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Unlike most pencil-style baits that require an aggressive stance and a forceful action, the Soul 5 Rovermax 110 produces a smooth, tight-walking action with the slightest flick of the wrist. Built with a 3D cone underneath the mouth, the Soul 5 Rovermax 110 has the perfect amount of buoyancy to slice through the surface and slither low to the water. In addition, the Soul 5 Rovermax 110 is equipped with strategically placed rear knocker weights that give it an unbeatable castability and a distinct acoustic footprint. Walk it around docks, submerged vegetation, and schools of bait, the Soul 5 Rovermax 110 has the look and strong-walking action that bass just can’t resist.  

 Soul 5 Length Weight Class
 Rovermax 110 4-1/4" 3/4oz Topwater 

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Evolve Soul 5 Rovermax 110

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  • Ayu HD
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  • Blueback Elite
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  • Juvy Bass
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  • Live Gill HD
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  • Oikawa Max
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  • Purple Haze Gill
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  • X-Rated Shad
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Comments: Just tried this lure and it is absolutley amazing. This is thr best walking lure i have ever used. Even if your not a walking expert this lure is designed to make up for that. It casts very long distances. Only drawback to it is that the treble hooks seem small for such a big lure. You will catch alot of bass with this lure!!

From: James: Ludlow, MA 9/20/14

Comments: This bait out fished my repo man 4 to 1. It sits in the water at a PERFECT angle... it's probably a 40 degree angle or so. Sammy's sit too aggressively for me, and spooks just sit flat- this has that ideal posture at rest. I was getting it to almost turn on itself with a really wide glide on long casts... just ideal. It also casts a mile... and runs half of what I usually pay for a good topwater. I added a feather hook to mine, that's my only suggestion.

From: Geoff: FL 3/8/14

Comments: I helped test these baits. These walk like a dream. I was able to get them to pretty much turn 180.... and on long distance casts... was getting about a 12 inch wide-glide with a harder twitch. It does sit low to the water- which I really liked. I had a few 3 pounders come out of the water for them.

From: Chuck: VA

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