some cash!

From: Joe: NY 6/10/14

Comments: Come stock with incredible hooks, run super tight, catch piles of fish, and are under $7... Thanks evolve and TW.COM!!!! My new shallow water square bill for spring season.

From: Tanner: NY 4/5/14

Comments: These are a 65 size crank. You can actually wake these with tip up, and they will shimmy on top even when cranking supppppper slow. I spent most of my time bouncing these off rocks, the wakasagi color is really sexy and reminds me of a mix between smelt and trout. Like mentioned, they really do fish like the lowen square bill by ima. I think the stock hooks are VMC too.

From: Rob: NY, NJ, TN

Comments: These run just like the Ima's... the colors look great.... don't chip after dozens of smallmouth/largemouth. Looking forward to winning some cash on these come spring.

From: Larry: NE USA.

Comments: I had the pleasure of fishing one of these baits before they were available on Tackle Warehouse. If you find a better squarebill for under 7 bux... let me know. I beat mine against the water to remove grass several dozen times that afternoon and didn't have a bill crack or paint scars. It was 10/1, cold and windy, and I managed about 7 smallmouth between 2 - 4 pounds. Looks very similar to the IMA, one of my favorites, but this may have to replace it for $6.

From: John: OHIO, USA

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